Employee Background Check Policy

Employee Background Check Policy

Having an employee background check policy is becoming a necessary evil in today's workplace. Employers make many decisions including promotion, retention, reassignment and hiring, so checking the background of their employees and applicants is just good business. Conducting a background check employers can learn more about a current or future employee, including  an individual’s work history, criminal record, education, medical history, financial history or even history on using social media.

The employee background check policy has been used by many employers to ensure that they are getting the right people for the job. Apart from certain restrictions that are related to genetic and medical information, it is not illegal for an employer to utilize an employee background check policy on the employee to know more about his or her background.

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It's so Easy to Produce an Employee Background Check Policy

However, it is important to note that any time you use an employee’s or applicant’s background information to make certain business decisions irrespective of how you received the information, you must always be in compliance with all the federal local employment laws. Information discovered through background checks should be solely used for purposes of evaluating an individual’s suitability for getting or maintaining employment. The information acquired should not be used to discriminate against a current or future employee based on color, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability or marital status. Here are some background checks that an organization may have its applicants or employees go through.

Including a Criminal History Check in Your Employee Background Check Policy

This is one background check that many organizations and companies require before hiring any new people into their workforce. This background check is aimed at verifying whether the current or future employee has any criminal history such as misdemeanor or felony convictions. A background check that confirms a criminal history does not necessarily have to end in not hiring or terminating an employee. It can help determine if the applicant is honest on there application, which in turn could show a reason not to hire them. The background check policy should include what the consequences of a positive criminal history will mean to becoming or remaining an employee of the company.

Employment History Check

If you are bringing a new employee into your current workforce, it is important to check their past employment history. This type of background check helps to confirm that the applicant is being honest on their application and, in some cases, get valuable information from the previous employers.  This can also help determine if there are any large gaps in employment that are not explainable. Although a well conducted  interview can gather valuable information, an applicant can hide information such as, being terminated for cause.

Educational History Check

Employers who are hiring on the basis of educational merit will want to have this background check done. In most cases, it is used to verify that the applicant bears all the relevant educational credentials listed by him or her in the application or resume.

The information acquired through the background checks must be treated with the utmost confidentiality and is only shared with individuals with an important business need to know. Many organizations will make hiring decisions based on the information gathered. If negative information is obtained during the background check, the organization should evaluate whether the information is job-related.

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Employment Background Check Companies: Choosing the Right One

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Why do you need to us employee background check companies? It’s well known that the need for pre-employment screening is on the rise which has led to the growth in the prevalence of background screening companies. The need to know if your employees or potential employees are who they say they are is leading companies to invest heavily in background screening services. To determine whether a particular company is the best partner to provide the screening services may prove difficult. This article will discuss five tips that you should consider when choosing employment background check companies.

Employment Background Check Companies:  Credibility

The employment background check companies that you ought to be considering should have a solid online and social media presence. You also need to consider reviews from previous customers, whether these reviews are positive or negative. You also need to consider which organizations, associations, and affiliations these companies are a member of. The other thing is whether they have ever won any awards or received some recognition. The final element of credibility is whether they comply with state and federal regulations in place.

Great Benefits

Working through an agency is often a bad thing because you get paid less than you would if you were working directly with a company. Sometimes the lower pay is offset by a great benefits package. There are agencies that offer everything from 401(k) accounts to health insurance. Offering contractors benefits lets you know that they sincerely care about helping you, and they are not only worried about the bottom line.

Cheap is expensive

You need to make sure that you get value for your money. The cheapest option in terms of background checks may not necessarily be the right one. Avoid using websites quoting lowest amounts. Most of these are either not fully compliant or may exclude valuable information from their reports. If you are serious about the exercise of employment background verification, quality always supersedes cost.

Variety of service

You need as a company, to consider the services that you require as well as the steps you need to take to effectively achieve your background screening goals. You need to consider whether you need comprehensive criminal background checks, education and employment verifications, or drug tests. You need to choose the company that provides all of them. Consolidation of services greatly simplifies the process.

Communication and Punctuality

The biggest complaint that most companies have regarding employment background check companies is the lack of communication. Some background check companies never provide any information to their clients for days and even up to weeks at a time. Strong communication and punctuality in delivery of service is key in the background checks industry. The background checks company needs to deliver reports in a timely manner at the precise times that they state. This will in turn help you make faster, and successful employment decisions.


You need to consider who the previous clients of the employment background check companies are.  You should ask the background check companies to provide you with testimonials or references from past clients. This is however dependent on whether these reviews are posted on their websites. Once you get a feel of the companies and their previous or current clients, you will better gauge their experience and ability to get the job done. The more the companies they have served and have positive reviews the better the quality of the company.

In conclusion, those are the 5 main things to consider when choosing employment background check companies. By following the guidelines above you will not only save time, but you will also save money and ultimately make the correct choice when hiring.

Thank you and may God bless you!

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