Words of Wisdom - Be careful of what you say...

My Dad was a very wise man - and often gave me words of wisdom - but - here is a time that maybe… Well you decide!

My Dad retired from the Air Force after 23 years of honorable service to our country. I am still very proud of him for that. I have learned a great deal from my Dad over the years - and here is another example of that.

In my final year of high school - I had made a mental decision to follow in my Dad’s foot steps - and join the Air Force.

They had a delayed entry program that allowed you to sign up during your final year of school - and once you graduated - you would head off to boot camp. This would be no longer than 6 months from the time you signed on the dotted line.

Words of Wisdom - Just say No…

Well - with my parents permission I started the enlistment process. I had taken the entry exam - passed with flying colors - and could choose almost any field that I wanted to. This was during the Vietnam War

I had a scheduled meeting with the recruiter one day - so off to the recruiting station I went. This particular recruiting station had every armed service in the same building - with one common waiting area.

Well while I was waiting for the Air Force recruiter to show up for my appointment - the Marine Corps recruiter grabbed me by the arm and invited me into his office. Well - maybe he didn’t exactly invite me like you would invite your grandmother over for dinner - more like - if you don’t come with me - your life as you know could end - just kidding - sort of.

Words of Wisdom - Sometimes you just can’t say no…

Now - how could I refuse and offer like this - so I didn’t. I followed him - well - maybe he kind of drug me into his office.

I sat there and certainly was looking at him - but to this day I couldn’t tell you one thing that he said to me. Mainly because I really didn’t care - I had no interest in the Marine Corps.

Finally the Air Force recruiter arrived and my wonderful experience with the very polite Marine Corps recruiter was over.

I finished my business with the Air Force recruiter and went on home.

Words of Wisdom - Taking on a challenge can change your life…

Later on that evening when I saw my Dad - I jokingly told him that I met with the Marine Corps recruiter today and had decided to join the Marine Corps instead.

I think earlier I told you I am very proud of my Dad - and still am - but he looked at me - and with a very forceful and direct voice - said - Join the Marine Corps - Hell you won’t even make it through boot camp!

Now I know a challenge when I hear one - and this was a challenge!

I not only made it through Marine Corps boot camp - but I graduated in the top ten percent - earning me my first stripe.

I was still 17 years old when I graduated - my Dad flew out to the graduation - and I was glad he did.

Good leadership skills include watching what you say - because it can alter peoples lives.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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