Writing Appreciation Mail to Improve Productivity

Appreciation Mail

Appreciation mail takes the place of an appreciation letter for work well done and mailed to their home address. There is something special about receiving a letter from your boss acknowledging the work you have been doing, but it is even more special if that drops through your mailbox rather than just being handed to you by your boss's secretary.

How does that improve productivity of a business? Simple! A happy workforce is more profitable than an unhappy, disgruntled group of employees, and a workforce that is recognized for its efforts will appreciate that acknowledgment and feel part of the company team - not just hired hands. It is important that when the chips are down every individual is prepared to go that extra mile to achieve success, but also that they are recognized and appreciated for doing so.

Appreciation Mail Shows a Certain Level of Accomplishment That Deserves Acknowledgement

Appreciation Mail

It is for that reason, that when it is brought to the attention of a CEO, manager, or supervisor that an individual has performed well or displayed a degree of exceptional commitment to the firm, then the individual should be informed in writing that their work has been noticed and is appreciated by the company. That is better than a brief nod or verbal thanks and an appreciation mail is the ideal way for a company to express that acknowledgment.

A cleaner staying on at work after hours to clean up an office unpaid for important visitors next morning is no less important than a well-paid manager that works an hour or two extra overtime to complete a report. While the latter may be expected, the cleaner should receive written recognition of her commitment from a departmental manager or even the CEO: an appreciation mail in the post will not only delight her, but she will continue to work hard for the company because of it.

This applies to every individual in a workforce, but unfortunately, not all businesses apply this policy that can do so much for their success. Perhaps that is because many do not find it easy to write such letters - or even the time. Yet writing and sending appreciation mail in the post need not take long.

Appreciation Mail

Letter writing software makes it a simple task for even those with poor writing abilities to compose the perfect letter to acknowledge the outstanding work of an employee. An example of such software is WriteExpress that makes it very easy for you to write any form of business letter as though written by a professional writer.

WriteExpress offers you a template consisting of thousands of phrases you can use to compose business correspondence, including your appreciation mail. A mailing comprises three general sections: the introduction, the body of the letter and the ending sentence. Many people have problems with all three, so let us look at how the software deals with that:

1. Introduction

Your introduction comes after the "Dear Mr. . ." or "Dear Ms. . ." - it introduces the purpose of your appreciation letter. The software offers you a long list of possible openings from which you can choose the most appropriate for the situation. Examples might be:

"I would like to thank you for the work. . . "

"Congratulation on reaching budget over all odds Mary. . . "

"I was extremely impressed with your conduct. . ."

Highlight the one you want, press enter and it appears in your letter.

2. Body of the letter

You can now click on other appropriate sentences to add them to your letter, for example:

"Your commitment and hard work. . . "

"Due to your efforts. . ."

"The entire company is indebted to you for the hours you put in. . ."

and keep adding them until you feel you are finished. Don’t overdo it - this is a simple appreciation mail, not a long letter.

3. The Ending

Finally, finish off with something like:

"Thanking you for a job well done. . ."

"You are proving of great value to us, yours. . ."

"To your continued success in our company. . ."

Get the idea? You simply click on any phrase you feel appropriate and in just literally two or three minutes you have put together a professional-looking letter of about 4-5 lines that you can now sign and send off in the post as an appreciation mail. A c.c. at the end including the CEO and personnel would emphasize how important they are to the company, and that this is not just a temporary pat on the back.

Letter writing software is extremely easy to use, and even if you do think yourself the Hemmingway of your office, you can save a great deal of time by using it. An appreciation mail can do your company and your employees a great deal of good, and get you working together as a team for the benefit of all.

When you clearly understand that survey after survey shows that the number one reason for great employees leaving a company is due to not feeling appreciated you better stop and take a close look at your own business!

When is the last time you counted the cost of trying to back fill and train a good or great employee?

Now sit down and figure up how much it cost to send appreciation mail to just one good employee.

I bet it didn't take as long to figure the cost of appreciation mail versus recruiting and training a new employee. When you also consider most good to great employees bring so much more to a business than just knowing their jobs.

Now doesn't it make good business since to simply send appreciation letters to your staff. Don't take them for granted!

May God Bless You!

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