Sexual Harassment Examples
Viewing the Internet

I have presented some sexual harassment examples to help you better understand the definition of sexual harassment.

The fact is that many times organizations have trouble understanding what constitutes sexual harassment. make sure you cover sexual harassment in your employee handbook.

In an effort to help I hope that these examples will give you a better grip on it Although these examples are very close to actual cases - they are not and only examples.

In a very small office an employee went onto the Internet and viewed sexually explicit content on a regular basis.

Although they thought they had maintained privacy the position of their desk allowed for another employee to accidentally view the monitor almost every time the employee did this. The employee that was offended not only complained to the employee viewing the content, they also complained to their supervisor.

This had gone on for several months without any corrective action, even though the employee made a total of four complaints.

In one of the complaints the employee requested that their work station be moved. Although the supervisor stated on each occasion that they would take action, no corrective action was ever made.

Finally the employee quit their job and filed a formal complaint to the EEOC.

You be the judge!

This particular example should be very easy for you to figure out that the offended employee will most likely have an actionable hostile work environment case.

The real problem for the company is that the supervisor was made aware not only once but four times.

Whether the supervisor actually took action or not the behavior still continued to take place.

If you were the supervisor I would hope that you could verify if the offending employee was using the internet for those types of purposes and if so that you would take immediate action to stop it. That action may include termination.

Good leadership skills take constant attention to details all around you. Be vigilant!

Thank you and may God Bless you!

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