Employee Appreciation:
How To Implement a Program in Your Workplace

Employee Appreciation

Employee appreciation is a critical piece of a manager's responsibility. Employees working in an environment that promotes recognition and appreciation are thrice as productive as compared to workplaces that don’t utilize employee appreciation.

And no wonder!

We all like to be appreciated for the work and milestones we achieve at the workplace. Recognizing your employee for a job well done is very important! Are you performing your job well when it comes to employee recognition and appreciation?

Employee Appreciation: They Improve Morale and Productivity

As mentioned above, employee recognition and appreciation increases motivation, productivity and employee engagement.

This makes the concept incredibly important in the eyes of business owners and managers, yet not many think so deeply when thinking of employee recognition ideas.

Each employee recognition technique is different than the last one, just as people and contributions being celebrated. Make sure frequency, timeliness, specificity, and visibility are featured on all employee recognition ideas. Take a look at the following practical, simple, yet fun ideas that you can try:  

Getting the Job Excited

Employee Recognition – Not Many Creative Ways of Showing Appreciation, Are They?

Sending in a personalized appreciation letter first thing in the morning to the employee will set a positive tone for the rest of the day. Additionally, a personalized appreciation letter or ‘thank you’ note about something specific will convey to the employee that you care.  

The Morphing Trophy

This incredibly creative idea will bring on the fun and laughter of all involved as well as recognizing the recipient of the trophy. Purchase a big silver employee recognition trophy and hand it over to the employee your workplace is appreciating that particular week.

Ask the employee to return his trophy at the end of the week, but they need to add one thing to it. Give the employee appreciation trophy to the next winner and so on; each time the trophy will be decorated with personal mementos of employees. Retire the trophy at the end of the year, in your reception area. Begin the year with a new trophy.  

Make a Big Deal about Personal Achievements and Wins

You will of course have some system in place that recognizes and appreciates employee accomplishments in the workplace. Don’t confine employee recognition there!

Celebrate a personal milestone they have achieved outside the office. Decorate their cubicle with balloons and cards on their birthday, order cake for the office on the birth of a child or buying a new home.  There are so many ways you can celebrate their personal victory with them!

You won’t become a good boss or manager by simply effectively managing of your team. You are also responsible for motivating employees and recognizing them for accomplishments and wins while working for your company.

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