Tracking Employee Training

Tracking employee training is the key to any good employee training plan. Without it you will not really understand the Benefits of Employee Training.

Let’s face it, if you are investing your time and money in any type of employee training you need to understand if it is being effective or not. There are many advantages of an Employee Training Plan, such as, employee retention, increased productivity, reduced employee accidents, reduced equipment breakdowns, improved attendance, and so on. Why not find out if your training program is working or not and the best way is to use some type of Tracking Employee Training Program.

Capturing the right information from your Employee Training Plan is the real key. Doing so will make it easy to justify the dollars you are pouring into your program. Even taking the last fifteen minutes of every day and introducing some type of meaningful training will have results. However, if you are not using an Tracking Employee Training Software Program you will be only guessing.

One of the first steps will be for you to establish where you are today. This means that you will need to capture data from the past. My recommendation is to go back at least one year. If those numbers are all over the board then go back further until you can see a real trend standing out clearly. It is critical that you truly know what is currently happening so that you can measure the results. If your one of those leaders that feels you already know, then you are only fooling yourself. Numbers don’t lie. Your mind will play tricks on you, but the actual numbers won’t.

Again, prior to purchasing any type of Tracking Employee Training Software Program know your current trends. If you run across a bounce either up or down, try to find out why. For instance if there was an increase in Employee Accidents during one month, was there something unusual that occurred, such as an ice storm that created more slips, trips and falls than normal. If there was an unusual amount of sick days for everyone was it during the flu season. In other words know your numbers.

Finally you must also be honest about what your current Employee Training Plan is offering before you move forward with an Tracking Employee Training Software Program. I guess the real question to ask is if you currently have an established Employee Training Plan at all. Again, you must be honest if you want to improve. If you’re reading this article then my guess is that you are looking for some way to improve your current program and I commend you for that. A good training program is like an active parent with a small child. The more time you invest in that child to teach them about all aspects of life the more likely that child will develop into a responsible person. This can be proven over and over again from the national statistics.

Nothing different for your employees! Time and effort is required! When it come to a good Employee Training Plan the old saying of “Trash in – Trash out”, will apply. If you put no effort into your training program you will get little or nothing in return. The proof will show up in all kinds of ways that will cost your company money. Productivity, Retention, Accidents, Absenteeism, Poor Customer Service, Reduced Sales, Damaged Equipment or Parts, Breakage, etc. Get the point as to the value of a good Employee Training Plan.

Once you are at the point of knowing where you are today then implement your Tracking Employee Training Software Program. Of course this also means that you will need to introduce new training or start a training program all together if you don’t currently have one.

If you don’t have any type of training program my recommendation would be to start with the basics. That means begin to cover each piece of equipment in detail from how it works to how to break it down and clean it after each use. Explain the cost of this equipment as it relates to jobs! Don’t scare them, just help them understand how important it is to the company’s success which they become involved in. This helps them to feel valued. They become a part of the overall success instead of just someone that places another part on the gadget that you are producing!

Finally you need to introduce training that will benefit them personally! This means teaching them a new skill that they can use for life! This could mean anything from operating heavy equipment to preparing a personal budget. Remember you are investing in them and your company. Showing them that you care about them, will improve all kinds of things from employee retention to increased productivity. People want to be a part of a company that cares about them. The Marriott Corporation has a great motto which stated “Take care of the Employee and the Employee will take care of the Customer!” They live that motto in everything they do! Guess what? It works!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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