Recognition Letter Example - For a Volunteer, a Speaker, and an Employee

Recognition Letter Example for a Guest Motivational Speaker


Your speech last week still has me excited about how I can personally make a difference in my own circle of influence. It was almost like you were speaking directly to me when you spoke about prioritizing our lives so that we have no regrets.

I truly appreciate the way you shared your very personal story of your childhood and how that negative experience shaped and molded you to know that you needed to make a radical change. Most of us would have used that experience as an excuse; however, you used it as a spring board to success. Again, all I can really say is thank you and you have made a difference in my life.

Harry S. Truman

Thank You Card in Envelope

Recognition Letter Example for a Job Well Done

Dear Raymond,

Thank you so very much for your dedication and attention to detail in preparing the end of year reports for our department.

I know it would not have been remotely possible without your direct input and tremendous knowledge of our Company.

You are a true professional and it is my privilege to be able to learn from you.

Please except this well deserved gift as my appreciation for a job well done!

Thomas Jefferson

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Recognition Letter Example to a Volunteer


Thank you very much for the hard work you put into preparing your department for this years Joint Commission's Survey. 

As the Nurse Manager, responsible for the Emergency Department, you went the extra mile to ensure patient safety. Every area including of your department exceeded the Surveyor's expectations.

Specifically, they noted that every patient tracer they performed showed exceptional detail to ensuring that the patient received the proper care and it was well documented. The right medications were administered and when necessary the patient was passed onto another department for care.

It is team members like you that make our hospital a medical organization that is so respected in our community. 

Thank you,

Elizabeth Jefferson

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Your Recognition Letter Should Be Meaningful

Its very important that any letter for recognition must be well thought out and be for a meaningful reason. Especially if you want the employee receiving the letter to feel good and proud of their contribution. If it isn't not only will the employee receiving the award not care it will cause others to discredit and not trust you.

The reason this would be the case is that your average employee is very connected with what you say and how you say it. Have you ever heard the term blowing smoke up your _ _ _? If you hand out recognition or appreciation letters for virtually no meaningful reason they are discounted and your credibility is thrown into question.

Bottom line is make sure the employee or employees did something meaningful.

Thank you and may God bless you!

Getting The Job Woman Sitting on Floor and Excited

Your Employees are the Backbone of Your Business

Any manager or supervisor that doesn't recognize that their employees are the backbone of the organization shouldn't be in a leadership role. You can always fix or buy another piece of equipment, but replacing a good employee can be extremely difficult. The expense it takes to get another employee hired, trained, and productive can be high. In addition, that replacement employee may not work out.

Therefore, if you have a good employee do whatever you can to keep them. Pay them what they are worth and show them the respect they deserve. 

Above all, recognize them when their work goes above and beyond what is normally expected. When an employee goes the extra mile it means they care about the organization. Whenever an employee does their job it benefits you and the organization. I always told my employees that they could succeed without me, but I could never succeed without them. My career depended on them succeeded. I did my best to treat them accordingly.

One of the best way to do that was to reward them in various ways, such as, giving them financial gifts. But even more importantly was providing them with a well written recognition letter. It was something they could take home and show their families. Yes money is always a motivator, but a letter from their boss or upper management recognizing their efforts is priceless. 

Here is another simple recognition letter example that be given to the whole team.

To the Team Members of the XYZ Department,

Thank you very much for your dedication to being the best! Every goal that was set, your department not only exceeded, it set records that have never been achieved.

Specifically, the number of widgets you produced that all passed inspection, was so far above the goal it was almost unbelievable. Your efforts helped make this company financially successful for the entire year. 

It's employees like you that make me so proud to be a part of this company. 

With Great Gratitude,

Robert Morales

Department Manager

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