Examples of a Business Rejection Letter

We have provided a business rejection letter to assist you in preparing your own business letter. 

Example Business Rejection Letter  for a Retirement Plan

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January 5, 2011

Mr. Peter C. Cromwell
3567 Wellington Drive
Thomasville, AZ 78965

Dear Mr. Peter C. Cromwell:

Thank you for meeting with us to present your proposal for our company's retirement plan. It was obvious that you had spent a lot of time preparing your presentation.

I am sorry to inform you that the board decided to accept the proposal of another provider with lower administrative fees. We will review this decision on an annual basis, so feel free to keep in touch about future opportunities.

Best wishes in your business.


Paul S. Greenwald

Business Rejection Letter for a Business Proposal

Business Rejection Letter

July 4, 2018

Mr. Todd B. Harley
357990 South Mapple Drive
My Town, AL 56982

Dear Mr. Todd B. Harley:

Thank you very much for presenting a very well thought out design for our new Operating Room Waiting Area. I especially appreciate the way in which you incorporated existing aspects of our facility.

However, after we carefully reviewed all the other proposals we did not choose your design. This in no way takes away from the creativity and thoughtfulness you incorporated into it. The selection panel had two primary reasons for selecting a different design. First the fabric choices met the national healthcare requirements. Second the overall cost met our goals.

Again, Ms. Flexington, we appreciate your submission and the time you took to provide it.


Glen D. Dickerson

January 5, 2011
Mr. Arnold A. Smith
356723 Johnsonville Avenue
Amis, CO 89021

Dear Mr. Arnold A. Smith:

I truly appreciate the offer to join Donaldson Hotel and Resorts as Finance Director.

I was able to evaluate your offer in great detail. I was very impressed with the team I had the pleasure of meeting with during the interview process. I was equally impressed with the solid financial position your Company is in even though other similar Company’s are struggling.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to accept your job offer at this time due to personal reasons that have made it impossible for me to relocate now.

However, I expect to have this situation resolved within the next twelve months and would be very grateful if you would continue to keep me in mind for future opportunities.


Gary W. Quincy

Example Business Rejection Letter for a Job

April 25, 2011

Mr. Alan R. Harrison
16 Prince William Sound Drive
Target, Main 76509

Dear Mr. Harrison:

I appreciate that you are offering me the position of District Manager for Marriott Corporation. Marriott is known for being a leader in the hospitality business unfortunately I must decline this amazing opportunity.

Although I am certain it would have been a very rewarding experience I have accepted another offer from a local company. This will allow my older son to finish his junior and senior year at the same local high school where he began.

Again, Mr. Harrison, I appreciate your confidence in my abilities and I would like very much to be reconsidered in a couple of years when my son graduates.


Tony T. Thompson

Business Rejection Letter for a Job Offer

May 14, 2011

Ms. Trudy W. Iverson
45 Oak Tress Place, Suite 234
Brooklyn, NY 98501

Dear Ms. Iverson:

Although I am flattered that you have offered me the position of Sales Manager for Colby Industries, I must decline. The salary and commission structure you presented does not meet my requirements.

I was truly looking forward to a mutually rewarding experience.

I wish you and your Company nothing but success in the future, and again thank you.


Frank F. Frederickson

How To Write A Business Rejection Letter

How you treat your business partners and probably candidates of a particular field matters a lot. Sending a business rejection letter to any concerned party is not an activity that most individuals look forward to. It is however an extra and positive step that must be taken so that you can continue with other undertakings successfully. The way you do it matters since you have to build a good reputation with the partners in the short run regardless of the decision made.

A follow up call is mostly very important. This is a call made to the concerned party informing them of the decision reached. When you make this call you have to politely indicate that you have offered up the position or deal to someone else. You should also take that opportunity to thank the applicants or parties involved for their time and interest.

The next step is to write the person or party involved. The information you had given on the first step of the phone call should be therefore included in the letter. You should also ensure that the party feels welcomed and appreciated for the time. Trashing efforts is not ideal since you need each person for the success of your operation.

Personalizing the letters is also important. The concerned parties should feel that they are being addressed. There should also be part of it that encourages them to apply for other positions if you strongly believe that they qualify. Letters that sound professional are ideal. They should however have a humane touch where the parties concerned are appreciated.

Reputation can be irreparably damaged if the let off letters are not ideally written. Writing a business rejection letter should be carefully done with someone who understands the elements contained therein. Writers should not puncture the hopes of concerned parties by being so negative.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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