A Short Leadership Story about Making An Impression!

This is a short leadership story about making an impression!

A precious little four year old girl and her mother lived right next to an abandoned lot where the little girl would spend most of her day playing. However, one day in the middle of the summer a construction crew showed up and notified the families on both side of the lot that they would be building a new home for a family that had just purchased the property.

When telling the mother and little girl about their plans to build the foreman kneeled down and told the little girl that she would be happy to know that the new family had a little girl her age also. The little girl lit up like a Christmas tree with a smile that went from ear to ear.

The next day when the construction crew got started the little girl was out back anxiously watching them work. She didn’t seem to miss anything that they did. The foreman of the construction crew was a big burly man who matched up perfectly to the stereotypical construction worker. However, when he was around the little four year old girl he became like a teddy bear.

A Short Leadership Story about Making An Impression!

making an impression

Every day the crew showed up the entire crew would greet the little girl and then begin their work. As time passed the crew became more and more fond of this little girl. They would see her watching them from the start of the day until they packed up and left each night. The days were very hot and the crew continually made their choice comments about the heat, not remembering the little girl was watching their every move.

Occasionally the foreman would come over and bring the little girl a treat of some kind. Typically it was a piece of candy that he would always ask the girl’s mother before giving it to her.

During the building process the foreman had to let one of the crew go for making several mistakes installing the drywall.

Several weeks passed and the house was in its final stages of being built. By this time the construction crew and the little girl were like buddies, although they had never really done anything except let her watch them build the house.

This is a short leadership story about making an impression!

One day the foreman saw the little girl and her mother watching and he decided to go over and talk with both of them. The gruff foreman approached them and as always his demeanor changed from a construction foreman to a smiling gentleman.

He greeted them both and politely told them that they would be finishing the job in the next couple of weeks. The foreman then kneeled down and asked the little girl what she thought of her experience of watching a house being built? The little girl without hesitation spoke up and stated, “If Joey wouldn’t have fu&*ed up installing the drywall you would have been done a lot fu*%ing earlier. Because of that stupid son of a bit#& I had to wait that much longer to play with my new little friend. And that fu28ing heat was a mother fu@$er!”

Be careful of who might be listening!

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