Employee Self Evaluation Sample

Below is an employee self evaluation sample to assist you in completing one on your own.

Remember a self evaluation is a chance to present yourself in a truthful way to your supervisor on things they may not have been familiar with that you accomplished during the past year.

Remember to bring up items that have benefited the company specifically. Some examples of things that will always benefit the company are; great attendance, volunteering for hard to fill shifts, volunteering for holidays, a good safety record, being a team player, exceeding any productivity goals, etc.

employee self evaluation form

An Employee Self Evaluation Sample of a Housekeeping Officer at a Hospital

I believe I have strongly supported all three elements of the organization's Mission, Vision, and Values. As some small examples I immediately identified several sanitation needs within several areas of the facility that were taken care of prior to The Joint Commission survey. These areas of deficiency were the Pharmacy, Med Surge, and the Extended Living Center. Through a combined effort while working with other departments and outside vendors we were able to accomplish our goal of refinishing all the floors in those areas prior to the survey that ended with very good results.

In addition, we accepted an additional task of identifying, designing and ordering new furnishings for many areas of the facility. Even though accepting this challenged meant that our Interior Designer's would need to step up and put their great skills to the test they met that challenged by accomplishing every one of our targeted goals.

I am only beginning my efforts to foster and raise employee morale and a sense of pride within the Housekeeping department. I am accomplishing this by making daily visits through the areas of the facility. As I visit these areas I am visiting and greeting the employees that I meet. This is a slow and steady process of just being myself and real to those within our department. For some the connection happens faster than with others but I will continue to implement this routine.

1. Customer Service - Employee Self Evaluation Sample I take particular pride in the elements of the Customer Service performance standard. I have begun to implement a policy of “YES is the answer, now what is the question” with my leadership team. This is an especially difficult and a fine line to walk when we are continually bombarded with unusual requests. After all we are a Support Department so our mission is to support and not to meet each request with a resounding “No".

2. Employee Relations/Partnership - Employee Self Evaluation Sample

We have met a couple of challenges within this element of the Performance Standard. Number one would be my changing of the leadership team members shift and reevaluating which staff members should be assigned to weekend schedules. Upon arriving into my new position everyone was on a rotating weekend shift. I felt this was hurting overall morale and not a productive way of utilizing our skilled staff members. We adopted a policy of all newly hired employees would serve on weekend shifts while the more experienced staff members were scheduled during the week. The exception to this was with any senior employee wanting off tours could request and be granted same. I believe this was met with open arms and has been working very well.

The only bump in the road was changing my one of my senior employees shift to a Monday through Friday schedule. This was corrected and the employee was once again assigned to a weekend schedule until it can be evaluated again.

Competency Poster

Although I'm still fully understanding, my responsibilities in their entirety I do believe I made very good use of available resources to meet many of the ongoing needs of our facility and more directly our department. Some of the contributions I have made are already having a positive impact are the following:

Not replacing the Environmental Care Specialist position created an opportunity to move our Interior Designer from Part Time to Full Time, and created a position for a Full Time Lead.

We also filled a full time laundry worker position with only a .6 which created an opportunity within the Housekeeping Department for the additional wages.

By working with a number of departments we were able to strip and refinish a number of hard floors and clean a number of carpets prior to The Joint Commission Survey.

We were able to make some much needed interior design purchases that required an enormous amount of coordination and time. Although the time constraints seemed almost impossible our Interior Designer's were able to complete their mission. This included addressing privacy concerns.

I would also suggest that you address the area of safety and any of the other categories that will be addressed on your performance review.

Thank you and May God Bless You

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