Performance Improvement Plan Template

Why do I need to even consider a performance improvement plan template?

The answer is easy! There is a battle going on in the workplace today! That battle is to do more with less! Business owners are being pushed to the absolute limits of their ability to be creative while employees are being pushed just as hard to do the work of more than one!

Speaking for someone that has been in a leadership role for almost forty years I have been on the front lines of this battle for a very long time. Frankly it is considered the norm in business today. If you can’t stomach it then you better get out now!

That is exactly why as leaders we must be continually evaluating our staff as individuals and as a whole to insure we are being as productive as possible.

Frankly this means that whenever an employee is not performing to standard we can’t waste a moment it taking action to put them back on track and producing to at least the minimum standard. When I mention quick and mean immediately. Therefore, that is exactly why you need a tool that is not complicated and can be implemented immediately like a performance improvement plan template.

Every position you have in your organization should have a way to measure if the person is performing to the minimum standard or higher. Whether the person is a Certified Public Accountant or a Housekeeper you better be able to know if the person is performing or not or you are throwing money away. How do I know this to be a fact? The answer is simple! As a leader if you haven’t carefully evaluated the need for every position you have and can justify it to anyone that asks why the position is filled. A Housekeeper in a hotel must be able to clean a certain number of room’s every day to an acceptable standard of cleanliness. A Chef in a restaurant must be able to put out a certain number of quality dishes with no more than a certain amount of waste. A Salesperson must be able to sell a certain amount of widgets in a certain amount of time without returns. I could go on but you should get the point.

Having a performance improvement plan template readily available to help you get an employee back on track is an essential tool for a leader.

Let’s use an easy understandable example to show how using a template will help get things back on track quickly. Using the Housekeeping example above where an employee must clean a certain number of hotel rooms daily that meets an acceptable cleanliness standard. For the sake of this example we will say that a housekeeper should be able to clean a standard hotel room in approximately twenty minutes or less. Each room has a number of individual task; bathtub/shower, toilet, sink, bathroom floor, remove soiled linen and replace with clean, strip and make the beds, remove trash, wipe down furniture, and so on.

If I am the housekeeping supervisor I am randomly checking rooms every day to insure they meet the hotels standard of cleanliness and that each Housekeeper is meeting the number of rooms each day based on the twenty minute standard we set. When any of the tasks above or number of rooms being cleaned falls below the standard I would quickly and carefully investigate why. If there appears to be a pattern I would make the decision to use my performance improvement plan template that will do the following:

1.       Clearly state the standard or expectation

2.       Clearly state the employees current performance

3.       Clearly lay out a plan on how to improve that performance

4.       Clearly lay out follow up meetings to evaluate progress

5.       Commit everything to writing and everyone involved signs it

So how might that look using our example if the employee is falling short in the number of rooms being cleaned per day based on our twenty minute standard. In this example all other tasks are being performed to standard. In other words the rooms look great.

Performance Standard: All Housekeepers will be able to clean a standard hotel room within approximately twenty minutes on average.

Actual Performance: Currently you are averaging approximately thirty-five minutes to clean a standard hotel room. This is based on the rooms you have cleaned between the dates of February 4, 2013, and February 8, 2013.

Plan of Action: Beginning on February 12, 2013, through February 15, 2013, you will work with John Smith, Lead Housekeeper, for refresher training. We (John Smith, yourself, and your supervisor) will meet at the end of each shift to discuss your progress. Based on that progress you will be assigned to work again on your own beginning February 18, 2013. Again, we will meet at the end of each shift to discuss the progress you have made and whether additional training is necessary. In the event you are not able to meet the minimum standard of cleaning a standard hotel room within twenty minutes by March 8, 2013, as to whether the company should retain you in your current position, reassign you into another department within the hotel, or to terminate your employment with the hotel. The decision will be solely based on the needs of the hotel at the time the decision is made.

The performance improvement plan template should have a signature block for all involved to sign as well as an area to document the follow up meetings.

This type of action insures that the employee knows this is critical to their success. It also leaves no questions as to what the end goal is. This type of action should not be delayed.

Ways a Sales Person can Improve their Sales (Performance Improvement Plan Template)

The sales department is one of the most important departments in an organization. For a company to be profitable, they must make good sales on their products and services. This is because the more sales a company makes, the more profit they are likely to get. Having low sales can result in losses because the profit from the sales might not be enough to cover the expenses of the company. This is why improving sales performance of your business should be the first priority. There are a number of things you can do to improve your sales. Below are some ways you can improve your sales performance.

Clarify your mission

Begin by first understanding the business niche. Who needs what you do? What do you do best? How do you best approach your prospects? How much are you willing to pay? These are some of the questions you have to ask yourself in order to know your mission.

Break down the mission to specific goals

It is not realistic to do everything needed in improving your sales, in a single day. Breaking down the goals will help in tracking your progress and makes it easier to follow through. You can then come up with a way of tracking the goals and how effective they are. Tracking what you will help you know what is working and what is not. If you find something not working, you stop doing it or replace with what you think will work. Breaking the mission into smaller goals will also help you focus and motivate you to do more.

Sell to customer needs

When putting your performance improvement plan template you should always make the assumption that your prospects will buy only what they need. Find a way to convince the customer that they need the product or service you are offering. Put a lot of emphasis on the features of your product or service that will help in solving a problem or reduce the costs for the customer.

Ask, listen, and act

The above three words summarizes success in sales. When you want to ask your customers or prospective clients a question, make sure they are the right questions and you should try your best to avoid asking questions that might seem sensitive. If those sensitive questions are key, then you have to ask them if they are willing to comment on it. When they are talking, make sure you listening skills are at work. Once you have finished this, act on the information you got as soon as possible.

Performance improvement plan

Having a performance improvement plan template will go a long way in helping you improve your sales. A performance improvement plan template is important because it will provide a guide on how to improve the performance of employees who perform less than their colleagues . It also opens a communication channel that will allow you to know if you provided the employee an opportunity to be successful.

Reasons Why You Should Formulate a Performance Improvement Plan Template

A performance improvement plan template is a plan that involves letting an employee work though he has done various mistakes in the past. It gives an employee the chance to have time and improve on the various ways that he/she has been handling activities at work. This article will give you the various reasons why you should create this employee performance plan improvement plan. All your wishes will be successful and you will realize various positive improvements on how you handle some of your activities. As an employer, you will realize some of these advantages:

Challenges the employee

When an employee discovers that there are some things about his behavior that are being questioned, h/she is likely to feel challenged and he will, therefore, start doing his best so that he remains competitive and even wins the attention of the employer hence achieving the necessary acknowledgement. You will also realize various important positive improvements by the employee since he/she is likely to start doing things in a manner that will be pleasing to you. You will have all the employees working to beat the challenge that you have placed for them.

Challenges other employees

Once the other employees see the action that has been taken on their fellow employee, they will be in a position to come up with important measures that will make them escape any chances of facing these disadvantages that may be realized if they repeated such past mistakes. It is, therefore, important that you use this action as a tool of ensuring that all the other employees are working to their best. Ensure that they are giving you a positive feedback after the action. By so doing, no other employee will tend to repeat such a mistake.

Avoid inefficiency

One of the advantages that come along with the usage of the performance improvement plan template is that the Company starts working at its best and you are able to realize a lot of improvements in the way you handle various important tasks. Your workers will be working to their best. They will be working to ensure that they meet everything that is required of them. They are able to realize various important improvements on the way they conduct the various specific tasks. You will be in a position to have everything you need to ensure that you have achieved all the goals that you have set for your future. You are also in a position to ensure that your business is working to its best.

Improved profits

Improved working schedules and improved efficiency in the working schedule will simply indicate improved output where the levels of profit will increase tremendously. You will realize positive results and you will hence be in a position where you can deal with all your competition adequately. You will also be in a position to beat everyone around you in the field of competition. All you competition will be looking forward to giving you a good competition and you should, therefore, try as much as you can to apply this contract for you to realize positive results.

Advantages of the Performance Improvement Plan Template

The performance improvement plan template is quite essential since it gives the employees a chance to show that they can do better in their various tasks. This improvement plan is given to the employees to show them that they have not been carrying out their activities as they were expected. The details that are in this improvement action are usually confirmed and revised to ensure that there is no form of biasness in the way the action was implemented in the process of trying to improve the activities that are being carried out by various employees. There are a lot of specifications that must be included in the action so as to ensure that the employee does not deviate from the expect ed mode of conduct. The performance improvement plan template has various advantages. This article aims at giving you the various advantages that you will realize as you continue doing business having issued the employee with the performance improvement plan template.

The employee feels challenged

The employee will feel challenged by the issuance of the performance improvement plan template where he will aim at coming up with the best ways which he can use to prove to the employer that he can actually do better than what he used to do. The fact that the supervisor noticed that his working capabilities were a bit poor is usually a major challenge to the way the employee handles various activities. He is likely to improve his conduct such that he can prove that he was not incompetent. This performance improvement plen template is at times also a great threat to individuals who are working on the same institution. People are able to realize that the organization is serious on its dealings and, therefore, all the employees start working to their best to ensure that they have reached the goals that they intended to keep.

It is a disciplinary measure

The performance improvement plan template ensures that the individuals are disciplined and that they are able to realize the various important reasons as to why they should be serious with the various tasks that they are usually expected to carry out since they might face serious disciplinary measures if they do not carry out the expected duties. Therefore, the organization is able to carry out proper supervision and the workers are always working to their best so that they ensure that all their work is directed in the betterment of the organization.

Increased output

As a result of the challenge that is posed on the employees, they are able to work to their maximum and hence come up with the best results during the process of ensuring that they have reached their goals of bringing more profits to the business, They work to their best and, therefore, the output is great and individuals are able to realize various important improvements in the way they handle their activities and the profits rise too.

Establishing a Performance Improvement Plan Template!

A performance improvement plan template is also known as the performance action plan. This plan aims at giving the struggling employees a chance to succeed in the various undertakings as they continue paying up for the various poor performances they made in the past. There are a lot of advantages that are behind the performance improvement plan template. Some of these advantages includes the challenge to the employee. The employee is challenged and is now willing to do more in order to achieve the various goals that are ahead of him. He is able to do a lot of organization in his schedule and he will come up with the best ways in which he shall be able to handle some of these situations. The employee will also feel challenged to work even more towards avoiding such an incident in the mere future. The other employees are also challenged to work to their level best in order to avoid such things to happening to them too in the mere future. Therefore, you will be able to realize some positive changes in your organization since everyone shall be determined to do their best to ensure that you are pleased by everything they have been doing. This article aims at giving you the various procedures that are followed in the establishment of a performance improving plan template.

Steps 1- documentation of the performance issues

This step involves the documentation of the various performance issues that were found on the employee. The documentation will allow everyone to have a good understanding of everything that happened. The information being documented basically represents the areas that need improvement in the working of the employee. The employee is therefore expected to improve on this specific area. These performance issues are expected to be specific and objective. They should be facts that represent the important information meant for everyone. While establishing this plan, there is usually a certain guide that will give you the best format that will represent all the facts clearly.

Step 2- Development of an action plan

This is the most important step since it simply determines whether the employee will improve on their working rates and also their efficiency. The action plan should be established by the supervisor and should include measurable and specific objectives that are actually relevant, accurate, and time-bound. The action plan should consider the affairs of the employee and should favor him. You should ensure that you have given him ample time, ample training, coaching, and various important resources that he could need.

Step 3- Review the performance plan

Before meeting the employee, the supervisor should go ahead and seek the assistance that he needs from the HR professional or his assistance. The third party is given the mandate of ensuring that the improvement plan has been written clearly and that the whole content does not entail any form of emotions. Therefore, the third party has the role of ensuring that this plan is relevant.

Why Using A Performance Improvement Plan Template Is Important!

HR people have a hard time when it comes to tracking and assessing the performance of employees. If they happen to work in a large organization, they need tools to help them do their job in a professional manner. A performance improvement plan template is one of these useful tools HR departments in big companies use. This tool can help them develop an employee struggling in particular areas they need for potential job promotions. As they become better, this progress is recorded and tracked. Besides, the HR specialist is going to have an easier job if everything is planed and scheduled right off the bat, in the beginning of the year.

There's no progress without feedback, and there's no constructive feedback without tracking. You have to know where you are in order to be able to move towards your goals. This is what measurement is for. However, it's hard to measure the progress of hundreds of employees who need development in different areas. Besides, you have to send each of them to those courses that are going to enhance their skills in a specific area which has to be improved.

By taking a good performance improvement plan template, you can simplify your work a lot. You can use this template to write there all training sessions and courses an employee needs to attend. After each training, you make a note of the assessment and some general notes on the progress. By the end of the year, you are going to be able to have a clear vision on the improvement of each individual in your organization. In addition, by collecting all this information in a database, you can always see which employees have the skills for various openings in your company, so you can recommend them to your boss. This method makes the recruiting process more efficient, as you are going to know from a glance whether there are people in your company that fit the job profile or you have to search for them outside. It's good for the HR department, good for the employees and good for the entire organization. By promoting your own people you can determine them stay longer with the company, thus saving some money by not having to recruit so often.

If you want, you can use improvement plans at home to become better at performing certain household activities or hobbies. You may want to improve your bridge play, for instance. You can put together a plan containing all the bridge books you intend to study next year and how often you are going to participate in training games, as well as in competitions. Everything in our life can be subject to improvement, but it's much more effective to have a plan instead of learning and doing things that don't help you converge toward your goal, which is the improvement of your performance in a specific area of activity. Planning is the key to success in life, regardless the area you seek improvement in.

Reasons Why You Should Create a Performance Improvement Plan Template

The performance improvement plan template is usually beneficial since it gives the employees the chance to express their abilities on how they can perform certain activities in a more efficient way. The performance improvement plan template is usually issued to the employees to signify that they have not been carrying out various activities as expected by the management. The information contained in the performance improvement plan template is usually confirmed and revised so as to ensure that the content is not subject to bias and that the document was prepared to ensure that the individual has improved his way of carrying out various important activities. Therefore, the documents primary function is to enable the individual in realizing the different things that they could do so as to improve their ways of carrying out various activities at their job place. There are various merits of the performance improvement template and it will help you in realizing some important benefits that were not there before the implementation. This article will show you the various reasons as to why you should consider giving the performance improvement plan template to the employee so as to achieve the betterment of your Company.

The output and the profits will be improved

One of the automatic things that will happen is that the profits and the output will be enhanced and you are, therefore, going to enjoy a lot of benefits from the performance improvement template. The employees will start working to their best and they will work to impress you and carry out various procedures to their best and ensure that they have met the agreed standards. They are, therefore, going to maximize on the input and, therefore, the output shall be greatly enhanced hence helping you in realizing various important advantages while working with them and the profits will be enhanced.

It challenges the employees

One of the things that will make the employee to feel challenged is by issuing them the performance improvement plan template. The employees love their job and they will, therefore, do their best to ensure that they have met all the qualifications that are needed and they will also be in a position to realize various things that they could do to ensure that they have achieved all they are required of. He will work to prove to the supervisor that he was wrong in his judgment. Therefore, the supervisor is likely to notice some improvements in the employee`s performance since they feel challenged. Also other workers will notice the action that was carried out and they will hence work to their best to ensure that they have met all the conditions that are required during their work days.

The performance improvement plan template works as a tool of instilling discipline

The performance improvement plan template will give individuals the chance to improve their ways of doing various activities since it is a way of disciplining them. The performance improvement plan template is usually a warning to the employees that they could even face worse disciplinary measures if they are not careful. Therefore, the employees start being careful and they ensure that they follow the instructions carefully without making any mistakes so that they prove to their supervisors that they are efficient in their dealings.

How A Performance Improvement Plan Template Can Help Your HR Department

HR isn't easy work. This is arguably one of the most important departments in a company. Thanks to these people, all your employees can have their personal development needs fulfilled and their progress tracked. Happiness at work is a dream for many, but only organizations with a strong HR department manage to offer it to their employees.

The performance of a business is directly determined by the performance of each employee. If all people are doing their job in a brilliant manner, the company has all the chances to grow and be profitable, provided that the management has a good vision. This is why a good team leader has to make sure each member of the team has great opportunities to improve their skills in various areas that may help them to become better at their job or to become qualified for an advancement, should an opening arise.

The only problem is that keeping track of the development needs of hundreds of people isn't an easy task. This is why most HR departments use a specific performance improvement plan template to develop custom programs for each employee. By doing this once a year, it's easy to assess the progress by the time one year has passed. You can see whether the employee has acquired new skills. You can estimate whether he or she is already good for taking additional responsibilities or more training is needed until they become eligible for a better position in the company.

Employees also have a much better overview of their personal and professional development they are going to benefit from, should they stay with the company long enough. They can receive a copy of the performance improvement plan template, customized according to their needs. They can schedule their personal activities and holidays around the courses and training sessions they are going to attend throughout the year.

The secret of effectiveness at work is in the proper organization and planning of all things. You need to plan your production, your stocks, your activities and your work meetings carefully in order to make sure you use your resources in the best possible way. You also need to plan the enhancement of your employees, as they need to be motivated to stay with you for as long as possible. In order for this to happen, they need to fell someone's taking care of their continuous education and personal development. This is a win-win situation, so you have to keep in mind that you need a budget for this area of your business. Nonetheless, you can come up with a realistic budget only if you have a plan, so that you can calculate how much money you have to invest for helping your employees improve certain abilities you believe could help your company become more profitable. All things boil down to a balance between expenses and revenues, so that you can enjoy a healthy work environment, with happy employees and nice profits for all people involved.

Thank you and may God bless you for reviewing the information on a performance improvement plan template!

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