Written Warning Webform

Make your life much easier by simply using my written warning webform below. As always, you should always have any employee discipline letter reviewed by your legal representation. 


Complete the Open Blocks on this to Prepare an Employee Written Warning Webform Notice


From:      (Example: Mr. John S. Doe or John S. Doe)

To:           (Example: Ms. Jane F. Doe or Jane F. Doe)





Date of the Offense

Date of the 2nd Offense
Example 2 Tardy Periods.

Date of the 3rd Offense
Example 3 Tardy Periods.

Date of the 4th Offense
Example 4 Tardy Periods.

Date of the 5th Offense
Example 5 Tardy Periods.


Explain in written format the details of what happened, such as, what the employee said when you asked them about it. Whatever you write will be placed into the actual letter so be sure to put it in the proper format and make sure you are spelling things correctly.


When I met with you on December 2, 2014, immediately after you arrived twenty-five minutes tardy you stated that you had over slept again. This is the third time you have been tardy since November 3, 2014. On all three times you stated you had over slept.

When asked whether you might have inappropriately touched Ms. Henderson on January 2, 2015, you stated that you did because you thought she was flirting with you.


If Prior Discipline - Select the Type

Select the Date


If 2 Prior Disciplines - Select the 2nd Type

Select the 2nd Date


If 3 Prior Disciplines - Select the 3rd Type

Select the 3rd Date


If Suspended Enter Start Date

Select number of days suspended

If Suspended Enter End Date


The remainder of the actual letter will be based on the choices/selections you have already made.


Employee Discipline Form 3

Why Use a Written Warning Webform?

As a supervisor/manager, your life is very busy with keeping your operation running smoothly. When an employee decides to violate a company policy, it severely impacts employee productivity. In addition, it means that you will have to take the appropriate amount of time to investigate, possibly prepare, and issue the written warning letter/notice.

Time is the reason for using a written warning webform to write your disciplinary letter for you. That does not substitute your responsibility to properly investigate the employees poor behavior. Failing to complete this step in the progressive disciplinary process, could and most likely end in more problems and chew up more of your time, i.e., if the employee takes legal action against you. 

Although a written warning webform is a fast way to document the warning letter, it does not mean you shouldn't consider writing your own disciplinary letter. Doing so will allow you to be more specific and add more instructions of what will be required of the employee going forward.

Destruction of Company Property 2

Man with head in a stock

Remember a Written Warning Webform is a Tool!

Remember, the above written warning webform should be looked at as a tool in your tool box only. Just like an actual tool box, sometimes a written warning webform isn't the right tool. So before you use the written webform tool, check with your legal representative to make sure it is the right tool.

I hope the above information on a written warning webform was helpful and may God bless you!


Another Written Warning Webform for you to Use

Scared boss holding pink slip your fired

The following written warning webform is provided for free so that you have another option to try.

Please remember to always confer with your legal representative before issuing disciplinary action, especially a prewritten one using a written warning webform, since there is always a chance that an employee will file an employment lawsuit against you or the business.

Date:         (Example: December 12, 2014)

From:        (Example: John S. Doe or Mr. John S. Doe)

To:            (Example: Jane S. Doe or Ms. Jane S. Doe)


1.   This   is being issued to you for

Specifically, you were

on .   (Enter Date - Example: December 12, 2014)     

(Enter additional details of the incident sentence format. Example: When your supervisor met with you regarding this incident you
stated that you knew you were not permitted to work overtime without permission. You signed for our company handbook on
January 5, 2014, which outlines our company policy on working overtime without permission.)

The remainder of the actual letter will be based on the choices/selections you have already made.

Productivity Improvement

Employee Discipline Form Filled Out Top

We have taken every effort to provide a quality written warning webform for you to use; however, we are not an attorney and are not permitted to offer legal advise. Therefore, use great care before using the written warning webform

I hope this second written warning webform will be helpful, but as a reminder, always refer to your legal representative before using the written warning webform, or any prewritten disciplinary notice. 

May God bless you!

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