Christian Short Stories - Give It Over To God!

Jesus Being Cuicified

One of my first Christian short stories is about the night my son was born! Just one of the most frightening night of my life.

Here it is, and I hope you enjoy!

My wife and I were expecting our third child, which we already knew was a boy in just two more short months. I say short, although my wife would strongly disagree with the term short since she was the one carrying him.

This pregnancy was an extremely rough one for her. Almost every day was miserable for her I She would need to spend much of her day and nights resting!

As luck would have it, we had just moved into a new home during her sixth month that we had purchased prior to knowing she was pregnant. I was tasked with selecting many of the finishes and window treatments because she just wasn't up to doing it!

Leadership Traits

Our other two boys were only five and six so, had my hands full with working as a Human Resources Director for a fortune 500 company, commuting almost two hours one way to work every day, taking care of the two boys, and all the other duties associated with running a home. I gladly accepted that responsibility and would do it over and over again for her and the boys. She needed my support and I was willingly available. She would do a hundred times more for me!

Christian Short Stories - Give It Over To God!

Good leaders do what is necessary without any regard to themselves! As much as I want to consider myself as a good leader, I don't think I fit into that category since I can be very selfish at times.

My wife was now in her seventh full month and still not feeling well.

In fact, she thought she might have a bladder infection and decided to go to urgent care after we finished dinner that night. She had already made some arrangements while I was at work for her friend to take her while I stayed home with the two boys.

After dinner, approximately 6:00 pm, they left and I stayed and cleaned up the dinner dishes, gave the boys each a bath, put them in the pajamas and we settled in for the evening. Since my daily routine required me to get up at 4:30 am every day to make the 80-mile commute into San Diego I wanted to get the kids into bed at 7:30 pm so that I could relax for about an hour and then go to bed myself.

That is exactly what I did. I suppose it was around 8:30 pm when I crawled into bed, and asleep before 9:00 pm.

At 10:30 pm the phone began ringing! I know it was 10:30 pm because normally my wife answers the phone and she wasn't answering it! Why wasn't she answering the phone? As I turned toward the phone, I immediately realized she was not in bed and the phone was still ringing! The time as I saw it on the clock radio read 10:30 pm! Where the hell was she?

Christian Short Stories - Give It Over To God!

I picked up the phone and a voice I recognized as her friend began frantically yelling "You need to get to the hospital she is having the baby now!"

"What" I screamed into the phone?

Again, she frantically yelled "She is having the baby right now, you need to get here!"

This just couldn't be! She wasn't due for another two months! What in the world happened? Was I dreaming? Maybe I was dreaming! Yes, I must be dreaming!

No, I wasn't dreaming!

The hospital was over 12 miles away!

My kids were in bed!

I was in bed!

Performance Improvement in Healthcare

Although I am certain I must have broken a law or two I was able to get the boys up, dress them, dress myself, put them in the car in their car seats, and get to the hospital within thirty minutes. I know because as I entered the emergency room the clock read 11:00 pm.

As soon as I came through the emergency room doors and asked for my wife, they ushered me and the boys into a small room where they asked me to wait!


I needed to know what was going on and I needed to know right now!

A good leader needs information to make good decisions, right?

Tonight! On this night! Information was not available at least at this moment! I would be required-to wait! Waiting is not my strong suit!

But tonight, it would be required of me. I did not want to distract them from doing whatever it took to save my wife!

While we sat there, I held my two boys and began praying out loud!

I know that there is a God!

I know that he answers prayer!

It may not be the answer we want but he answers it!

Christian Short Stories - Give It Over To God!

The door opened and the doctor came in and kneel down in front of my chair as I held my two boys tightly on my lap!

Now everyone knows that whenever a doctor kneels down in front of you and has a look of hopelessness on their face it is not going to be good news!

The room became completely silent! An eerie kind of silence!

The eerie silence was broken when he said, "I don't think your son will make it!"

The words stuck me like a ton of bricks! How could that possibly be! One minute I'm home sleeping so that I can get up and go to work the next day, and the next minute I'm in a hospital emergency room wondering if my son who I've never met is going to live or die!

This can't be! I've faced a variety of different leadership challenges throughout my life! The difference with this particular challenge was that I had zero control over the outcome!

Well, that was not necessarily true! I did have control over one very important thing and I certainly took full advantage of it! Prayer! Constant prayer! Passionate prayer! Prayer from the inner most depths of my soul!

Christian Short Stories - Give It Over To God!

After the doctor gave me that shocking news the only response I could give him was, "Yes he will and please take us to him!" The way I said these words to him was with total authority! To be honest they were not just words I blurted out! They came from somewhere within me that I wasn't even aware of! There was a part of me that just knew he would survive!

I believe it was coming from the Holy Spirit! You can believe what you want!

The doctor got up and escorted me and my two boys to a room just a short distance away. The room was exposed to the corridor through several huge windows. The door was open but the sight I saw made me stop in my tracks right outside the door.

As I clasped my two boy's hands tightly all I could do was stare at my little boy lying on a stainless-steel table inside the room as five or six medical professionals were working feverishly to keep him alive! All I can remember from that night was that I focused completely on him! My mind raced as I wondered if he was feeling any pain! Although his little eyes were not open did he know that his father was right there begging God to save him! Did he know that all that his father wanted to do was hold him and tell him to fight with every ounce of life he had!

What I soon learned was that his heart was beating so fast that the monitors couldn't even keep up with it! They were throwing out numbers like 300 to over 400 beats per minute. It would do that then stop and restart on its own!

The hospital was a small little out of the way community hospital that was unequipped and unprepared for such an emergency!

Christian Short Stories - Give It Over To God!

They had already contacted Loma Linda University Hospital and a life Flight along with a Team of medical professionals we're going to be dispatched as soon as they could get them together. The time now was around 11:30 pm. and based on the distance from Loma Linda, approximately fifty miles, and that they were taking a helicopter it should be very long before they arrive!

I stood at the entrance to that room for another three hours before that Team arrived via helicopter!

The entire time my little boy fought every second for his life!

My job was to pray continually! I did my job!

During that time, I developed a closeness like I have never had with our God! The God! The one and only God! I could finally relate to the unbelievable sacrifice He made to give His Son so that we would have everlasting life, if we would only ask Him!

As the four-member team from Loma Linda entered the room they were all in flight gear! They had with them a space aged container sitting on top of a gunnery that was designed specifically for it! The container was fully enclosed in glass or plastic with all types of monitors and gadgets.

Leadership Traits

They were extremely efficient!

It was like the Calvary had arrived!

Although they didn't say it you just felt like they were saying, "Stand back! We'll take it from here!"

They completely took over the process! They eventually packaged him up and placed him into the space aged container on the gunnery.

Just as one of them sealed the container that must have taken fifteen minutes or so the heart monitor began making that sound no one ever wants to hear! It went from beep, beep, beep, to a constant blare!

I will never forget the moment it went off! The person that just sealed the container looked at me with a look of complete panic! It is burned into my memory bank forever!

Her look told me that she had no idea of what to do in order to save his life! He was completely sealed into this small container and it would take too much time to get to him! Although I am sure they have improved the process since this was over eighteen years ago, it seemed like a stupid way to do it as I look back on that night!

She began calling for the baby paddles as the heart monitor continued to scream out. She was frantically trying to undo everything she so diligently and methodically just did!

Someone from the hospital screamed out that they didn't have baby paddles! The person from Lorna Linda muddled something under her breath and continued undoing the sealed container!

The whole time I was praying! Begging God to give him a chance! During the process a peacefulness came over my body like I have never experienced in my life!

Christian Short Stories - Give It Over To God!

At that moment his heart began beating again on its own!

They reversed course again and began seating up the container!

They finished and immediately rolled him out into the corridor and toward the entrance to where the helicopter had landed. All four of them, two on one side and two on the other escorted him like something out of a movie! I followed closely behind!

As we exited the building, I could see the helicopter!

They loaded him in quickly!

I was not allowed to ride along!

The helicopter made quick work of lifting off and was on its way to Loma Linda!

The helicopter made quick work of lifting off and was on its way to Loma Linda.

Although the doctor originally told me that he didn't think my son would live he was released from Lorna Linda Hospital just fourteen days later. Although doctor's that have dealt with heart transplants to who knows what could not explain how he could make such a quick turnaround I could! It was the hand of God on him!

He is now on his own living a productive life!

Leadership comes in all forms!

That night over eighteen years ago was a very hard night to live through; however, it made me stronger!

My two older boys needed someone that night to bring a sense of calmness and order into their lives. As a leader I was able to keep the chaotic situation within me! From my two boys’ perspective it was business as usual even though the world was clasping around us!

Leadership takes integrity, courage, strength, and wisdom.

Thank you and may God bless you.

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Christian Short Stories - Jesus Said "Follow Me"


Here is another one of my Christian short stories, and this one is about Jesus saying “Follow Me!”

In Matthew chapter four, verse nineteen of the KJV says “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

I have provided several Christian short stories, and this one is about Jesus saying “Follow Me!”

In Matthew chapter four, verse nineteen of the KJV says “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Clipart17 - Directional sign showing various performance signs

Now most of us have all heard this passage, but have we really examined it closely?

Our first assumption is most likely the obvious. Jesus is calling to Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother who were both casting their nets into the sea. The obvious is that he was calling them to be His disciples and to become “fishers of men”, which meant that they would go out into all the world and preach the gospel.

But let's dig a little deeper into this and see what we can discover.

He is telling someone that is in the middle of doing their normal job, which was fishing, to drop everything and follow Him!

So your at work and right in the middle of an important meeting you see someone going by that calls out to you to stop what your doing and to follow Him.

Are you gong to follow?

Be honest! Are your really going to follow Him? BR>

Christian Short Stories - Follow Me He Said

That is what Peter and Andrew did! They dropped what they were doing and followed Him.

Now of course Jesus just isn't anyone and I am sure he spoke with great authority in a convincing way.

But honestly, they must have had some great faith to drop everything and follow Him.

I guess you could pass it off and say that maybe they weren't very good and fishing. Or maybe they hated fishing anyway, so why not follow Him.

I'm guessing that was not the case. I'm guessing that they were so convinced that Jesus was speaking with such authority that they better drop everything and follow Him.

Christian Short Stories - Follow Me He Said

Now I don't know about you but I sometimes have trouble interrupting a television show to answer the phone, let alone drop everything and follow Him.

Jesus calls us everyday to follow Him!

Are we too caught up in our own little thing to drop what we are doing and follow Him?

Jesus didn't tell Peter and Andrew to meet Him later, or go pack a few things to bring with you. He said follow Him

Christian Short Stories - Follow Me He Said

When Jesus calls us, are we too quick to say “I will pray about it and get back with you later”.

He is calling us in so many ways! He is calling us to help out at our local Church in any kind of way! He is calling us to help feed the homeless and hungry! He is calling us to support mission trips! He is calling us to tell our neighbors about Him! He is calling us to help the widow down the street with her yard work! He is calling us to help the person that can't drive get to their doctor's appointment!

Get it yet!

Now I am just as guilty as anyone! I need to get my behind off the sofa and follow Him also!

Jesus must have a lot of patience, because I am constantly telling him I'll be right there. Hold on I'm coming, I just have to do this first! 

What if Peter and Andrew would have done that? Told Jesus to hang on, I need to finish up my work here. I should be ready in about a year or two.

Remember Jesus' entire ministry was only three years and he then gave his life so that we could have eternal life with Him.

Don't wait any longer! Jesus is calling out to you to follow Him! Are you going to?

Give your life to Him today by dropping everything and following Him!

Thank you and God Bless.

Integrity Under the True Test
Daniel in the Lion’s Den


Are you in the Lion’s Den?

In business this could represent anytime we have to face a tremendous challenge that could have consequences attached!

Just as a reminder the biblical reference to the lion’s den is when Daniel was placed in it overnight and survived because of his faith in God. His faith in God was reinforced by studying the word of God and adhering to God’s commandments. In other words, he was prepared for the lions!

Surviving the lion’s den in business can be accomplished by ensuring that we are educated on what our mission is and continually staying prepared for all types of obstacles. Stephen Covey has referred to this as Sharpening the Saw, which is brilliant as far as I’m concerned!

Staying prepared simply means understanding all new technology and applying what makes sense. It may mean reading the professional journals in your particular field. It may mean practicing over and over again a procedure or action. It may mean role playing. Whatever it means for your business do it!

Christian Short Stories - Daniel in the Lion's Den

If you are a pilot you are required to undergo so many take offs and landings within a certain time frame. This is preparation so that if you are cast into the lion’s den you are prepared. Another example of how a pilot prepares is by using a simulator and also spending many hours as a copilot.

Just as Daniel was prepared for the lion’s den by undergoing many years of trials so must we be ready by doing the same. Our lion’s den might be a situation where we have to make a very difficult decision that could affect many people’s lives. For those in a leadership position every day we make decisions that have an impact on the future of the organization, whether it’s small or very large.

Don’t underestimate the importance of preparation. A surgeon may watch countless surgeries prior to doing one completely on their own. That way if faced with a crisis during a surgery they are more likely to be successful. Same for an Emergency Room Doctor!

Perhaps it’s an unjustified law suit against you or your company. Knowing that you acted in a manner that didn’t put yourself or your company at risk prepares you for the process. On the other hand, if you had acted inappropriately, you are not ready for the lion’s den. You will be eaten alive!

Thank you and God Bless you!

Jesus Being Crucified

Jesus Being Cuicified

Jesus being crucified means everything to me!

Have you really thought about it?

Yes, we have all probably seen the movies that portrayed His crucifixion, but have we gone beyond that to think about it from a very personal perspective?

Now keep in mind that I am a committed Christian! But whether you are or not, you cannot walk away from the story of Jesus being crucified without knowing that He was exceptional!

Why Was Jesus Being Crucified


Because whether He was the Son of God (which I believe) or not, he handled himself on the way to the cross in a way that left no question He was different.

The Bible is deemed one of the most accurate historical records of any other book. This being the case let's take the story from that perspective.

If you were arrested for something that you did not do, and was drug off to an angry mob to be tried how would you react?

Christian Short Stories - Jesus Being Crucified

I can't imagine anyone not trying to put up the best defense possible to get out of the predicament.

We would be accusing them of railroading us! Of a terrible injustice! Every chance we were given we would be trying to give them our side of the story.

Keep in mind that Jesus was innocent! Yet whenever they asked Him anything he gave them the truth!

He did not try to recreate the truth, but just the straight truth. When asked if He had referred to Himself as God, he could have denied it easily enough. But knowing that He would face certain death, He remained true to His commitment to providing us our salvation.

He was spit on! He was beaten beyond recognition! He had a crown of thorns placed and smashed onto His head! He was mocked! He was humiliated! He was nailed to the cross! He was placed between two common criminals and left to die a cruel and gruesome death!

Christian Short Stories - Jesus Being Crucified

But what does He say as He hung there? Forgive them Father for they know not what they do!

I know what I would have been saying if they placed me on the cross! That would not have been my choice of words.

That is exactly why I needed Him to do exactly what He did!

Let's review again the pain and suffering He went through on His way to the Cross, which in itself was painful enough!

Imagine for a moment being beaten beyond recognition! He was the Son of God! He willingly allowed them to beat Him simply because He loved us so much! He knew this was the only way!

I know we have all heard people say that if God loved us so much why would he send people to Hell?

Fact is that we choose for ourselves where we spend eternity.

But let's talk about the type of Love that God has for us.

Christian Short Stories - Jesus Being Crucified

He willing let His son go to the cross!

He allowed His Son to take our place there! We deserve to be there! Not Him!

He allowed His Son to be spit upon by mockers! It should have been us!

He allowed His Son to be beaten an unimaginable beating!

He allowed them to take a crown of thorns and smash it upon His head. These thorns were no ordinary thorns. They were about one and half inches in length.

He could have spoken the world out of existence!

By allowing this it provided for Sin to be washed away for those that choose Him, His Son as their personal savior.

Yes, Jesus being crucified was an expression of so much Love for us, by Him!

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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