Sample Performance Improvement Plans to Give You Help in Writing Your Own

Sample Performance Improvement Plan

Sample Performance Improvement Plans

Date: August 5, 2008

To: Mr. David A. Burns

From: Mr. Paul S. Stevens

Performance Improvement Plan:

The retail sales figures have dropped for three straight months below the projected sales amounts by more than 20% each month. Even the historically high volume items of personal care products are down as well. This combined with your high labor and variable expenses have produced a profit margin far below the expected 22%.

Performance Improvement Plan:

Effective on Monday, August 8, 2008, I will be temporarily assigned to your store location to work closely with you. I will continue this assignment for a minimum of four weeks. The following areas will be our focus:

Store displays

End Capped Units

Store Cleanliness

Customer Service

Employee Scheduling

Monthly Budgeted Spending

Employee Relations

Product Ordering


In addition, you will be expected to complete the company's retail management training course offered online. I have registered you for the course already and you can begin immediately. You will have until September 20, 2008, to successfully complete this training.

We will meet on a daily basis to review your progress which will be recapped in an email that I will send to you. In the event that you are not progressing at a rate that is satisfactory your position with the company will be reevaluated, and may result in your being released from the company.

Paul S. Stevens

David A. Burns

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Sample Performance Improvement Plans

Date: May 10, 2010

To: Robert F. Johnson

From: Steve F. Larson

Performance Issue:

For three months your sales have been at least 50% lower than the minimum required as an automobile salesperson for this company. The months in question are February, March, and April of 2011. The minimum number of sales required per month is ten vehicles. For February you sold 5, for March you sold 3, and for April you sold 5.

Sample Performance Improvement Plans:

Beginning on May 11, 2011, you will be .assigned to work with Alex Smith, our top Salesperson, for four weeks at a minimum of four hours per day. During that time you will shadow Mr. Smith in every aspect of a Salespersons position. In addition, you will review the "What Makes a Salesperson" training series in that same time period, and complete the self exams.

I will meet with you on a daily basis to review your leads and provide direction for you to follow up with them. At that same meeting we will review the follow up actions I directed you to take from our prior meetings. I will provide an email daily with the results of our meeting, outlining challenges and successes.

At the end of the four weeks you will return to your normal schedule. Going forward from there we will meet on a weekly basis, Friday, for another four weeks to cover your progress. This meeting will include a discussion of your leads, your sales, and any other information that will lead to your success. This meeting will also be followed up with an email from me outlining any challenges, successes, etc.

If your progress has not reached the minimum successful sales number (10 per month) by August 11, 2011, you will be released from this company.

Robert F. Johnson

Steve F. Larson


Sample Performance Improvement Plans

Date: August 9, 2010

To: Betty A. Smith

From: Stan L. Frankinson

Performance Issue:

Over the past three months twelve (12) of the sixty-five tax returns you have submitted have had errors detected by our internal auditing department. These errors were all found within the Schedule C Tax Forms, resulting in a potential average loss to our clients of $45,000 each if they had not been detected. The deductions you missed were all new allowable deductions as of the 2009 tax year period. As a reminder the allowable error rate for this company is 2%, which is the industry' standard.

Sample Performance Improvement Plans:

You will be enrolled in a tax training class specifically covering Business Taxes on September 20, 2010. This is a one week long class that will recertify you as a licensed Tax Accountant. Should you not successfully complete the class you will be released from this Company.

In addition, during the month of October, 2010, you will work closely with me on all completed returns prior to submitting them to our internal auditing department. We will also meet on a weekly basis Monday, to discuss any challenges you may be experiencing. I will follow up each and every meeting we have with an email summarizing our discussion.

If during this Performance Improvement Plan it is clear that you are not going to be successful your position with this company will be evaluated closely and a decision to retain you will be made.

Betty A. Smith

Stan L. Frankinson

Productivity Improvement

Performance Improvement Plans

Describe the Standard:

All housekeepers will be able to clean a hotel room to standard within a minimum of thirty minutes unless there are special circumstances preventing them being able to meet this standard. In those cases the housekeeper should contact their supervisor prior to cleaning a room they fell may go beyond thirty minutes.

Employees Current Performance:

Currently you are not meeting the above standard forty percent of the time. In addition to taking more than thirty minutes to clean a hotel room you are not meeting the cleaning standards for toilets, showers, and spot cleaning carpets.

Describe the Standard:

All housekeepers will completely clean and restock their housekeeping carts just prior to the end of their scheduled shift so that they are prepared for the following day.

Employees Current Performance:

Currently you are not meeting this standard one hundred percent of the time. On a daily basis you are requesting additional supplies that you failed to stock on your housekeeping cart the day prior.

Performance Improvement Plans (PIP):

Your supervisor will provide you with training on cleaning a hotel room and cart cleaning and stocking beginning on June 10, 2011.

In addition, your supervisor will work with you one time per week on Monday for a minimum of one hour at the beginning of your shift and at the end of your shift. The purpose of this time together is to observe and offer training where needed. This additional training will be offered for up to four weeks.

Your supervisor will meet with you daily at the beginning of your shift to discuss any additional information that may be helpful in bringing your performance up to the minimum standard.


If during or at the end of your PIP you have consistently met the standard you will be removed from the PIP and considered competent.

If during or at the end of the PIP it is clear that you will not be able to meet the minimum standard for this Hotel Housekeeping Position your employment with this company will be terminated.

Signed and Dated by both Supervisor and Employee

Thank you for reviewing this information on Sample Performance Improvement Plans and May God Bless you!

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