Work Resume

Do not rely solely on your Work Resume to get a job offer!

Your Resume is only your ticket to the dance! Once your there you must know how to dance!

Yes, your Resume needs to be great, but once you make it to the interview you need to present yourself in the best possible way without coming across as bragging.

Like the old Dragnet Show several years ago they used to say, "Just the facts!' This applies here also! Just the facts!

If you tell them you're the best, it will mean nothing if you can't present the evidence to justify it. It is better to let your track record speak for itself by informing them of your accomplishments.

If you are fresh out of school then you will not have a Resume however, use your educational accomplishments to define who you are. How did you do research in school? What were your grades? What things did you volunteer for? What clubs or organizations did you belong to?

I highly recommend that you use life experiences to define your character!


Because character is everything! It is who you are! You must be able to define who you are through the examples you give.

If you thoroughly researched the company, you have your resume refined and are completely prepared for the interview with solid examples of ways you will bring value to the organization, it will scream out that you have great work ethics. That my friend is very important! That is just one form of character. But a very important one!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!