A Short Leadership Story about Pretending To Be Someone That Your Not!

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This is an example of a short leadership story about pretending to be something you are not!

Too many times in business, especially in leadership, we try to act as though we are much more important than we really are. Here is a quick example of just that.

A young lawyer right out of law school was fortunate enough to have a very rich father who rented him then entire floor of a beautiful downtown New York high rise building. Fortunately the suite came fully furnished with some of the finest oak furniture and very will decorated.

Not many people get an opportunity to get started out in business like this but this young lawyer was going to take every advantage of this big chance his father was giving him. As he walked into his new office on the very first day he was taken aback by just how professional looking everything seemed. His father had even gone to the trouble of purchasing a full library of law books that filled a whole wall toward the front of the suite.

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A Short Leadership Story About Pretending to be Something you Are Not!

Leadership Skills

The young lawyer’s mind was racing as he pictured himself working cases and arguing before juries. He was extremely excited.

As he went into his new office he went over to his oversized oak desk and sat in his desk chair that was an executive leather chair fit for only the very best highly successful lawyers. He leaned back and began to day dream some more.

Just as he was deep in thought he heard and then saw a person come in the front door by the empty reception area. Quickly leaning forward he grabbed the telephone and began pretending he was speaking with someone on the other end of the telephone about a complex law case. Knowing that the man in the reception area could hear him he spoke louder than normal trying to appear as important as possible.

A short leadership story about pretending to be something you are not!

He was able to keep up this act for about two to three minutes before he winded down the fake conversation and finally hanging up the telephone.

After hanging up he walked out to the reception area and apologized for keeping the man waiting. Still trying to impress the potentially new client he went on to tell the man that it was very hard to keep up with all the telephone calls while he was searching for another prominent attorney to bring on board with him. The brand new lawyer told the man that just any other attorney would not be good enough, he only wanted the best.

After going on about just how important the call was the he had just been on he asked the man how he could help him.

The man smiled a bit and told the young lawyer that he was only there to hook up his telephones.

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