Supervisor Leadership Training

Equipping your leadership staff with a solid supervisor leadership training program is a key element of your success as an organization.

I can't tell you how many times someone has come to me and complained about how their supervisory team was performing.

They were falling short in many aspects of what you would normally expect from a supervisor.

Things like building a team, motivation, delegating, time management, assessing their staff's strengths, performance reviews, and on and on.

They understood but wanted to ignore it!

The first question I would ask them is what have you done to help them.

Their response was that they gave them clear and concise instructions of what they wanted accomplished and the direction to move in.

So I would ask the question again. No, what have you done to give them the tools they need, in the form of supervisor leadership training, to accomplish your goals for them?

They would then look at me with one of those frustrated faces that told me they didn't understand my question, or worse they understood but wanted to ignore it.

Would you send someone to climb a mountain without the knowledge and mountain climbing equipment. These guys were telling their supervisors that they wanted them to climb the mountain in a specific amount of time and to do it from the north side. What they failed to do was to give them training on how to climb mountains and the equipment to do it with.

Yet you go to the plate without a bat!

They are doing the same thing with their supervisors by telling them I want you to get something accomplished by a certain date and with these results, but not giving them the training and tools to do it with.

The next time you play baseball try going to the plate with the idea that you need to hit the ball and get on base. Yet you go to the plate without a bat.

In order for someone to do their job to the best of their ability we must not only give them the physical tools they need but also the mental tools they need in the form of supervisor leadership training.

What type of training do you recommend?

The next question they would ask is what type of training do you recommend?

I would then put on my mentoring hat and turn their question around and ask them what are their weaknesses and strengths? This will tell you what type of training they need.

The bottom line is if they were weak in documenting employee issues, then of course let's get them training in that.

Maybe they were weak in delegating to their staff. Perhaps it was in the area of coaching.

They finally understood that the problem they started off with when they entered my office was actually due to their own lack of leadership and not their supervisor's.

There are some excellent supervisor leadership training programs that will help you prepare your supervisor.

Remember knowledge is power!

Thank You and May God Bless You!

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