What Constitutes Sexual Harassment

What constitutes sexual harassment? Any unwelcomed behavior in the form of verbal, visual or physical contact.

The key to it is the unwelcomed behavior. How and when it is identified as unwelcomed could be the gray area. Sometimes it will be clear and other times it could be more difficult.

Here is a quick and short list of what may constitute sexual harassment.


Telling risque jokes even if the person you are telling is ok with it

The reason for this is that there may be others within hearing distance. On the other hand sometimes there are individuals that feel pressured not to say something yet are offended. It is not longer acceptable for business owners to tell someone to grow up!

Asking for sexual favors or attaching them to some benefit they may receive

This is referred to Quid Pro Quo which means This for That! Even if the person accepts the benefit does not relieve you of your problems with this type of sexual harassment!

Commenting on one's sexual anatomy

This is a touchy one sense everyone has a different opinion of what is ok and what is not. The best rule of thumb is to avoid it unfortunately. No longer can you comment on someone's good dress without fear of possibly offending them.

Continuing to pursue an unwanted relationship

Giving unwanted compliments with sexual overtones


Wearing suggestive clothing

Staring at someone's anatomy

Flirting non-verbally


Touching with any parts of your body to theirs Standing uncomfortably close

During a handshake not letting go

Hugging or kissing

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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