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A Short Leadership Story - We live in a world that offers a lot of glitter, lights, and bells but unfortunately it does not offer a lot of substance. Governments, religious leaders, teachers and other trusted members of society are continually taking advantage of the innocent. For this reason many people have decided to simply live for today because tomorrow they may die. In the late 60s the hippie generation adopted this philosophy because of the negative world conditions.

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A Short Leadership Story - Popular slogans such as “you deserve it”, “party until you die”, “have it your way”, “just do it”, and “seize the day”

I must admit that I too fell into that group. The world did not make any sense and it seemed absurd to work hard all of your life for material possessions and then die and give them to someone who may not appreciate them. For this reason I too became involved in the live for today philosophy. Since the 1960s that philosophy has continued to grow. Popular slogans such as “you deserve it”, “party until you die”, “have it your way”, “just do it”, and “seize the day” tell a lot about the attitude of today’s society.

This Short Leadership Story Helps Us Understand Difficult Issues

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After decades of alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse I decided that enough was enough, it was time to make a major change. The only problem I had was what type of change would I make? The answer came a few days later when someone knocked on my door and showed me a book that answered all of my questions. This book explained why the world is in the terrible condition that it is in. It showed what will happen in the future and most importantly it detailed how to have a happy life.

After seriously studying this book for a period of time I realized that everything contained inside of it was true. This was the turning point in my life. The book explained that there was more happiness in giving than in receiving. This concept was completely contrary to what the majority of people in the world were doing. Modern-day philosophy, advertisements, and the entertainment industry were all saying the same thing that you are happier when receiving and therefore get as much as you can while the getting is good.

This type of belief has proven false over and over again as people accumulate wealth and material possessions beyond what they can use a lifetime. The rich and famous have lives that are convoluted and distorted. Their family environment consists of envy, jealousy, and hatred as they scheme to get from each other as much as they can. Divorce among the rich and famous is continuous and children are often in trouble with the authorities over a variety of issues such as drugs, violence, and crime.

A Short Leadership Story - The world that we live in now has obviously many problems

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However besides that, what never made sense to me was as I mentioned before that a person works hard all of her life to accumulate material possessions and then dies and leaves them for someone else. In fact, the book has an illustration about a man who spent his retirement years building huge storehouses for all of his possessions. On the day that he finished building the storehouses he dies. What a waste of life. This help me to appreciate that there is a lot more to living than what we are being spoon fed by religious leaders, politicians, and others whose only concern is for themselves.

As I began to learn more about what makes a person happy I became happier. We were designed to enjoy the earth and all that it has to offer. We were however also designed to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. This is such a simple principle but if the world followed only this one simple principle there would be no wars, violence, crime, divorce, abuse, or any other harmful situation.

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