Sample Employment Termination Letter
For Cause

Sample Employment Termination Letter

Sample Employment Termination Letter for Insubordination

November 4, 2008

Dear Ms. Elizabeth Rameriz:

Your employment with our company is being terminated effective today for violating our policy on insubordination.

On November 2, 2008, at approximately 2:30 pm you refused to perform a routine task that your supervisor directed you to do. When you supervisor asked you why you were refusing to perform the task you told them to “Go F themselves!” At that point you were asked to leave the premises until you were contacted by management, which you did.

This type of behavior can not and will not be tolerated.

Any Federal, State, or Company related benefits you are entitled to will be presented to you at a later date, such as, Continuation of Benefits (COBRA). Your final pay is being provided to you in the amount of $1,734.53, which includes earned vacation pay.

Ms. Rameriz, good luck in all your future endeavors.

William Clinton

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Sample Employment Termination Letter Continued

Sample Employment Termination Letter

I have provided a sample on a termination letter and basic information that may be helpful in avoiding a wrongful termination claim.

Good Leadership skills must be applied throughout the termination process, including the investigation.

Always check with your legal representative prior to issuing any termination.

Sample Employment Termination Letter

Here are some basic assumptions that I am using for the sample employment termination letter below:

1. That you have a set probationary period outlined in your employee handbook.

2. That the employee was hired on January 13, 2008, as an Administrative Assistant.

3. That the Administrative Assistant's position has a requirement to type a minimum of 60 words per minute with minimal errors. That the position requires someone who is efficient with XYZ computer software. That the position requires someone with excellent communication skills. This and more requirements are included in a position description.

4. That the employee submitted a resume/application stating they had all the above skills, and during the interview process they confirmed verbally that they had these skills. They did this by answering some basic questions about the specific software that your company uses.

5. That they signed acknowledging that they had read, understood and received a copy of the employee handbook, which outlines your probationary period policy. 6. That you have a letter of concern to the employee regarding your concern with them not being able to type the 60 words per minute, the ability to work with the software, and the concerns you have with how they have been handling telephone calls. This letter was issued to them on January 24, 2008. 7. That there was no improvement in there performance since January 24, 2008, and now it is February 2, 2008.

Sample Employment Termination Letter - Probationary Period - Unacceptable Performance

February 3, 2008

Dear Mr. John A. Rodriguez:

This letter is to inform you that your employment with Johnson and Johnson Company has been terminated effective February 3, 2008, for unacceptable performance during your probationary period.

Specifically, you have been unable to meet the minimum requirements for the position of Administrative Assistant, in the following areas; typing a minimum of 60 wpm with minimal errors, ability to work with bookkeeping computer software, and your telephone skills.

You received a letter of concern about these specific areas of your position on January 24, 2008; however, you have made no significant improvement.

You did sign acknowledging that you read, understood and received a copy of the employee handbook that outlines the company policy on our probationary period.

You are being provided your final pay in the amount of $895.98. This pay does not include any pay for vacation pay. In the event you are entitled to vacation pay, you will be provided that pay on the very next scheduled pay period.

You will be provided a separate letter covering any benefits you may be entitled to.

Mr. Rodriguez, we do want to wish you success in any future endeavors that you have.


Joseph S. Alexander

Sample Termination Letter - Probationary Period - Unacceptable Performance


If the employee has any company property you may want to list it on the letter or make sure that you get it back prior to them leaving the property. If not, and your state allows for you to hold back pay until you received it, you may want to do this. Give them a specific date to accomplish this.

Also, it is wise to escort them off company property. Do this with respect.

Remember to include all information in your employee handbook. This goes a long way in helping to eliminate any future questions about your policy, and avoiding possible wrongful termination claims.

One of the most important aspects is to be consistent. Trust me.

I hope this sample employment termination letter was helpful. I have others if you need to review those also. You will find a list on my main termination page.

Thank you for reviewing this article on an employment termination letter and May God Bless You!

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