Employee Appreciation Letter
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Employee Appreciation Letter

Sending out an employee appreciation letter is one of the best ways to improve a company’s turnover rate and express your appreciation to an employee. Something that they can take home and show their loved ones that their hard work is appreciated by their employer. The only thing it costs you as the employer is time, and trust me your star employees are worth every second of your time.

An Employee Appreciation Letter for a Great Presentation


It was my pleasure to have been given the opportunity to attend your amazing presentation last week on the Company’s accomplishments over this past year!

Your personal style and ability to interject humor at just the right moments is something I wish I had the talent to be able to do myself.  You were able to cover every aspect of the previous year’s accomplishments with just the right amount of detail.

As the Company President I know this was not an easy task to perform and I wanted to thank you personally for a job well done! I couldn’t have been more proud of anyone!

I am looking very forward to much more from such a talented individual and it will be my privilege to work closely with you on many more projects in our future together.

Alan, you are a true asset to our Company and I can't express enough how much you mean to me personally and our overall success.

With My Deepest Gratitude,

Gregory Covey


Standard Appreciation Letter for Acts of Kindness


I can’t express the gratitude that I feel for the meals you delivered to our home after my father’s death.

It is acts of kindness like this that help us to get through these very difficult times. You and those that assisted you are the shining light that reaffirms my belief in humanity.

Please accept my sincerest and deepest thanks. These meals meant so much more to us than you can ever imagine.

Thanks so much,

Gregory Covey


Employee Appreciation Letter for Taking on a Tough Project

Employee Appreciation Letter

Dear Robert,

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate your dedication and professionalism in handling the Johnson account!

Since I have had previous experience with the Johnson account I truly understand the amount of hard work it took to be successful.

You are a valuable member of this team and look forward to having many more opportunities to working with you as we grow our company.

Again, thank you,

Gregory Covey

Project Manager

Employee Appreciation Letter for Taking on a Special Company Wide Function

Employee Appreciation Letter

Dear Tom,

You're the absolute best!

Thank you for organizing our company picnic. It was a huge success and brought congratulations from both the Regional and District Vice Presidents. They were both extremely impressed with the turn out and the great activities, such as, the penny toss you created for the children.

This is the kind of company involvement in which everyone is a winner. I appreciate your positive attitude and your ability to motivate people to contribute to a good cause. We are pleased to have you on our staff. We all look forward to next years picnic.

Please accept the enclosed gift certificate as a token of our appreciation.

With My Deepest Appreciation,

Gregory Covey

Plant Manager

Employee Appreciation Letter Phrases

Employee Appreciation Letter

Thank you for assisting with the project.

Thank you for assisting with the quarterly report.

Thank you for assisting with the semi-annual report.

Thank you for assisting with the annual report.

Thank you for always volunteering to go the extra mile.

Thank you for your attention to detail. 

Thank you for always helping out where ever it is needed.

Thank you for taking the time to make sure your customers are always taken care of.

Thank you for being a team player.

Thank you for always taking a lead role in greeting every customer.

am exceptionally pleased with your ability to make our customers feel welcomed.

I am very grateful in the way you make our customers feel.

I am thankful for how you always lend a hand to our new employees.

I am grateful in your ability to sort out a customer’s concerns.

I am extremely grateful for your dedication to excellence.

Thank you for the hard work you put in on this year’s company picnic.

Thank you for assisting with this year’s company picnic.

Thank you for helping with this year’s fund raiser.

Thank you very much for being a volunteer for this year’s cleanup day.

Thank you for taking the time to help out with concessions at this year’s softball tournament.

Your assistance during this year’s fund raiser made all the difference in the world.

Your help and leadership during cleanup day made a tremendous difference.

Thank you for leading your department to a very successful year.

I am very pleased to inform you that your department was this year’s most successful team.

Thank you for your leadership in arranging this year’s fund raiser event.

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you!

You have been a true blessing to this company in so many ways!

Your fresh ideas and new approach to doing business has helped to increase sales and customer satisfaction! As we look to the future I know that with your leadership and dedication to success we will become the number one choice for our customers!

Thank you again for your service,

Gregory Covey

Sales Manager

Employee Appreciation Letter for Doing a Great Job!

Thank Card Plus


What a wonderful blessing you are to this company! I am very proud and honored that you are a part of our Team!

The recent job you did on the Harrison project was simply outstanding. Although it appeared to be an impossible task to be able to complete the project on time and within budget you were able to succeed.

By doing so you single handedly you brought our department back in line with our financial goals for the year!

Everyone from the President and CEO of this organization is amazed at your performance.

Again, thank you and please accept this financial gift as our sincere appreciation for your hard work and dedication!

Barry S. Johnson

Positive Employee  Performance Comments:

Thank You Bulletin Board

The employee produces outstanding work. .

The employee is very diligent about insuring their work meets every company requirement. .

The employee almost always exceeds the expectations set for their position. .

The employee takes great care in producing an outstanding product. .

The employee performs their portion of any project in an outstanding manner. .

This employee rarely has to redo work assigned to them. .

The work this employee produces exceeds our company’s expectations. .

It is always a pleasure to review this employee’s completed work.

All reports that this employee produces are error free. .

This employee’s attention to detail exceeds my expectations. .

This employee always double checks there reports prior to sending them. .

It is evident that this employee takes great care in producing accurate reports on time.

This employee continues to give one hundred percent in every task they are assigned to.

This employee is an excellent team player.

This employee is always the first one to volunteer for additional assignments.

This employee always offers to assist other employees when their work is completed.

This employee is always the first one to step forward for special assignments.

This employee is very well respected by their peers.

This employee continually receives high marks on customer satisfaction surveys.

This employee continues to receive positive customer feedback.

The work that this employee produces stands above all others.

This employee is ranked number one amongst their peers.

Appreciating your employees can come in a lot of different ways, in addition to an employee appreciation letter.

It can come in the form or spending some time just talking about their family and learning what their interests are. It can come by remembering an important event in their life, such as, one of their children's sporting events. It may come in the form of buying them candy. But more than anything the best way to appreciate your employees is to recognize what they have accomplished in the work place. Appreciate them by sending them a short email in the form of an employee appreciation letter that might say something like;


I can't tell you how much I personally appreciate the great effort you put into this year's Sales Report. I understand that you had to spend many hours verifying figures and researching data so that the report was extremely accurate.

Mr. Harrison, our CEO, was very happy with the report and asked me personally thank you for a job well done!

It's people like you that have made our organization the best in the industry today.

Thanks again,

Don't complicate an employee appreciation letter by getting wrapped up in the style or any other part of it. Just write it from your heart with a little bit of your business mind added to it! Just go for it!

Appreciating your staff is a basic element of a successful leader!

I have been in a leadership role for more than thirty-eight years and the one thing I can attribute to my success is that I emotionally connect with my employees. Now I am not talking about a friendship like you have with your best friend. No, I’m talking about stopping and taking the time to connect with them. That means listening! Yes, that’s right, listening! It may mean that you listen to their car problems! Maybe it’s listening to a softball game that their daughter played in! Whatever it is, listen!

Giving them an employee appreciation letter just solidifies and confirms your true appreciation for them. In other words it’s not just the letter, but your entire connection with them! My staff wants to do a good job for me! Why? Because I care about them! I truly do!

Good Luck!

Woman Sealing Thank You Letter

An employee appreciation letter should be short, sweet, and to the point! Remember you are not writing a love letter! If you are you are probably violating the federal sexual harassment laws! Just kidding!

Writing an appreciation letter is much easier than you think! It is a delicate balance of showing how much you care without going over the top!

There are some standard beginning lines like;

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciated ….

You truly outdone yourself on ….

On the other hand you could change it up and bit and get more personal with something like;

I knew from the first day you arrived that you were a very special individual…

An employee appreciation letter must convey your true feelings about what this individual has accomplished! If you don’t it becomes just another letter that will end up in the trash because they know you were not writing it from your heart!

Remember, writing an employee appreciation letter is much easier than you think.  It's a matter of putting down on paper what you might say to them in person. Nothing more! Nothing less!

Now I'm not going to pretend as if I am some fancy writer who knows everything there is to know about proper grammar, but I do know a little something about leadership and working with employees. I have been in a leadership role for more than thirty-five years.  Make no mistake that employees want to be appreciated!

Employee Appreciation Day and/or Employee Appreciation Gift!


Even the best leaders sometimes forget to recognize that their staff is the main reason that they are successful. I have always said that any of my employees can be successful without me but I could never be successful without them. Having said that, I must continually strive to show my appreciation for them! After all they deserve it plus much much more!

An employee appreciation letter is just one way to show that appreciation, but sometimes we must step out of our box and do more than this! Things like dedicating an entire employee appreciation day to your staff is stepping out of that box. When I talk about dedicating a day, we don’t have to get crazy and hire a marching band and cater in lobster and steaks!  No I’m talking more about the KISS system. If you remember the KISS system it means “Keeping it Simple Silly!” Some may replace Silly with Stupid but whatever works for you!

If you are planning on ways to hold an employee appreciation day it should include something out of the ordinary. It may mean that you do step in and do one of your employees job for a short time. You could work your way around until you have worked everyone’s position. While you are filling in for them you may want to provide coffee and donuts and a place they could just rest! If you do something like this I would make it a surprise and not necessarily call it employee appreciation day. Instead just do it out of the blue!

Employee appreciation gifts are always a nice thing but it gets harder and harder to select something that will make everyone happy. However, there is always one thing that almost no employee will be unhappy with and that is either cash or gift cards. An employee appreciation gift card to almost anything or anywhere will excite them. This allows them to choose what they want. You may consider less expensive employee appreciation gifts, but give out more of them more often. Perhaps $25 employee appreciation gift cards to a local restaurant, or super market.

Just remember not to complicate it or attach rules that deter you from making it a regular routine. You may not see anything the first few times you have a secret employee appreciation day, but I guarantee that if you do it often enough they will begin to get excited. I also will guarantee that they will be talking among themselves about your employee appreciation day or employee appreciation gifts.

Never forget how you arrived to where you are at! If you think it was all you and only you, it will get very lonely at the top! So lonely that the top will soon lose the supporting structure (your staff) that is holding you up!

People will always respond positively when treated with respect.

They will also work harder and more productively when they know they are appreciated.

With a sincere, well written appreciation letter you can improve relations with gratitude and recognition.

So how do you write an employee appreciation letter that will make them feel special, respected, and appreciated?

First, make sure you write your letter within a few days of the event you are appreciating them for. Don't delay it!

Second, an appreciation letter should be to a specific person, and not to a group. Individualize them if it is a group.

Third, always state exactly what you appreciate. Don't generalize it.

Fourth, be sincere. If your not it will show through quickly.

Fifth, don't be long winded. Get to the point. Be brief.

Don't close with "Sincerely". It is better to use something more personal like "Best Wishes."

An employee appreciation letter is also one of the most basic functions of any good leader. It is just one way to appreciate your staff Formally.    
This of course is in addition to informally letting them know on an ongoing basis the good job that they are doing.

I have developed a habit of making sure to thank employees no matter how small the task was. I don't over do it, but I make sure that I acknowledge them.

Using the word please is another habit that I have.

As an example as you pass by someone you may say "Hey thanks again for taking care of that report!  It looked great!"

But this does not eliminate or substitute the need for writing a formal employee appreciation letter.

Additionally, when you present the employee appreciation letter make sure you do it among their co-workers.

When trying to decide - should I, or shouldn't I, formally present an employee appreciation letter to one of your staff take a look at who is doing what first.

That last thing you want to do is take something good and turn into something bad.

The old saying “No good deed goes unpunished”, will certainly become valid if you prematurely give out one of your employee's an appreciation letter and ignore another, even if not on purpose.

Many times other employees are thinking to themselves, why did they receive this?  I did the same thing last month and no one noticed me!

So be aware, and be fair. Notice everything that you can.

On the other hand an employee appreciation letter should be a special thing also, but not so special that no one is able to achieve enough to receive one. In other words do not hand them out like candy. Make it special!

I would also consider something to go along with it such as a framed certificate of appreciation. Or a small gift of some kind! Don't make it cheap though.  Put some thought and money into it.  At least $25 to $50 or more.

You may want to consider some employee recognition pins, or anything else that can be worn  at work or home.

Anything the employee is able to take home to show their family goes a long way.

Finally, be specific about what you appreciated. If it is too generic you will lose the significance of it. They want to know that you recognized what they did. Not just something that says they did a good job. But what was good about the specific job they did. This could be cumulative also. But again be specific.

Don't ever get yourself into a position where you don't appreciate your employees in some way. If you don't think they perform for you now, just keep on forgetting to let them know how much you do appreciate them.

No different than your family.  If you went weeks, months, or years without appreciating your spouse how long do you think your marriage is going to last?

An employee appreciation letter is a very valuable tool.  Use it!

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A Basic First Step

One of the most basic first steps in appreciating your employees is recognizing that they are a valuable member of your team. If they do not feel they are adding value they will soon drift further and further away from being productive.
I heard a story recently about a father who thought that they were providing their daughter with everything she needed. The problem was that the one thing the daughter really needed was missing. The father explained that they were providing a significant allowance, new clothes and various other items. In fact they have just bought them a brand new $100K plus car. Guess what the daughter said she wanted most? You probably guessed and that is his time. She truly wanted to spend more time with her father. She didn't want all the things! She wanted him.

Although our employees don't want us to hang out with them continually they do want to be noticed in a positive way by their supervisor. Guess what that takes? You guessed it - time! It takes time to acknowledge them. An employee appreciation letter is just one tool to do this. Like the father that bought the expensive car for his daughter it will take more than just an employee appreciation letter to demonstrate your appreciation.

Get out from behind your desk and go visit them for a minute or two! Asked about their family! Ask about their interests! Heck, just talk to them about stuff! The key is to communicate with them about something besides work! Now this does not have to happen every single day, but it does need to happen. The time you spend doing this will be well worth it!

The Employee Appreciation Letter I Wrote


I had to come up with an employee appreciation letter recently when I had someone that worked for me do a fantastic job. They were assigned to do a task during hours they weren't even supposed to work because someone else I had working for me quit that day for seemingly no reason. The employee that helped me out didn't have to do so, but with what they did it saved me a lot of time. I am so thankful for their job that I had to write them a letter that I hoped they would appreciate.

I didn't want to just use a template for this because I wanted them to know that it was heartfelt and not just something I had to do. This was the first time I felt compelled to write a letter such as this and I'm hoping that it made their day. I didn't want anyone else to see the employee get this from me because I wanted the employee to know I wasn't doing this just for recognition as a good boss. In the end I will be doing this for other employees when they go above and beyond the call of duty.

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