Positive Phrases for an Employee Appreciation Letter

Positive Phrases

Positive Phrases

Your work continues to be error free

You are detailed oriented

You are committed to perform at a high level of accuracy

You continue to strive for excellence

You understand the importance of being accurate

Positive Phrases for Adaptability

You handle new tasks very well

You are very flexible with changing your priorities

You are able to learn new tasks very quickly

You are multi-talented

You are highly adaptable and a quick study

You are always open to change

You recognize when help is needed and always pitch in

You react very positively to sudden requests

Positive Phrases for Analytical Skills

You are quick to comprehend complex issues

You are very detailed and accurate with your analysis

You continue to make very logical conclusions 

You are always dressed professionally

You continue to inquire about the client's dress code before making a visit

You wear your uniform with pride

You continue to set the standard for business casual clothing

You always arrive on time and ready for work

You can be relied upon at all times

You never miss work unexpectedly

You always hand in assignments on time

You are very punctual

You always inform your supervisor when you are gong to be delayed

You never require any reminders about appointments

You take great pride on your attendance record

You continue to set the standard for good attendance

You always complete your assignments before leaving for the day

Positive Phrases

You are always enthusiastic about your work

You are always energetic and ready to go to work

You always see the positive side of any challenge

You except changes easily and eagerly

You take feedback very well and make adjustments quickly

You value the company and your fellow coworkers

You always are the very first to volunteer for additional assignments

Positive Phrases

You are always mindful of gathering all the facts and data prior to making a final decision

Your ability to make decisions with confidence is inspiring to your staff

You continue make sound decisions even under pressure

You are very resourceful in arriving at your decisions

You make sound decisions even when they are difficult and unpopular

You continue to obtain the proper support for your decisions prior to making them

Prior to making decisions you always consider all other alternatives

You always weigh the cost of the project prior to making your final decision

You are able to foresee the effects of your decisions

Your ability to seek sound and positive solutions to difficult problems is outstanding

You continue to encourage your staff to make decisions and offer suggestions

You carefully consider the assignment and delegate the work to the proper staff member

You are outstanding at empowering your staff through delegation

You are very effective at delegating

You take full advantage of your staff member's strengths through properly delegating tasks

Positive Phrases

You maximize our organizational strengths through delegation of duties

You continue to know what and when to delegate assignments to take full advantage of your staff

You are able to recognize your staff s talents and properly delegate assignments

Through your ability to delegate to the proper staff member it has allowed others to be recognized appropriately for their accomplishments

Through your ability to delegate you have created a solid work force where everyone can be trusted

You are extremely reliable in meeting deadlines and schedules

You are consistently punctual

You continue to always be fully prepared no matter what the task or assignment is

You continue to seek out new resources to meet deadlines even when there are unreasonable deadlines set by our clients

You never fail to complete projects and reports on time in a professional manner

You never fail to volunteer during busy times to cover for those that are on vacation or sick leave

You are very trustworthy

You continue to exceed all expectations

You continue to meet deadlines even when there are numerous obstacles

Positive Phrases

You are exceptional at developing your staff members

You excel at developing your new staff members

You are always available for new ideas and training techniques

You continually recognize your staff weaknesses and take action to provide the training necessary

You continue to recognize your staff strengths and build upon them

You are very strong in recognizing talent and developing it appropriately

You are continually developing new training programs

Through your positive and proactive leadership style you have created successful subordinates

Your can-do approach inspires your staff to exceed expectations

You continue to build on the positive by reinforcing it

You have created an environment within your department that rewards those that are proactive and continually excelling at their assignments

You are able to use creative new ways of educating your staff

You are very innovative in developing new teaching techniques

You are able to communicate in a positive and articulate manner

You have outstanding presentation skills

You continue to speak with customers in a professional manner

You are a true professional when speaking with your staff

You always think before you speak

Your ability to communicate with difficult customers is outstanding

Your use of the language is excellent

Your use of the vocabulary is great

Your written skills are outstanding

Your written reports are always accurate and detailed

Your use of the proper grammar is excellent

You write with the reader in mind


Positive Phrases

You are able to use the minimum number of words to communicate your point

Your reports never contain misspelled words or improper sentence structure

You are an excellent writer

You have excellent oral and written communication skills

You continue to develop solid solutions

You continue to think outside the box

You not only think outside the box, you are able to redesign it

Your ability to find new and cost-effective resources is excellent

You continue to develop outstanding programs

You are always the first one to offer new suggestions

You have an ability to offer fresh ideas that make sense

Your customer service skills are outstanding

You have an ability to handle difficult customers in a positive way

You are eager to please all customers

You are a key reason our customer service ratings are so high

You go above and beyond in satisfying the customer

You continue to offer excellent advice to customers with complex issues

It is obvious you care greatly about our clients

You take great pride in client satisfaction

You have a special ability to treat every client as if they were the only one

You have the ability to ask the right questions to get to the heart of the customers concern

You always make the customer feel special

You always are able to help a client relax before any sales presentation

You are committed to a high degree of honesty and integrity

Getting The Job Woman Sitting on Floor and Excited

Positive Phrases

Your dedication to hiring only those with a high degree of integrity is noteworthy

You are dedicated and committed to the highest ethical standards

You continue to set the standard for high ethical behavior

Your credibility in the workplace is outstanding

You continue to maintain a high ethical standard

Your ability to use technology to measure productivity is outstanding

You have excelled in developing excellent performance standards

You continue to maintain excellent training records that measure competency

Your ability to establish clear and effective criteria to measure performance is noteworthy

You continue to track your staff s performance so that it establishes benchmarks

Your feedback to your staff provides them with the tools they need to improve performance

You are always able to distinguish between potential ability and actual performance

One of the most common reasons an employee will stay loyal with a company is that they feel appreciated. Even money can only go so far. In fact, money is around sixth on most lists.

Therefore, ensuring that you don't only communicate your opinions of your employees in a timely manner it is also critical that you do that accurately and with some time invested.

When you start thinking about the fact that you do not have enough time to go through this process, consider how much time will it take to train a whole new staff! 

Thank you and may God bless you!

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