Written Example of Employee Evaluation

Written Example of Employee Evaluation for a Good Performer

This past year you have contributed in many ways to our success. Here are a few examples that stand out.

1. You did not have any incidents or accidents leading to a perfect safety record.

2. You continued to meet the targeted production goals leading to our department’s ability to meet our customer’s deadlines.

3. You continued to meet the quality control goals leading to less waste and satisfied customers.

You are also an excellent team member. There was numerous times this past year that you volunteered for overtime. This allowed our department to meet our goals even though staffing was short. Its selfless acts like this that contributes to our overall success.

You are always on time for your scheduled shift and rarely have an unscheduled absence.

You have excellent written and verbal communication skills. During staff meetings I know that I can always count on you to report out on your team’s progress.

You can always be depended upon to act professionally and appropriately in all types of situations. Even under the most severe staff shortages this year you continued to set the example for the rest of the team to focus only on what you have control over.

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Written Example of Employee Evaluation for a Poor Performer

This past year you demonstrated that you need to continue to improve in a number of areas so that you meet our Company’s goals and objectives.

You need to improve on adapting to new policies and changes to our processes. This past year we introduced two major changes to the Federal safety requirements and you had difficulty in accepting the changes. It is critical that you are more willing to accept these types of changes to our industry.

This past year we also experienced a high amount of turnover creating an opportunity for our existing staff to experience new assignments; however, you need to be more open to accepting additional duties and new assignments. It is important that you strive to take advantage of any new opportunities to learn new skills.

This past year you were involved in two accidents. It is very important that you use good judgment when operating the power equipment. It is very critical that you understand the consequences of your actions.

Thank you and may God Bless you for reviewing this information on this Written Example of Employee Evaluation!

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