Sample Appreciation Letter

Appreciation Letter

This letter I hope will get your creative juices flowing so that you can modify it to your specific needs. Sometimes the hardest part of any task is getting started and that is exactly what I hope to help you do! First of all there is nothing hard about writing an Employee Appreciation Letter but it is important that you follow some basic principles.

This sample letter follows those principles by keeping it short; however, very specific to the individual. In other words don't send something that looks like you copied it off a website like this one and filled in their name. Not that copying this Sample Letter would be bad but you will want to modify to fit the situation!

The other rule of thumb would be to make sure it is specific to the event or situation you are appreciating them for. Don't generalize the letter. Just like the Sample Appreciation Letter below you need to personalize it to the event or circumstance you are thankful for.

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Sample Appreciation Letter

Dear Betty

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing job you did on planning this year's Christmas Party. It was a tremendous success! I am still receiving calls from the clients that attended thanking me personally for the great time that they had!

The menu and entertainment was perfect. I personally enjoyed the Rib Eye Steak and it was perfectly prepared. The local band you selected was just right for the types of clients we have and those that were sitting at my table couldn't stop raving about them.

Again, Betty, I know that you went to a lot of effort in planning this party and I personally couldn't be more thankful. You are a true asset to this organization!

With Many Thanks,

John Doe
President and CEO

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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