Business Know-How: Stress Less and Still Achieve Your Goals

As a business owner, you know all too well the stresses that come along with keeping your business running smoothly. All you have to do is search for “business stress” on the internet and image after image of individuals throwing up their hands in exasperation appear. In fact, studies show that entrepreneurs feel that running a business is four times more stressful than raising children. While being a boss certainly comes with its fair share of worries, there are a few ways you can alleviate some of this pressure and still achieve your business goals.


The Road To Less Stress is To Create More Than One List

You may be guilty of creating a to-do list, only to have it end up in the pile of all your other discarded and ignored to-do lists. The likely culprit is that your list is not only overwhelming, but it’s also confusing, as it contains both things you need to do right way and those things that can wait a week. Productivity expert Laura Stack suggests making three lists.

 ●     HIT (High Impact Tasks) List – these are daily activities that keep your business running and workflow at a maximum.

 ●     Master List – these are goals or tasks you’d like to achieve in the near or distant future but aren’t high priority.

 ●     Not-To-Do List – these are things you should avoid doing, as they waste time, energy, and resources.

Don’t let creating lists leave you feeling overwhelmed. The key to a successful business is to delegate tasks whenever possible. This includes not only mundane tasks but also those that are better off in the hands of someone with a little more experience to avoid creating a mess.

Wrangle Together Those Finances

Accounting should be a weekly task so that you are aware of your financial situation at all times. It not only tells you if you are doing well, but if there are some changes you need to make. It’s better to know you are struggling rather than remain oblivious until the hole you dug is impossible to get out of. Staying on top of finances also means getting real with where your business stands, and whether or not applying for small business financing could help ease your mind and boost cash flow. Funding can help with several areas of your business, such as hiring additional staff, increasing inventory, purchasing new equipment, or helping with working capital – all things that keep your business afloat. Plus, that extra cash flow can help you achieve your business goals sooner while also reducing stress.

Use Simple Marketing Tools

Building your brand and marketing to customers might sound like a huge task, but it doesn’t have to be when you consider the tools you have at your fingertips. Consider Facebook for example. Did you know that you can use Facebook ads to drive more customers to your business to boost sales, brand recognition, and lower work stress? Another great way to up your marketing game is through a polished website. The most effective website will make it easy for customers to find your location, hours of operation, and contact information. This is also a good spot to post testimonials and reviews, as well as keep customers updated with a blog. Don’t forget to market to your existing customers as well to keep them coming back. This can be achieved with an email list, newsletter, or customer referral program.


Take Care of Yourself

Self-care is crucial for everyone, but as a business owner, it can be easy to neglect it. It might be hard to pry yourself away from your work, but try to take a few 10-minute breaks throughout the day to grab a coffee or go for a walk. Don’t skip out on lunchtime, and instead of eating from your office, eat in the break room, kitchen, etc. A change of scenery is a way to let your mind recharge so you can return to work feeling refreshed. Burnout doesn’t benefit you or your business, so make an effort to take care of yourself by exercising, getting plenty of sleep, and learning when to say no.

It’s true; running a business is hard work. However, it doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly stressful. Make lists, sort out your finances, use simple marketing tools, and most importantly, take care of yourself. Success will follow suit.

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