Complete the Open Blocks to Prepare an Employee Written Warning Notice


From:      (Example: Mr. John S. Doe or John S. Doe)

To:           (Example: Ms. Jane F. Doe or Jane F. Doe)





Date of the Offense

Date of the 2nd Offense
Example 2 Tardy Periods.

Date of the 3rd Offense
Example 3 Tardy Periods.

Date of the 4th Offense
Example 4 Tardy Periods.

Date of the 5th Offense
Example 5 Tardy Periods.


Explain in written format the details of what happened, such as, what the employee said when you asked them about it. Whatever you write will be placed into the actual letter so be sure to put it in the proper format and make sure you are spelling things correctly.


When I met with you on December 2, 2014, immediately after you arrived twenty-five minutes tardy you stated that you had over slept again. This is the third time you have been tardy since November 3, 2014. On all three times you stated you had over slept.

When asked whether you might have inappropriately touched Ms. Henderson on January 2, 2015, you stated that you did because you thought she was flirting with you.


If Prior Discipline - Select the Type

Select the Date


If 2 Prior Disciplines - Select the 2nd Type

Select the 2nd Date


If 3 Prior Disciplines - Select the 3rd Type

Select the 3rd Date


If Suspended Enter Start Date

Select number of days suspended

If Suspended Enter End Date


The remainder of the actual letter will be based on the choices/selections you have already made.