Appreciate Your Employees With These Clever Gifts

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National Appreciate Your Employees Day is fast approaching! While it’s celebrated as a non-official day, you can still show appreciation to your employees or even people working on your team.

Simple, Thoughtful, is the way to Appreciate your Employees - Be Creative

Employees are a big part of any business’s success story. Essentially without hard-working, dedicated and loyal employees, you won’t be running a successful company. It is understandable that you should want to appreciate your employees and team members for a ‘job well done’ or even without any cause!

Showing appreciation to your employees is another matter altogether. You can hand out appreciation letters and be done with the day but there are so many clever gift ideas that can be tried instead!

Who doesn’t love to receive gifts? Here are some clever gift ideas that will certainly make you the ‘Boss of the Year’.

Bring Greenery into Their Cubicle

Office cubicles are drab, white (or some other generic color) and give off negative vibes on really stressful days. Spruce up their space by gifting them the color of peace and tranquility. A little greenery in the form of a desk-friendly plant will make any office cubicle cheery.

In addition to being an excellent appreciation gift idea, your employees will love the idea of being responsible for a live and miniature indoor plant that make a great addition to any desk or cubicle! Also consider this Juniper Bonsai that comes in its own glazed ceramic pot, sitting on top of a rock humidity tray.   

Ensure They Eat a Warm Lunch, Every day

Many offices don’t have proper kitchen facilities that make life difficult for employees especially during lunchtime. Warm homemade lunch seems like a luxury! Help out an employee in need by gifting the incredibly Magic Cook Lunch Box.

This product reheats food by using a heating pad with water! No microwave in the kitchen? It’s no problem for the triple layer Magic Cook Lunch Box. 

Take Them out Shopping

Are you a manager to a sales team that just hit a huge number-based sales goal? You might want to celebrate with the entire team and appreciate them for all the hard work! There isn’t any better way to celebrate this milestone by taking the entire team for a day at the mall.

Use the number based milestone as a basis and hand that amount (in cash) to all present.

Still have some money left? Treat everyone to dinner and drinks!

Subscribed E-Book Subscription

There are few things better than books. Show your appreciation to all employees by subscribing to subscribed e-book gift subscription. Costing only $10 for monthly subscription, your employees will have their choice of literary classics, bestsellers and new releases for 30 days.

Give the Grocery Store Gift Cards

Let's face it, we all have to eat and it can take a big chunk out of our monthly budget. Why not help them out with that burden by randomly giving them a gift card to a popular grocery store near their home.

It will take a bit of some detective work to figure out where they like to buy their food. I like to start the conversation by talking about where I buy my food. Then turn the conversation around and ask them.

When your speaking to them, you should be able to determine if this is a place they like or they just settle.  If it sounds like they are settling, follow up with what other options do they have near them. You'll get your answer.

Everyone loves this simple, but thoughtful gift idea. It is certainly an easy way to appreciate your employees!

Think outside of the norm when appreciating your employees after all National Employee Appreciation Day is all about celebrating their success in a manner they can appreciate! Refer to Leadership Skills for Life whenever you require some help in being a good leader to your employees! 

Woman Sealing Thank You Letter

Appreciation Your Employees by Writing Them a Letter - It Can go Viral Throughout the Workplace

A good letter should include plenty of thanks for all that they do for the company, as well as plenty of recognition for special contributions when they go above and beyond in their job duties. However, be specific when thanking them in the letter. Don't generalize!

Many employees will then post their letter in their work space and refer back to the letter when they are feeling a bit challenged or down. This helps to keep the employee motivated and doing their best at all times.

Handwritten or a nice email is an excellent way to accomplish sending the employee an employee appreciation letter. It is more personable and friendly than a simple form letter whereby the employer fills in the blanks and signs the letter. Form letters are very impersonal and do not reflect true and genuine meaning when sending out appreciation letters.

A great way to start the letter out is by using the persons first name such as, "Dear Bob" or "Dear Sally" and then launching into the specifics such as, "It has come to our attention that you have been going above and beyond the call of duty and we wanted to take this moment to thank you for your diligent work ethics and skills." You should make sure to note what they are doing that is so great such as finishing projects ahead of schedule or completing extra work that isn't normally in their job description.

Be sure to keep the letter thoughtful and kind and make note of what they did to specifically earn the letter. Sometimes just knowing that the boss appreciates a person is more important than a bonus or gift from the office. Start now and go the extra mile yourself and provide an appreciation letter this month and see how much better your employees work for you.

Thank you and May God bless you!

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