Time and Attendance Tracking Software

Using time and attendance tracking software is one way to stop employee tardiness in its tracks immediately, and save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. A solid tracking system should eliminate any questions about an employee's attendance and whether they are tardy or leaving early. Let's face it an employee's tardiness cost your company thousands of dollars and a good system will pay for itself quickly.

Payroll tracking software will also go a long way in providing the proof in the form of the documentation you need to implement any employee discipline. But even more importantly, if your employee's know that they are now responsible for clocking in or out on time they will be more aware of doing so. This will help to reduce the problem, or certainly bring it into awareness at a minimum.

It is 100% more accurate than tracking it by hand!

Another advantage of payroll tracking software is that it is 100% more accurate than tracking it by hand, which will potentially save your company large amounts of money. Most people will pad their time forward or backwards, depending on the situation; however, with the actual clocked in time this will not be possible anymore.

If you have any sites off campus that do not allow for management to monitor or physically see employees arriving and leaving, there is another solution. There is time and attendance tracking software that work by telephone. With a system like this if you have a telephone at the remote site it will be tracked when they call from it to the telephone tracking the time. Each employee receives a code that is necessary to be imputed for accurately tracking their time.

Other systems can be programmed…

Other systems can be programmed so that individuals would not be able to clock in too early. This eliminates the chances of having to pay overtime. The same can be programmed for leaving late. So if an employee leaves late it would require a manager to allow the employee to clock out. There is a wide variety of payroll tracking software that will fit your needs specifically, or are right off the shelf ready if your organization fits into the norm.

Again, the biggest advantage I see with any time and attendance tracking software is the validity of when an employee is compliant or is not, and then requires possible discipline. The clock in essence does not lie and can be used if necessary at an unemployment hearing, or worse a wrongful discharge law suit.

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