Need Small Business Forms That Solve Problems Like Issuing An Employee Discipline Notice?

Small business forms help small businesses face all the new and existing challenges every single day.  Keeping their doors open and staying profitable takes hard work, creativity, and more than anything else a lot of common sense. One common sense approach to saving time, while addressing an employee’s poor behavior is to take advantage of small business forms like Good Leadership Skills for Life’s employee discipline notice form.

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Small Business Forms Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

There are many reasons that separate our employee discipline notice form from any others on the market. First and foremost our form is fully electronic and interactive, which simply means that you can bring up, complete the standard information, select the type and reasons for discipline, and then print our custom form developed from over forty years of experience in leadership.

When we sat down to develop any of our small business forms we had you, the small business owner, in mind. We understood that there are not very many small business owners that have a fully staffed Human Resources Department to call upon with their facing an employee disciplinary issue. Therefore, we added logical choices within our electronic form, conveniently located in drop down menus, for you to select from when it comes to what type of discipline best fits your small business.

We knew that something needed to be developed for you because we have been a small business owner ourselves.  We knew that you face the same type of disciplinary issues that any large business faces, and the business and legal ramifications that will absolutely arise if they are ignored.

As an example, if you have an employee that is showing up to work late repeatedly and don’t address the problem until you have had it up to your eyeballs my guess is that you are going to do something that may find you in the middle of a legal battle you can’t afford. That something might be that you terminate them right on the spot. In fact, you are so frustrated that you yell and scream at them to get out. Because of your frustration you don’t bother explaining anything other than you have had enough and you want them out.

Now every business owner has the right to employ who they want provided they don’t violate the law in the process. In almost every case small business owners only want one type of employee. The type of employee I am speaking of is the type that does their job to the very best of their ability.  They show up to work on time, they are clean, they are dressed appropriately, they respect others, they are honest, and they do what they are instructed without talking back.

Our small business forms will keep the process of issuing an employee discipline notice easy and logical. By keeping this process easy it will insure that discipline will be issued when the poor behavior is taking place instead of waiting. Waiting only subjects your workforce to poor productivity (costing you money), and can create a situation where any employee files a wrongful discharge if you terminate them. Remember it really doesn’t matter if you are fully justified in terminating the employee if you can’t show evidence that you warned them what the consequences of their behavior were.

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