Common Interview Questions That Will Help You Prepare For That Killer Job!

Common Interview Questions

What are some of the most common interview questions?

What are your long and/or short-range goals?

With any interview question you need to be prepared to turn that question into a sales pitch on yourself?

After all you are selling yourself to that company! Don't forget that!

Be realistic, but don't be shy or modest!

So, for the above most common interview questions let's turn it into something amazing that will sell you to them!

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Preparing For Those Common Interview Questions

Let's first look at the answer to our short-range goal.

The answer that you come up with (I will provide some example answers in a moment) must benefit the company! It must not be a selfish answer. i.e., one that benefits only you!

It also shouldn't be so generic that it carries absolutely no weight!

If you are in sales it must be a realist answer that will benefit the company! It also should indicate that you want to be a long-term employee of this company in some capacity.

So your answer may sound something like this;

After researching this company, I know that it produces one of the best Widgets in the country. I want to learn as much as possible about the products and your sales team so that I can contribute as quickly as possible. If I am allowed, I want to learn everything there is to learn about it so that I can answer any question that a potential customer may have. I believe this more than anything makes a great sales person!

So as one of the most common interview questions, now you have a potential answer if you are in sales.

Use this same logic in any other field that you are in.

The logic in this case is studying and learning your job so that you can contribute quickly. It could be learning a new machine, vehicle, tool, or computer software. Whatever it is you are going to dedicate yourself to learning it quickly and thoroughly to benefit the company.

If it's a long-range goal then turn that answer into one that still benefits the company.

Typically, that may involve some type of promotion/advancement!

Don't get over anxious on this however! If you're starting in an entry level position you are not going to set your sites on the Vice President of Operations in the next five years!

So, let's answer this question using the sales position above as an example;

My long-range goal is to remain with this company hopefully learning as much as I can from the successes of my supervisor. When the company feels I am ready I would like to potentially get into a leadership position! I really want to be a long-term member of this company!

Now I know that these are generic answers to some of the most common interview questions but the point is that you must present your answer in a way that will benefit the company. If not, you will be overlooked!

What are some of the other most common interview questions?

Why do you want to work for this company?

With this question it will give you a chance to really show that you have done your homework!

I can hear you asking now, "What Homework?"

Researching the company!

You would be very wise to research the company thoroughly prior to going into your interview! If there is one thing a company likes to hear is how great they are! Now I am not suggesting that you blow smoke up somewhere where the sun doesn't shine. What I am suggesting is you learn as much about the company as possible!

If they have a Website, go there and read all about them!

Know who the owner or CEO is!

Find out what their annual sales numbers are!

Find out who their customers are!

Do they have any other branches under the same company name?

Do they have any company philosophies?

What is their reputation in the industry?

In other words, be ready for one of the most common interview questions there is "Why do you want to work for this company?"

You will stand out head and shoulders from the other people interviewing if you can show you have done your homework thoroughly! Know the company!

The most common interview questions are always looking for much more than a "Yes" or "No" answer!

If you give them a "Yes" or "No" answer you are missing the mark!

Every answer should be presented in a way that benefits the company somehow!

As an example, if they ask about your attendance record.

Don't answer that, "It's good!"

Present your answer something like this, of course only if it is true;

1 have only taken two sick days in the last year! I know how important it is to the entire team that everyone shows up to work when they are scheduled. I really pride myself on my attendance record.

If the company is asking about your attendance record it is because they have a problem with employees taking unscheduled time off!

Be honest but give them more than "I have a great attendance record!" Let them know that you understand their frustration with people not showing up for work when scheduled! Connect with them!

I have been in a leadership role for more than thirty-five years and feel confident I know what an employer is looking for in a potential employee. I have interviewed people for housekeepers and engineers, and the answers are still the same! We want someone that will bring value to the company!

Thank you and may God bless you!

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