To Define Integrity Let's Look at Noah

Define Integrity

If you are looking to define integrity I believe you can take a look at Noah's life and get a good picture of what it means!

Have you ever really considered the integrity that Noah must have had when he was told by God to build an Ark!

I can't even imagine the pressure he must have been under and yet he still did the right thing!

Just think about it! He was told to build this enormous ark with very specific dimensions to prepare for a flood. He was told by God that not only was this ark going to hold him and his family but he was suppose to put every type of animal in pairs onto it with them. He must have wondered if he understood God correctly!

Define Integrity:
They had never had or seen rain before...


Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash

Add to this crazy idea that they had no idea of what rain even was to that point. You see they had never had rain on earth up to that point in time. So trying to understand or put their arms around what a flood was must have been interesting.

Imagine telling your spouse that you were asked by God to build an ark, fill it with every pairs of ever type of animal, all because something was going to happen that had never happened before.

Define Integrity:

What would your spouse tell you?

Maybe to lay off the sauce! They would probably make you an appointment as quickly as possible at the mental health facility!

So when Noah followed through to the letter on what God had asked him to do, that would define integrity for me. The kind of integrity that is worthy of mentioning!

After all isn't integrity doing the right thing even when it would be easier to do something else? Not following the crowd like sheep being led to slaughter!

For a lot of people doing something else actually means doing nothing at all.

Well Noah followed through with God's instruction flawlessly. That again would define integrity for me!

I can't imagine what the neighbors all thought about him while he built this enormous ark. I'm sure they were all sitting at home with Noah being the object of their attention. Most likely laughing and telling jokes about what an idiot he was!

It took Noah over a year to build this huge ark. Based on the size and structure I am certain this became his full time job. Finding just the right materials that God had instructed him to use. And then finally loading all the animals! Can you hear the neighbors again! I can just hear them now all complaining about the noise and the droppings the animals were leaving behind. He was the talk of the town and not of the kind you would want to be! Again this would define integrity!


Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Define Integrity:

Were Laughing and Tell Jokes!

In addition he was still concerned about everyone else. So concerned that he continued to preach about the flood that God would be bringing upon the earth and their need to repent. Do you here the neighbors talking again!

They probably all were laughing and telling jokes up to the time Noah closed the door on the ark and the first few rain drops started falling! Not so funny now!

If God asked you to do something today, are you going to have the integrity to follow through with it? Or are you going to let your neighbors dictate your actions?

Some of us have trouble even letting the neighbor know we are a Christian, let alone turning our life completely upside down for God.

So the next time someone asks you if you have integrity, think of Noah! That would define integrity!

God through his Son Jesus Christ is asking each of us to let him into our lives. He loves each one of us individually so much that he allows us to decide if we want to accept Him as our personal Savior, or reject Him.

It's our decision, but it has eternal consequences. Just as when the door closed on the ark and no one else was allowed in, someday you will no longer have the choice! It will be too late.

I guess you can sit outside and laugh and tell jokes with all the others that don't believe!

Just as those that didn't believe Noah when he built the ark. They faced eternal consequences.

Integrity takes internal strength. The kind of strength that only our Heavenly Father can give us!

The kind of strength that keeps us doing the right thing even when doing right is hard!

That is how I define integrity!

Thank you and may God bless you!

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