Employee Policy Manual
What to Look for and What Goes in It!

Employee Policy Manual

Operating a business without an employee policy manual is much like driving a car without your seatbelt. If you don’t have an accident there is no need for it; however, if you do…

Because human beings are very unpredictable in everything from how someone understands something to how they act when faced with certain situations. In addition, everyone comes with some sort of baggage. This may be anything from whether or not they were not held accountable for being tardy at their last job to how they were raised to treat people of a different race or color growing up.

Any of these factors, plus countless others, if left unchecked will end in a disaster for your workplace. State and Federal government agencies, like EEOC, don’t except ignorance as an excuse! They don’t care if you have been in business one day or two hundred years!

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA&ADA Amendments Act (ADADD) Policy

It is the officially stated policy of “Insert Your Business Name Here” to comply with all federal, state and local laws in the United States of America and beyond in all the countries where the company operate  concerning the employment of persons with disabilities and to act in accordance with regulations and guidance issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or any other state, federal or local law in which ever country “Insert Your Business Name Here”. Has its offices or any other ancillary  facilities.   Furthermore, it is the company’s policy not to discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities in regard to application procedures, recruitment, promotions, discharge, compensation, training or other terms, conditions and privileges of employment with “Insert Your Business Name Here”.

The company will strive to reasonably accommodate with regards to duly qualified individuals with a disability/disabilities so that they may perform the essential functions of their job unless doing so causes a direct threat to these individuals or others in the workplace and the threat cannot be eliminated by reasonable accommodation and/or if the accommodation creates an undue hardship to “Insert Your Business Name Here”. Should staff members have any further queries regarding our disability policy please feel free to contact management with any questions or requests for accommodation.

While we do our level best to ensure that we are able to comply to all state and federal regulations while striving to ensure greater employment opportunities to people with disabilities as par our own polices as well. Sometimes it’s not possible to accommodate all such applicants due to circumstances beyond our control.

In addition to the above ready to use policy provided in this subsection titled “Employee Handbook Small Businesses” of Leadership Skills for Life’s website we have also provided the EEOC United States Government Website to assist you, if necessary.

Probationary Period Policy

The probationary period is defined as “the initial period immediately after employment during which an employee must demonstrate his capabilities and skills necessary to successfully execute the tasks as assigned by their Job Description. “Insert Your Business Name Here” has a probation period of “Enter the Number of Days/Weeks/Months/Year Here” tends. The probationary period is both for the new employee and the company to decide if the company/employee is a good fit.

All employees will undergo evaluation both during and at the end of the probationary period. If “Insert Your Business Name Here” determines that the employee’s performance or behavior is unsatisfactory for any reason during this period of time, the staff member may be relieved from their duties with a letter showcasing exactly why they have not been deemed suitable for the position they had been chosen for.

More ever at the end of probationary period, the new staff member’s supervising authority will determine if the new inductee’s performance warrants continued employment. If the probationary employee’s performance is not up to their supervisor’s expectations in terms of output, quality of work, behavior, or any other performance and or behavioral indicator, the new recruit will not be confirmed for further employment at the company after the expiry of the probationary period.

Moreover, it is incumbent on the supervisor to make an informed decision regarding the confirmation of an employee at the end of the probationary period. However if the supervisor feels that they require more time to evaluate a new employee further, they may extend the probationary period till they are either satisfied retain or to let go the new staff member, as the case may be.

Open Door Policy

“Insert Your Business Name Here” believes in an 'open door' policy and therefore takes all its staff members issues and problems very seriously. The company values each and every staff member and tries its level best to provide a positive work experience. Employees are actively encouraged to bring any workplace concerns they may have or problems they might be facing, or for that matter be aware of, to management to share their issues and problems in any way that might affect their overall workplace efficiency.

There may be many matters that might require management intervention ranging from excessive workloads, shift changes and workplace bullying. 

Job Interview

The Employee Policy Manual Should Spell Out Your Polices So There's No Misunderstandings

That’s why it is so important to have an employee policy manual that spells out you’re policies. I have always thought of an employee policy manual as a speed limit sign for the workplace. A speed limit sign doesn’t necessarily keep someone from speeding it just makes it clear that when they do they understand that they broke the law and shouldn’t be surprised when they are issued a speeding ticket.

That is exactly what the purpose of the policy manual does. It explains things like how the company treats tardiness, absenteeism, sexual harassment, vacation leave, sick leave, and many other issues you deal with on a daily basis at your workplace.

The problem is how, does someone that isn’t an expert in human resources or employment law produce an employee policy manual without hiring a team of lawyers or paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars on some type of software to assist them.

In my life I have always lived quite successfully by a simple principle known to many as the KISS system! KISS simply stands for Keep It Simply Silly (or some might say Stupid). The simpler it stays the better the chance of repeating the process is. So in the case of building an employee policy manual if you want to complicate the process and build a final document that requires a team of lawyers to explain then by all means take that route. The additional problem is that you may not even be able to explain your own company’s position if challenged by an outside legal authority, which then will require you to retain legal help for that as well.

Employee Handbook Papers Larger One

Remember the KISS System!

If you follow this approach and produce a policy manual written in a way that anyone can understand yet gets the point across then why not take that route? Instead some decide to build a bigger mouse trap because they think bigger is better with many more moving parts that require constant maintenance and repairs all adding additional expenses to your overhead. If you have the money and time, go for it!

On the other hand if you choose to use the KISS system and keep it simple your initial expense is much less and maintaining the document will be less also. Of course that will only work if following the KISS system is effective!

If you can afford to retain a law firm to develop and maintain your employee policy manual my guess is that you would not be reading this article! On the other hand if you are looking for an affordable easy way to produce a policy manual then I believe you are going to be very pleased to see what we have developed specifically for the small business owner. Of course it is for any size business but the bigger the business the more likely they will throw money at finding a solution than using their good business sense.

Sample Employee Policy on Sexual Harassment

Our Company is committed to insuring a safe workplace in which all individuals are treated fairly, with dignity and respect. Our Company promotes equal opportunities for every employee that is free from any discriminatory practices, which includes sexual harassment. Any form of sexual harassment as defined below, regardless of verbal or physical, is prohibited. Under the law sexual harassment is considered illegal and will not be tolerated.

As it relates to our policy the definition of sexual harassment is any unwelcome advances of a sexual nature or requests for sexual favors. The sexual advances, physical conduct, or action can be verbal or non-verbal. It becomes illegal when submission to or rejection of this sexual conduct is used for explicitly or implicitly as a factor in employment decisions, performance reviews, advancements, training opportunities, etc. If this sexual conduct substantially interferes with a person’s employment or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment it is also considered illegal.

Church Employee Policy Manual: Why Does Your Church Need It


If you're wondering if putting together a Church employee policy manual is a good idea, I can tell you from personal experience that it paid big dividends for me. A number of years ago I volunteered as the Personnel Director for our local church. Upon arriving into the position one of my very first questions were how do I know what employee policies or rules are in place. To my surprise there were no written employee policies or rules. As someone that has been in a leadership position for close to forty years, I knew that this was a formula for disaster.

Some Initial Questions

Employee Termination Paper Larger One

Just some of the initial questions I had to figure out before even beginning the process of putting together a church employee handbook were things like, vacation days, paid holidays, what constituted a full-time employee, who was eligible for vacation or sick time, who was eligible for health insurance, how did we manage our payroll, how did we determine raises, how did we manage our hiring practices, etc. As you can quickly see by just a few of the normal day to day process it was critical that we establish how we would manage these elements of an employee handbook.

Although everyone within a church environment believes that no one would ever present a law suit for wrongful treatment of some kind, don't kid yourself. If your church has paid employee’s, you better produce a church employee handbook to protect it! Just as a quick example we had a Nursery Worker that was observed lying down and potentially sleeping on the job! I can hear you saying to yourself that is unbelievable ~in a church setting! Guess what? Anytime you have employees you have the potential for something going wrong. Thankfully, with help I had developed a progressive discipline policy that covered this as grounds for immediate termination.

Provided we treated everyone the same going forward having a progressive discipline policy built into our church employee handbook made it crystal clear what actions we would take based on the seriousness of the behavior. It also would make it easy for anyone coming into the voluntary position as to how behavioral issued would be handled. Now sleeping on the church premises as an employee is unacceptable, however, as a church member during services it may be quite common! Just kidding! No offense intended to any pastors reading this.

As we touched on earlier what specifically defines a part time worker from a full-time employee? Now for the most part state law will dictate this for you. However, as we think about the benefits, if any, that your church might offer it will come into play. Of course, every benefit will cost money; therefore, everything from offering vacation/sick pay to holidays needs to be considered. So, depending on your situation you may want to consider defining who receives benefits by position, rather than by full time or part time. Make sure that this is permissible in your state prior to adding it into your church employee handbook.

Another topic would be to make sure that you cover in your church employee handbook all the required elements especially those that pertain to Equal Employment Opportunity. Again, check with the current state and federal law, but at the time of this writing our church required certain positions to be of the same religious belief our church. So as an example, we required our child care attendants to be under that same belief; however, our janitorial person did not require it. Because we were a religious organization under the law, we were protected from discrimination law suits. Again, check the state and federal laws prior to adding this to your employment handbook.

In a church environment often, we rely too heavily on the idea that people will act appropriately. As a general rule I truly believe that is correct; however, it is important to have employee policies and rules that you are guided by so that everyone plays by those rules. Having no rules almost always sets yourselves up for people doing what they feel is right. As we know, what is right to one individual is not always right to someone else. That includes Pastors also. Now I am not saying that they would be doing something illegal by any stretch, but general things like deciding when someone deserves a raise. Treating everyone equal protects everyone, especially the church body!

So, as you put your church employee handbook together you may want to consider a great inexpensive resource to assist you in doing so. For around $35 you can use a great employee handbook software program to assist you. Although I have not used this software personally, I do believe it will be helpful if you do not have extensive experience in producing an employee handbook.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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Company Employee Policy Manual: What Goes In It And Why?

final written warning

There is nothing more valuable to your small business than a company employee policy manual when it comes to employment issues!

Let's just list a small number of issues that most small businesses will have;

Confusion over who is considered full time, and who is part time!

Confusion over who is eligible for vacation and sick leave and who is not!

Confusion over where you can smoke!

Your Company Employee Policy Manual Needs To Include Every Possible Issue - From Tardiness to Stealing

Confusion over how to request time off!

Confusion over whether you can use company property or not!

Confusion over whether you can call home during duty time!

Confusion over how long you get for lunch!

Don't forget also that there are state and federally mandated regulatory requirements… 

This doesn't account for understanding what the consequences are for certain things like insubordination, stealing, discrimination, sexual harassment, gossip, destruction of company property, falsifying a time card, and so many more things.

Your company employee policy manual is your key resource for ensuring that your employees know where you stand on employment issues.

Don't forget also that there are state and federally mandated regulatory requirements as well! Just to list a couple would be the Family Medical Leave Act, and the Equal Employment Opportunity regulation. Understanding that on the state and federal regulations some may depend on how many employees you have.

The FLSA, the Fair Labor Standards Act will dictate many rules that apply to your workforce. Rules such as overtime!

In this case you could be jeopardizing your personal belongings… 

Ignorance is not an exception to the law as you already know. If you are found to be in violation to any policy you will be held accountable. I will give you a little tip! Being held accountable will hit you hard in your pocket book! Violating the sexual harassment policy as a business owner you may be held personally accountable, as well as, your business. In this case you could be jeopardizing your personal belongings even if you have your business under an LLC or Incorporated.

Having a progressive disciplinary program also included in your company employee manual will help identify what happens to an employee who violates your employment policies. As an example, if your employee policy manual states that on the first offense someone is to receive a written counseling, then a first written warning, a second written warning, and then a third and final written warning equaling termination, there should be no surprise to an employee.

You need to substantiate this in a legal proceeding

Should you need to substantiate this in a legal proceeding you will be sitting in a pretty good position. However, please don't hide behind your employee handbook if you are not treating everyone the same. This will only get you charged with discrimination!

The final and most important part of having a company employee manual is following it and treating everyone the same. That becomes very difficult sometimes since we have employees that perform great and some that don't do so well.

The key here is to make sure that when an employee is not performing well address the issue from that angle. Your company employee manual can include a section for this also, call Performance Improvement Plan. If the employee is not able to perform the task after the proper training and retraining, then you may list a procedure for this. It may mean ultimately the employee is let go.

There are many great inexpensive resources for employee handbook software. Things to consider when you are thinking about making a purchase would be if they were written by an employment attorney, if they provide automatic updates, if they are for your state, if they include many already pre-written policies, etc.

I hope that this article was helpful on a company employee manual.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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The Importance of an Employee Policy Manual


In today’s business landscape, a comprehensive employee handbook or policy manual is a must. Handbooks help employers effectively manage employees to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities. By documenting the expectations of your workers, an employee handbook helps maintain a professional environment.

A clearly worded, up-to-date employee handbook can help facilitate productive and profitable employee relations by delivering consistent and clear employer-employee communication. It’s designed, published, and distributed to employees to answer two important questions:

●     What can employees and their families expect from the business?

●     What does the business expect from its employees?

A well-written employee handbook or policy manual will answer these questions clearly and in-depth to keep the entire organization on the same page.


The employee handbook or policy manual is a document of your company’s operating procedures. By spelling out what employees can and cannot do, it helps an organization run more smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Moreover, the employee handbook protects the rights of employees and employers by establishing policies. The document discloses legal information, such as workers’ compensation policy, health & safety policy, and workplace sexual harassment policies.


A current and published employee policy manual has several benefits and advantages that include:

●     Helping employees understand company policies and procedures.


The employee handbook or policy manual is a document of your company’s operating procedures. By spelling out what employees can and cannot do, it helps an organization run more smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Moreover, the employee handbook protects the rights of employees and employers by establishing policies. The document discloses legal information, such as workers’ compensation policy, health & safety policy, and workplace sexual harassment policies.


A current and published employee policy manual has several benefits and advantages that include:

●     Helping employees understand company policies and procedures.

●     Helping to promote consistency in the workplace and management credibility.

●     Serving as a human resource guidebook and supervisor reference manual.

●     Acting as an effective recruiting tool.

●     Being an excellent orientation resource for new hires.

●     Documenting fair employment practices and compliance with equal employment opportunity laws.

●     Assisting in complying with federal and state employment laws.

●     Being a valuable legal defense for your business if it is faced with an employee lawsuit.


A professional employee handbook usually begins with an introduction that includes a welcome message and an explanation of its purpose. No matter the needs of your organization, the handbook should be as comprehensive as possible. Things like purpose, corporate culture, federal/state policies, and company policies should all be included. Employees can also expect to find policies and procedures regarding the code of professional conduct, confidentiality, lunch breaks, benefits, and vacation and sick leave.


Companies that provide their staff with an employee handbook and policy manual create better communication between employees and management. It encourages employees to seek out management if they encounter workplace issues or disputes. By giving employees the proper procedures for voicing their concerns, you’re showing that the company values every staff member and that you’re providing a positive work experience. A handbook should include everything from workplace bullying, excessive workloads, and shift change concerns.

The Bottom Line

An employee handbook is a valuable communication resource for both employers and employees. If written properly, it provides guidance and information related to your organization to give your employees clear expectations. By defining legal obligations and employee rights, a handbook provides valuable legal defense for your business.

Are you looking for a comprehensive employee handbook that explicitly outlines the policies and expectations of your workplace? 

Thank you and may God bless you!

Employee Policy Manual Templates:
Makes It So Much Easier


If you are you looking for employee policy manual templates then you have landed on the right website!

The entire purpose of this site is to help you completely understand the importance of selecting the right Employee Policies that are going to be best for your small business!

There are many on the market that promise the world and don’t deliver!

This site I hope will give you a lot of ideas and point out topics that I feel are a must to have within your employee handbook.

Using employee policy manual templates Versus Starting From Scratch Just Makes Sense

Just to give you a little information about me and my experience so that you know that I have knowledge about this topic I am providing a little bit of information about myself. I have been in a management role for over thirty years. That includes a position as a Human Resources Director of an International multi-million-dollar organization. I have been involved in almost every type of employment issue from unemployment claims to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Inquiries. I was also involved in an Office of the Federal Contract Compliance Program, which is another name for the Federal Affirmative Action Program. At no time did I lose or was I found in error on any of the legal hearings or proceedings. Now I am not trying to tell you that I am perfect, but I have some experience in the topic of an employee handbook.

Just to list a few of the topics that we will go into more detail on within this site will be sexual harassment, discrimination, EEOC, attendance, smoking, gossip, tardiness, progressive discipline, vacation and sick leave, Family Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Standards Leave Act, and many more. All are important and provide your employees with critical information so that they are fully aware of your position on issues.

Other critical information that should be part of employee policy manual templates would be things like what constitutes a full-time employee, who is eligible for benefits, or your probationary period.

Not having these policies built into your employee handbook could spell trouble for you if you ever have a disgruntled employee.

Guess What? You will have a disgruntled employee at some point in your career! Just to put things into perspective the average employment law suit settlement is somewhere between $100,000 and over $1,000,000.

The consequences of losing are huge! Not many small businesses can withstand a loss like this and stay in business.

Select employee policy manual templates that are written by employment attorneys.

Select handbook templates that will provide automatic updates. With Federal Law continually changing you don’t want to be left unknowing when something changes. Remember ignorance is no excuse even though we like to use it a lot!

So, as you tour through my employee policy manual templates make sure that you know as much as possible about what you feel would work best for your particular small business.

Employee Policy Manual Templates

Clipart18 - Performance form starting with Outstanding

When you’re searching for a quality employee policy manual templates software make sure it covers an employee at will clause. In some states just having an employee policy good jeopardize your ability to stand behind the at will employee clause. However, this does not eliminate the fact that having an employee policy manual is still a good idea, just go about it intelligently.

Before adding an employee at will clause into your employee handbook make sure you check with your particular state to see if this is permissible. Most employee handbook templates software should be able to tell you how it applies to your particular state. As an example, Montana may have some problems with it so check first.

As an example, professional athletes in the National Football League are under contracts…

Let’s talk about what an employee at will means. It simply means that the employer employee relationship is not binding under a contract. As an example, professional athletes in the National Football League are under contracts and would not be considered an at will employee. Employee handbook templates should ask you questions as it relates to your employer employee relationship. Unions would be another example of something that would be affected.

Remember that an employee at will relationship means that an employer can discharge an employee for any reason at all provided it is not an illegal one. As an example, an illegal reason would be terminating someone because of their race or religion. This is considered discrimination and is not allowable by law. On the other hand, an employer could terminate an employee for any reason or no reason at all.

A lot of money goes into the recruitment and training of a new employee and releasing…

Of course, when you think about it as a business person it doesn’t make a lot of sense to simply terminate someone for no reason at all. A lot of money goes into the recruitment and training of a new employee and releasing them for no reasons just doesn’t make any sense. Employee handbook templates will walk you through the process of writing a standard at will employee clause for your employee handbook.

The employee policy manual templates website has offered an example of an Employee at Will statement for an employee handbook. Please understand that this is only an example and you should use professional employee handbook software since we are not permitted to offer legal advice.

This business can terminate our employment relationship with you for any reason or no reason at all as well…

We are very happy that you have joined our business. We are very hopeful that your employment relationship with us will be a happy and rewarding one. However, your employment with us is considered At-Will. This means that there is no guarantee of a continued employment relationship. You can end your employment relationship at any time for any reason or no reason at all. Additionally, this business can terminate our employment relationship with you for any reason or no reason at all as well. No one within this company can change the employee At-Will relationship except for a company official; however, this must be done in the form of a written agreement or contract.

There are some things a business can do to change the employee at will relationship unknowingly. As an example, if your business makes statements verbally or in writing that employees will be taken care of as long as they perform well. This would then mean that an employee could only be terminated if the business provides cause. As a business this only makes sense but it does complicate the employment process. Make sure you review your employee policy manual templates software carefully to make sure that the policies you include do not reference directly that any employee is directly or indirectly guaranteed a job with your business.

Please remember that we strongly recommend that you always allow an employment legal professional such as an attorney review any employee policy manual prior to releasing it to your staff.

Thank you and may God bless you!

Clipart10 - A group of people standing out front of large group

Generic Employee Policy Manual:
A Good Place To Start

Clipart20 - Employee holding pink slip

Is there ever a time that you should consider using a generic employee handbook? I guess if you like the idea of adopting someone else's policies then it is a great idea!

The down side to this is that you better be willing to follow those policies equally across your business. In other words, don't pick and choose which ones you are going to follow and ignore the rest. Or worse yet you selectively enforce them. This will end you up in an employment law suit faster than you can put up your "Out of Business" sign!

Include a Section on Progressive Discipline

Yes, a generic employee handbook comes in very handy to build or produce you a personalized one that will better fit the needs of your business. Generic handbooks will come worded in a way that allows you to easily adapt it to your desires. As an example, if you're putting together your progressive discipline program using a generic policy manual you can just change the number of written warnings required before termination to match your requirements. To give you an example of what might be a good progressive discipline program, consider this if it happens in a twelve-month rolling calendar period;

1st Offense = verbal warning

2nd Offense = written counseling

3rd Offense = written warning

4th Offense = written warning

5th Offense = Termination

Keep in mind that from a generic employee handbook point of view you could add to this or take away from it. The important thing is that you treat everyone the exact same, so that you do not discriminate against anyone. Keep in mind almost anyone can fall into the category of being discriminated against. As an example, if someone is simply over forty, they can claim age discrimination if you treat them differently than someone under forty!

One more thing that you will want to adjust on a generic employee handbook would be offenses that could result in immediate termination, versus following progressive discipline. The following list may be some things you may want to consider;



Falsifying Official Documents

Walking off the Job

Three Consecutive Days of No Call No Show

Refusing to Carry Out a Reasonable Request by Management

Gross Insubordination

Gross Safety Violation

Misuse of Company Property for Personal Gain

Sleeping on the Job

As you can see this list could be a lot longer or shorter! Point is that you need to decide how it will best fit your specific company's need. Some business owners may want to include Gossip in the above list. I know I am a strong believer in having a "No Gossip" policy. Gossip destroys a workplace faster than you can imagine. The wording always becomes the problem with almost all policies; therefore, it may be wise to utilize an employee policy manual software program to assist you in the process. There are many on the market! Some of them are very expensive and others are almost nothing.

Other policies that might be included in a generic employee handbook are; absenteeism, tardy, vacation, sexual harassment, discrimination, EEO, smoking, sick time, holidays, health benefits, retirement, full time versus part time, overtime pay, etc. This is just a very short list of some of the employee handbook policies that you may consider putting into your handbook.

An employee policy manual is going to come in so handy for you. It will also be extremely important to Clarify your company's stance of certain issues if there is ever a legal question about how you handle something. I have used our employee handbook numerous times during an unemployment hearing to save us from having to pay unemployment. That in itself will save you thousands of dollars. Take advantage of this great tool!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

Clipart3 - One red cartoon with other regular people

Law suits are out of control! Having a restaurant employee policy manual that establishes written policies to make it clear what your rules are for any number of things, such as, being tardy, no call no show, insubordination, not following safety rules, dress codes, etc.

With Turnover So High It Is Imperative To Have A Restaurant Employee policy manual

In the food service business, it is imperative to have a restaurant employee policy manual. First of all there is no question that the turnover of employees is second only to the janitorial business. With the large turnover rate you need to make sure that you have well thought out employment policies. This will not only protect you in a legal action, but also eliminate many questions that can be answered prior to it becoming a problem in the first place.

As one example if you are considering offering benefits, would you offer them to a brand new employee or would you want them to complete a probationary period first. If so, how long would the probationary period be? Would the employee have to be full time or would they be eligible even if they were part time. In your restaurant employee policy manual you can make sure that this is all outlined so there are no questions about it.

There is a big risk of employee theft of small items...

In the restaurant business there is a big risk of employee theft of small items. Do you want to have an employment policy written into your restaurant employee policy manual that covers the type of personal belongings that an employee can bring into the work area? For instance some places may make it necessary to have a standard practice of any larger bags, purses, brief cases, etc., searched by a supervisor.

Also on the food service business as you know there are a lot of opportunities for sexual harassment, therefore, it is an absolute must to have a sexual harassment policy built right into your restaurant employee policy manual. Also make sure it meets the minimum standard set by the state and federal government. As an example in California they have a state law AB1825 that places significantly more requirements than the other forty-nine states.

Want to make this, grounds for immediate termination...

Because of the high turnover you know that your hiring practices will be used more than many other types of businesses. In this case you will want to outline how you go about hiring and orientating new employees. As an example you may want to build into your restaurant employee policy manual your policy on reference checks, background checks, EEO, ADA, and of course your probationary period. Something to think about would be if you hire an employee and find out that their background check comes back with something they failed to disclose would you may want to make this grounds for immediate termination.

Of course there are the standard policies that you will want to include in your restaurant employee policy manual, such as, attendance, gossip, discrimination, insubordination, fighting, smoking, destruction of company property, theft, falsifying time cards, safety, orientation, termination, employee at will, vacation and sick leave, health benefits, etc.

Good luck and may God Bless You!

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