Employee Counseling Form

Employee Counseling

Using an employee counseling form is a .fast and easy way to accomplish informing an individual that they need to correct some sort of action or behavior. Remember that the entire purpose of counseling a problem employee is to correct the behavior in the quickest and most appropriate way possible. As an example if someone was tardy a couple of times you would not terminate them, or at least I hope not. The most appropriate way to deal with this type of issue is to sit down and counsel the employee.

The purpose of using an employee counseling form is to document the counseling session so that if the problem continues you have a written trail of the steps you are taking to try and correct the behavior. Should the employee continue to break company policies it will be clear at an unemployment hearing that you took appropriate action to counsel the employee of their behavior.

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Why Use An Employee Counseling Form?

Somewhere between $100K and more than $l million

The last thing you will want to do is wait until you just can't take the employees behavior for another second and then explode in rage at them. This will ensure you have a quick path to the courtroom where the average employment lawsuit settlement is somewhere between $100K and more than $l million. This is a hard way to learn that you need to handle the situation differently in the least severe way possible. My recommendation is to use an employee counseling form so that you don't get tied up with trying to use the right language.

Most disciplinary action forms, or in this case an employee counseling form, are simple and to the point. They should include information, such as, any previous actions, the details of who, what, where, and how of the issue/concern, any witnesses, when the employee was provided and signed for the company employee handbook, and of course the supervisors and employees signature.

If the employee continues to violate company policy even after you have issued an employee counseling, the next step should be to consider a written warning. A written warning can be filled out on the exact same form as the employee counseling, except that you will identify it as a written warning and how many they have received. The idea behind this is to again show a record of the steps you took to try and help the employee understand that they were violating company policy.

At some point if the employee continues to violate company policies it will be time to terminate them. Again, you can use the same disciplinary action form to document the termination. The key word in this article is to document the situation as best you can. This will help if the employee takes some type of legal action later claiming that you violated state or federal law. Generally this means that they will claim some type of discrimination or wrongful discharge. However, if you have documented the entire process and treated everyone within your organization equally and fairly, you should not have any problems other than presenting your documentation. Is it a hassle to do this? Of course it is, but in this sue happy society that we currently live in sooner or later it most likely will take place.

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