An Employee Thank You Letter Should Be Thoughtful and Meaningful

employee thank you letter

A Sample Employee Thank You Letter

Dear Clara,

Thank you so much for everything you did to help while John was out ill last week. Because you gladly volunteered to work overtime we were able to meet our client’s deadline.

It is because of employees like you that have made our Company what it is today. Your selfless actions not only helped us meet a deadline that seemed impossible without you, we were able to gain additional business from this client.

Please accept my personal thank you for a job well done!


John D. Donaldson

An Employee Thank You Letter Should Include Real Accomplishments

employee thank you letter

Sample Employee Thank You Letter

Dear Paul,

The presentation you made on Monday for the clients of the Johnson account was excellent. It went so well that they signed an additional three year contract to retain our services.

I know that the amount of time and effort you put into this presentation was an enormous undertaking and I truly appreciate it very much.

I spoke personally with Mr. Peterson, our Chief Executive Officer, and he stated that we are very lucky to have an individual like you on our Team!

Thank you again for all you do for us. I agree with Mr. Peterson in that you are truly an amazing individual and I am personally glad you are on my Team!


John D. Donaldson

employee thank you letter

A Sample Employee Thank You Letter

Dear Betty,

All I can say is Wow and thank you very much for the amazing effort you put in on the Company picnic.

I must say that this is absolutely the very best Company picnic I have ever attended in my twenty-two years with Jackson's Inc. The activities for every possible age group made this picnic one that everyone left more than happy.

My personal favorite was the dunk tank where I was able to send Mr. Gonzalez, our Vice President, into the water two times. He personally told me how pleased he was with the turnout and unbelievable amount of fun he knows everyone had.

Another one of my favorites was the grilled chicken that seemed like it was prepared buy executive chefs in a five star restaurant. I’m not sure how you pulled it off but it was simply the best grilled chicken I have ever eaten.

Betty thanks again for putting on the very best picnic this Company has ever had!


John D. Donaldson

Leadership Traits

An Employee Thank You Letter At the End of the Day Is a Necessary Part of Appreciating Your Staff

If you have ever been involved in employee surveys or simply took the time to talk with your employees it will not take long to figure out that what an employee wants more than anything else is to be appreciated.

It is a human need and no matter what the salary, benefits, or anything else you want to throw at an employee the one thing they want more than that is to be appreciated.

It can start with a thank you letter or rise to the level of public recognition in front of their peers.

No matter what it is it must be real!

If you were to send out an employee thank you letter every time they took a breath it would soon become meaningless. On the other hand if you only send it out when they discover the secret to world hunger it will lose its purpose as well. You must find the balance!

Writing a thank you letter does not need to be complicated. Don't over think it!

Something as simple as this could be the perfect employee thank you letter:


The extra effort you put in to insure that the large client shipment went out on time last Friday did not go unnoticed! In fact, the Divisional Vice President, Mr. David Henderson, called me to make sure that I thank you personally for him.

In addition, he wanted me to deliver this $75 gift card to the Longhorn Steak House as a way of showing his appreciation.

It is employees like you that give our company the great reputation that we have!

Thanks again,

Thomas Edison

Another Simple Employee Thank You Letter


Although you are a new employee, you have already made such a positive impact here at XYZ Company. Your attention to detail is such a breath of fresh air and very much appreciated.

Specifically, during our last top to bottom inventory you were able to insure every piece of equipment was found and counted correctly in the right categories. I also appreciate the speed in which you were able to complete the inventory. 

Your ability to work with your team mates also made the whole process enjoyable for everyone.

Please accept this gift card as a token for our appreciation for your hard work.

Thank you,

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