Three Appreciation Letter Examples

Appreciation Letter Examples

Appreciation Letter Examples to a Client

Dear Keith

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your very first home purchase! Based on your knowledge of the process I would have never guessed it!

What made it fun was the fact that you had given a lot of thought as to exactly what you wanted. From the type of kitchen and bathroom features to the heating and air conditioning system you were dialed in on what you would accept and what you wouldn’t.

By the time we arrived at the signing of the closing documents I felt as though we were almost like family. Although I am extremely excited for you I am saddened to know that we won’t get to spend any more time together searching for just the right home because you have already found it!

Thank you again and any time I can be of any assistance in the future it would be my pleasure!

May God Bless You!

Gerald Ford

Appreciation Letter Examples to a Bride

Dear Marissa,

Thank you and what a pleasure it was helping you select your wedding dress!

I hope that you and Peter are doing excellent after celebrating your wedding day. Although I never had a chance to meet Peter I know how much you and your family care’s about him because of the wonderful things you said and how your face would light up every time his name was mentioned.

Helping you select just the right dress was exciting! I knew from the moment you slipping on that final dress it was the perfect one for you! There was a certain glow about you that told everyone this is it!

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your special day!

Best Wishes and May God Bless You Both,

Hillary Alexander

Appreciation Letter Examples to Friends

Tom and Mary,

Thank you both so very much for watching over our home and taking care of our dog Pebbles last week while Robin and I were away on vacation in Palm Beach, Florida!

Knowing you were both there to make sure that everything went fine was a tremendous relief especially since there was a violent storm during that time and the power went out! I don’t know what we would have done, probably would have had to come home early, if you both weren’t there.

From the bottom of our hearts, thanks and may God Bless both of you very much!

You’re Friends,

Andrew Jackson

Thank Card Plus

The Value of An Employee Appreciation Letter

We all like to be complimented, particularly when we have done a good job. Unfortunately, too often in an employment situation, this is probably not done enough. In today's competitive marketplace, really good employees are difficult to find, and when people leave, the companies do not always really know the real reasons.

Generally, when people are happy in their jobs, they will have a tendency to stay simply to avoid all of the hassle and disruption it takes to go through the job changing process. Showing good employees’ recognition when it is due is one very good tactic, not only to give praise when praise is due, but to solidify that employee's positive view of the company for which they work.

First of all, the employee appreciation letter should not be a form letter. If that is the case, this type of recognition will quickly become meaningless which then won't do what you want it to do.

Even though one would think that employees think more about money than anything else, personal recognition is high up there on the list. In a recent study it was found that companies and organizations that make it a point to regularly recognize their employees, far outperform organizations that don't recognize their employees.

The study also pointed out that companies that spent time in developing a culture that emphasized recognition for a job well done, lowered their turnover rates by an astounding 31%.

When you put a pencil to it, people who leave the company are very costly to a company. That person who leaves takes the knowledge, training and expertise with them, and in order to replace all of that, a new person has to be trained all over again. Then there is going to be a lag of production until that new replacement gets up to speed.

The most effective results from rewards for recognition do come with increase longevity, but there is another factor that goes with this philosophy. When you reward people who are "doing the right thing" you send a big message as to what results you want.

Employees also put more value into an award if they are recognized by their peers. There are programs where peers can anonymously give people points when they are seen doing good things. These types of programs can work hand in hand with managerial recognition. Just a little recognition goes a long way, and why not keep good employees on board? It is very profitable to do so.

Thank you and May God Bless You! I hope you enjoyed these appreciation letter examples.

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