Sample Appreciation Letter

Appreciation Letter

This letter I hope will get your creative juices flowing so that you can modify it to your specific needs. Sometimes the hardest part of any task is getting started and that is exactly what I hope to help you do! First of all there is nothing hard about writing an Employee Appreciation Letter but it is important that you follow some basic principles.

This sample letter follows those principles by keeping it short; however, very specific to the individual. In other words don't send something that looks like you copied it off a website like this one and filled in their name. Not that copying this Sample Letter would be bad but you will want to modify to fit the situation!

The other rule of thumb would be to make sure it is specific to the event or situation you are appreciating them for. Don't generalize the letter. Just like the Sample Appreciation Letter below you need to personalize it to the event or circumstance you are thankful for.

Sample Appreciation Letter

Dear Betty

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing job you did on planning this year's Christmas Party. It was a tremendous success! I am still receiving calls from the clients that attended thanking me personally for the great time that they had!

The menu and entertainment was perfect. I personally enjoyed the Rib Eye Steak and it was perfectly prepared. The local band you selected was just right for the types of clients we have and those that were sitting at my table couldn't stop raving about them.

Again, Betty, I know that you went to a lot of effort in planning this party and I personally couldn't be more thankful. You are a true asset to this organization!

With Many Thanks,

John Doe
President and CEO

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Having Trouble Coming Up with Some Good Staff Appreciation Ideas?

Why is it so hard to come up with staff appreciation ideas? I suppose we could go all out and have everyone picked up from their homes by a stretch limo and have a catered lunch consisting of steak and lobster! Although I’m sure your staff would love this, but it would blow your budget! Of course, this is absurd but makes the point we must be realistic!

There are many ways to appreciate your staff without spending a great deal!

Let’s talk about a few staff appreciation ideas that work

We Need to Appreciate Them More Than Just One Day a Year!

Remember, everyone wants to feel appreciated, even you! Generally, it’s the day-to-day little things that we do that prove we really do care about them.

After all, if you treat everyone like you could care less three hundred and sixty-four days a year and then try to do something nice on day 365, you are wasting your time and money!

How About Something Simple Like a Potluck!

If they have mail slots you might place a piece of candy or even a candy bar in them every once in a while, with a little handwritten note that say’s thank you!

If you have the authority to give additional breaks this is another excellent way to say thank you for a job well done!

Buying donuts for early morning meetings or having pots lucks during staff meetings is always a great morale builder. In my case I always bring the meat dish and enough for everyone!

As you can see there are many staff appreciation ideas that say thanks and you are valued without breaking the bank.

Recognition Pins Are a Great Idea!

Another great idea that boosts morale is giving recognition pins out on the spot when you see someone really stepping out above and beyond. The recognition pin might be something as simple as saying “You Are a Superstar!”

If you really want to go all out, you can give time off awards for those that really go way beyond. Nothing speaks more loudly than giving someone time off with pay.

Like all staff appreciation ideas, you need to measure the cost of the idea to the production of your staff. The idea of giving something away just for the sake of giving it away is a bad business practice. After all you are running a business, not raising a family.

So, as an example if you give time off to someone, they should be producing enough to go way beyond the cost of the day off.

Other costs to consider are recruiting and training new employees if you lose a good employee because you are not willing to invest in them.

I hope that these were enough staff appreciation ideas to get you started.

Thank you and may God bless you!

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Sample Appreciation Letter

Writing an appreciation letter needs to be something that comes naturally and something you do on a routine basis for a variety of reasons. Thanking people should be very easy even for the smallest of reasons. Of course, taking it to the next level by actually setting down and taking the time to write out a Thank You Letter is a sure sign of a great leader. After all you by yourself can't succeed. As I continually tell my staff I must and do depend on them for my success; however, they can easily succeed without me! Therefore, I am very thankful for their service daily!

I personally think that hand writing a note in a greeting card is one of the best and most sincere ways to tell someone thank you. This is not to say the handwriting a Thank You Note or Letter is not also very meaningful. Of course, everyone has a little different opinion on this subject. But regardless it is critical to take the time to write out something. It does not have to be anything complicated or long and drawn out. In fact, make it short and personal.

A Sample Appreciation Letter


Just a quick note to let you know how thankful I am that you got that report in on time! It truly was done professionally and addressed all the major aspects of the project!

Thanks again,

Another Sample Appreciation Letter


Thank you very much for the amazing job you did to get those reports out on time! I know that you were facing some pretty tough odds but like always you came through when I needed you!

Very Thankfully,

My point is that you don't need to complicate the process of a Thank You! It should be short and to the point! It will be very meaningful to whoever you present it to!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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