Time Management Training Courses: Remember Time Is Money

It seems there are all types of time management training courses on the market today offering us all kinds of ways to manage out time better! I actually find it kind of amusing! On the other hand even though we live in the day of computer technology we seem to be fighting for more and more time to achieve our goals. You continually hear fr.om everyone there just isn't enough time in the day anymore to accomplish everything we need to! As far back as I can remember (and I am no spring chicken) there has always been only 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week, and 52 weeks in a year! Has our lives really gotten more complicated? Maybe!

time management

Time Management Training Courses: We see to be moving at a much faster pace than ever before...

You talk to the older generation (me) and they will speak about a time when things were moving along at a much slower rate! A time when a time management training course might have been talking about watch or clock repair! Just kidding of course! However, things have sped up dramatically to a point where technology is moving so fast that something today may be outdated tomorrow! So, what is time management and how do we go about learning more about it?

If I handed you a certain amount of money and told you…

I have been to countless time management training courses and for the most part they have given me plenty of information that has been helpful. But let's talk about bottom lining what time management is really all about. Let me try to draw a comparison to hopefully make my point! If I handed you a certain amount of money and told you that your assignment was to accomplish a certain task what you would do?

In short, I am guessing you would develop a budget! In this budget you would line item in order of priority what is absolutely necessary to accomplish your goal! If this budget indicated that you would not have enough to complete the project you would revisit all your priorities and modify them so that you could still accomplish your goal! This could mean a variety of things, but you would have to make decisions based on circumstances. Those decisions would depend on whether the goal could be met or not met if certain purchases were made. At least that is what should be done.

That was a good first decision!

So, what should a time management training course be teaching you? In my book it should be better decision making! WOW! Can it be that simple?'Maybe or maybe not!

If you were headed out from Denver Colorado to New York City which direction would you go? Seems simple enough, you would go East! That was a good first decision! If you went west you would be wasting your time! Oh maybe a form of time management! So apply that same logic to your day! Making better decisions about what is important and not as important is the key!

If you make your marriage a number one priority in your life you should be making decisions that will accomplish that goal! Now we could dig a little deeper into that goal and discover that having a job will make your marriage better! After all, one of the main reasons for divorce is over money, or the lack of it. So your decision making will have to include making sure you keep your job! It will also include making sure you spend the right kind of time with your spouse doing what both of you enjoy! This may take money so how you spend you your money will also have to be included in your decision making.

Time management training really boils down to making sound decisions about how you spend your time! Like we started off with, there is always going to be only 24 hours in one day! How you spend those 24 hours is the difference. You can waste them on a bunch of meaningless tasks or spend them wisely on things that really matter to your goals. Once you spend them they are gone and never to return. Make good choices but there is no question that time management training courses are a wise investment provided you take them seriously!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!