Funny Employee Awards Ideas

Funny Employee Awards

Speaking of funny employee awards, have you ever received a golden toilet brush in front of several of your closest coworkers? These types of employee awards have a way of loosening up an entire work team!

Although there is a time to be serious there is also great value in finding a way to bring everyone together to bond. I find the best way to do that is to be able to have fun and laugh at ourselves once in a while.

The above gift, a gold spray painted toilet brush, was actually given as a gift to a retiring CEO. There was a purpose in the gift sense this individual truly appreciated a clean restroom, and who doesn’t.

Funny Employee Awards that Motivate!

I once received a very nicely framed certificate of achievement for making coffee. The ceremony was made in front of the entire office staff. I must say that I was a bit embarrassed; however, the outcome was tremendous. It had a way of bringing everyone together and wow what a payoff it became. Of course the reason I received the certificate was a few days prior I had made a pot of coffee and forgot to place the pot underneath it. Of course the coffee ran everywhere and when I returned I had a mess to clean up. I still have the certificate today as a reminder of the fun I had.

This is exactly what funny employee awards are supposed to do. Not only bring people together but make it a lasting memory. I’ve been to hundreds of award ceremonies over the years but few I remember better than the ones where someone receives something funny related to their work.

Receiving something funny is in a way a compliment. In most cases those types of gifts are only going to be given to someone people trust. In the example above the CEO was very touched by the golden toilet brush. Everyone knew they would take it in the manner in which it was intended.

The other side of the coin should be considered also. There is a time and place for serious gifts. If someone has worked very hard on something and deserves to be recognized make sure you recognize them in the right way. It may include a funny gift along with something else more appropriate for the occasion.


Don't Limit Yourself To Actual Gifts Or Certificates!

Don’t limit yourself to actual gifts either. I once was a part of a presentation where the church employee receiving the gift was presented with our church youth director doing a ballerina dance with a pink Tootoo on. Now what made this even funnier was the fact that the youth director was a Man’s Man and worked out daily. He had muscle the size of Texas. The crowd went completely nuts over the presentation. Now that was a funny employee awards presentation.

You can also combine something funny along with a meaningful gift. Perhaps you present something that is very personal such as a large framed picture of the business or staff with everyone having personally written something on the picture. This type of presentation is very personal and is extremely appreciated. I know because I received a gift exactly like this when I was leaving a large hotel where I was the Human Resources Director at. 

So, if you work at a plumbing business you can decorate a plunger. If you work at an electrical business you could present a painted light bulb mounted on a wooden plaque with something written on the bulb. If you work at a auto mechanics shop, maybe a car part mounted on something. The sky is the limit. Here are some more funny employee award ideas:

Insurance Office - Something Broken

Law Office - A Framed Summons

Police Officer - A Framed Parking Ticket

Construction Company - A Large Hard Hat Dented in on Top

Housekeeping Company - An Encased Roll of Toilet Paper

Financial Office - Monopoly Money

Real Estate Company - Everyone Writes and Sign a For Sale Sign

Use your imagination and the sky’s the limit. The only rule is that you must never offend someone. Don’t make fun of their race, religion, sex, national origin, well you get the point. Have fun, but be respectful. Everyone enjoys bringing something home to their family that speaks to how much they are appreciated at work. Whether it is a written letter along with the funny employee award, or some type of financial gift that allows them to share with their family. 

Also, it is important to continue either on a regular basis or sporadically these types of presentations so everyone feels included. The last thing you want to do is make someone feel like they have been left out of the fun. Therefore, before you start a program like this be ready to continue it for the long haul, and have fun. 

Thank you and May GOD Bless You!

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