The Line in the Dirt at The Alamo!

Although William Travis was the individual who led his men to defeat at the Alamo on March 3, 1836, he was a true leader.

He had requested help and was denied. He informed his men that no help would be coming but with all the leadership skills and courage he could muster up, he asked those that wanted to follow him into what was unbelievable odds to step across a line he drew in the dirt with his sword . All but one stepped across the line.

We all know the outcome of the Alamo and can spend our time second guessing even the best of leaders. William Travis did not have the benefit of knowing and made decisions based on his own life experiences.

It may seem in impossible but just maybe...

William Travis knowingly or unknowingly created the reason for his men to follow. The reason in this situation was the same used when a coach goes into half time down by so much it would be a miracle to pull the win out. But William Travis created the belief that just maybe a miracle was possible.

He may have never once said or used the term win, but indirectly he was screaming out that it was possible. Just the idea that he was standing on the other side of the line inviting his men over, created that belief.

Certainly his leadership to that point made it possible to bring them across the line. For without his past history of leadership with his men he would have been standing alone.

David faced his giant who was Goliath...

I spent a significant number of years in the Marine Corps and I know this feeling. I know that you can face a situation that seems impossible to all those around you, but somehow you dig deep within yourself and create the driving force to face your giants. David faced Goliath when all those around knew of his certain death, but David proved them wrong. Leaders create the reason to believe!

The men at the Alamo were true men, who believed in themselves, their leader, and the cause they were there for. They ultimately gave their lives, but I believe they felt they would overcome the odds.

Just like William Travis, leaders create the reason to move forward and not run. They believe!

Thank you and may God Bless you!

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