Signs of a Drinking Problem

Unfortunately I know all too well what the signs of a drinking problem are! So it is very easy for me to identify individuals in the workplace that do have a problem with alcohol addiction.

I have family members and friends that because of alcohol addiction have drank themselves into unemployment, prison, and out of marriages.

I worked in a facility that was a treatment for alcoholism for over nine years. In addition, for those that were recovering I was in charge of a Compensated Work Therapy Program.

The program was extremely successful and in itself was an additional treatment for alcoholism.

The participants worked an eight hour day for six months and at the end would receive a certificate of completion.

The signs of a drinking problem scream out to me; however, they may be harder for others to pick up on.

Alcohol addiction is very destructive.

Once addicted, the person will begin to sneak drinks at work. Vodka is a very common drink to mix with almost anything else because it doesn't have the same type of smell. Some would say it doesn't smell but I would disagree.

However, I can smell almost any type of alcohol on someone that has been drinking.

signs of a drinking problem

Absenteeism is the last sign of a drinking problem that you will see since the alcoholic knows that without there job they will have no alcohol. Because of that absenteeism is one of the signs of a problem that means they have an alcohol addiction that will require help.

Treatment for alcoholism can be sought out in almost any area of the world, since alcohol addiction is so common anymore.

Those drinking at work will try their best to avoid close contact with their supervisor, i.e., you. When you do get near they will back off as much as possible.

Other signs of a drinking problem would be less productivity, increase in near misses or actual workplace accidents, personal hygiene issues, financial issues where you get calls from bill collectors for them at work, less focus on the details, longer or extended breaks and lunch, become more guarded about personal belongings, and finally less social with co workers.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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