Having a Successful Job Interview
Study Guide Part II

You must approach every Successful Job Interview like your job depended on it! Oh, that's right it does! How would you prepare for a formal presentation to your Boss?

Would you do any research at all? Or would you just wing it? I'm guessing that you wouldn't just wing it.

So just like anything else, the more information and knowledge that you have, the more power you have to influence any potential outcome. The less you have the more susceptible you are to letting whatever is going to happen, to just happen! Don't just let it happen. Be in control!

A very simple example of this would be our court system. If we choose to represent ourselves in a murder case and we have no skills or knowledge of how the system works, what do you suppose the outcome is going to be? My guess is that unless we are just lucky, we will be spending a lot of time in prison. Approach a Successful Job Interview in the same way! Don't just wing it! Be prepared!

Learn as much as you can about the company as possible. After all, if they hire you this will be your employer. What if after you are hired you find out that their financial situation is gloomy? You don't want to find out a day, week, or month after you start with them that their CEO was arrested and charged with fraud.

So check them out like it was your job to do so! Do research on them. Google them! Find out how many employees they have. Are they growing or shrinking in size? Do they have other offices anywhere in the state, country, or world? What is their mission and values statement? What do they produce or service do they provide?

Who is their competition, and how do they rank with them? What News releases have they been the subject of? Do they have a business philosophy? What is their dress code? What is their reputation? Who is their CEO or owner and how do you pronounce and spell their name?

I think you get the point! You may be investing years and relying on them to support you and your family. Know who they are!

This will also provide you with information and knowledge so that you can prepare for the next phase of the Successful Job Interview. That phase would be showing the Successful Job Interviewer that you can add value to their organization.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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