Letter of Concern


Sample Letter of Concern for Tardiness

August 4, 2022

Dear Mr. Gerald Ford:

The letter of concern is being issued to your for repeated tardiness which is a violation of our attendance policy.

Specifically, you were tardy on July 7, 2022, July 21, 2022, and August 3, 2022. On July 7, 2022, your scheduled shift was to begin at 6:00 am and you arrived at 6:12 am. On July 21, 2022, your scheduled shift was to begin at 6:00 am and you arrived at 6:18 am. On August 3, 2022, your scheduled shift was to begin at 6:00 am and you arrived at 6:09 am.

Mr. Ford, it is important to understand that arriving late disrupts the entire workforce. Because your supervisor is unsure if you will be present for your shift, they must reassign someone to take over your responsibilities. In one case, it cost the company overtime because the supervisor had to hold over an employee that was scheduled to leave at 6:00 am.

At the time of your hire you signed our employee policy manual that includes our attendance policy. In that policy it states that there is no grace period for reporting on time for your assigned shift. It also states that an employee is subject to disciplinary action if they incur more than two tardy periods in a twelve month period. You incurred three tardy periods within a two month period.

Going forward it is critical that you arrive on time for your scheduled shift. Simply calling or having someone notify your supervisor that you are going to be late will not excuse your tardiness. Any future violations of our attendance policy, or any policy, may result in additional disciplinary action up to and including possible termination.

Martha Stewart


letter of concern

Sample Letter of Concern for Poor Performance

September 25, 2011

Dear Mr. John Johnson:

This formal letter
is being issued for poor performance while in your probationary period. As a reminder your probationary period started on the date of your hire, August 21, 2011, and continues through November 21, 2011.Please also understand that this Company maintains an employment relationship that is considered “At-Will” which means that either the employee or the employer may end that relationship at any time for any reason or no reason at all.

John, you were hired to fill the position of forklift operator for the loading dock. The credentials you presented at the time of hire showed that you had the training and expertise to operate the size and type of forklift that you were assigned to. In addition, you received additional training specific to the forklift that you were being assigned to operate at your orientation. Since that training you have caused two minor incidents that resulted in damage to incoming product. In addition, you have failed to safely secure your forklift when it is not in operation three times.

John, this will be your first and only warning notice and should your performance not improve immediately you may be considered for termination immediately without notice.

Harry S. Truman

My signature indicates that the above information has been discussed with me.

John Johnson


Letter of Concern for Poor Performance

Letter of Concern

April 5, 2010

Dear Mr. Don Wilson:

You are being issued a letter of concern for not achieving the minimum level of performance required as an Insurance Policy Salesperson for this Company.

During the month of March 2010, you failed to make the minimum number of telephone calls from the list of leads provided by the Company. This list originates from individuals that have expressed interest in our policies. In addition, you also failed to follow up with all the appointments you made during the month of February 2010.

Don, our reputation is built on our Sales Team fulfilling the promises they make to our customers. By not following through on making telephone calls to individuals that have expressed an interest in our insurance policies can lead to those individuals losing trust. In addition, making an appointment with someone that you do not keep makes it almost impossible to salvage a professional relationship with those individuals.

Please understand that this will be the only written notice you will receive. If you fail to meet your goals in the future you will be considered for immediate termination from this Company without prior notice.

Don, if there is some underlying reason you are not able to meet these goals it is imperative that you inform me immediately so that I may provide you whatever assistance that you may require within my ability.

It is equally important that you understand that the Company maintains an “At-Will” employment relationship with our employees as our employee handbook clearly outlines. This type of employment relationship means that the employee or the employer may end the relationship with or without a reason.

Gerald Ford

My signature acknowledges that the information above was discussed with me.

Don Wilson

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