Tough Interview Questions - Tell us about a time...

On the surface this doesn't sound like one of those tough interview questions! However, you better be able to answer this type of question in a way that will directly tie your previous experience to the position you are applying for. If not, you could be just going through an exercise that will just be wasting everyone's time. The following is a Very Common Interview Question that is generally asked at the very beginning of the Job Interview.

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Tough Interview Questions That Will Lead To The Right Candidate

Some Examples of Revealing Interviewing Questions:

1.    What's more important being successful or telling the truth, and why?

2.    What does it mean to you to treat people fairly, and why?

3.    How do you like to receive constructive criticism, and why?

4.    Please provide an example of a time you didn't agree with your supervisor, and what did you do?

5.    Please provide an example of a time you disagreed with a fellow coworker and what did you do?

tough interview questions

Tough Interview Questions - Tell us about your background and what has prepared you for this position?

These particular question will tell a lot about who you are and how you can articulate your life experience into what they are looking for. With a question like this if you give them too much detail you eventually be putting them to sleep, while too little information tells them that you are under qualified. They want you to tell them a story of where you have come from and what led you to this interview. It is a fine balance of just the right amount of information.

Again, although this does not sound like one of those tough questions it may just sink your ship if you fail to layout your background and experience in a way that fits right into the position you are applying for. You may wonder why an employer would ask a question like this. You must be thinking that they must not have read your resume or application very well if they need to ask a question that you provided all the information to them prior to the job interview. You must understand that some people have other people complete their resumes or applications. I know this may come as a complete shock but some people will actually lie on either their resume or application.

Tough Interview Questions - Convince them that you didn't lie!

As someone that has conducted hundreds of job interviews I can tell immediately when a story begins to sound like a huge lie. They are either very vague about the subject with no details, or they begin looking down a lot while shifting in their seat. So if you are giving them your educational background tie it into something that lets them know you went there. Be creative and upbeat! Don't just regurgitate your resume to them. Take them on a professional adventure. This is a way to connect with the person(s) interviewing you.

Tough Interview Questions - Never put down your previous or current employer!

While you are taking them on that professional adventure make sure that you never ever put down or criticize your current of previous employer. There is nothing worse in the world than doing this. The immediate message that is sent to whomever is conducting the job interview is that you will talk out of school. You may have all the reason in the world to criticize them, but do not go there! It will be to your demise if you do!

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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