Sexual Harassment Case Studies
The aggressive supervisor

I have presented some sexual harassment case studies to help you better understand the definition of sexual harassment.

The fact is that many times organizations have trouble understanding what constitutes sexual harassment.

In an effort to help I hope that these harassment case studies will give you a better grip on it. Although these examples are very close to actual cases - they are not - and only are examples.

You be the judge of the following example. Is it sexual harassment, sex discrimination, or neither?

A male administrative assistant was recently transferred from one department to another within a very large organization.

Almost immediately his female supervisor would touch him every time they spoke. It started off with her grabbing his arm gently. Soon it became putting her arm around him.

Whenever she came to his desk while he was operating the computer she would lean up against him from the back while the cheek of her face rubbed the cheek of his face.

He explained to her that this made him very uncomfortable and requested that she not do this.

She continued the practice including now making comments about her personal experiences with men. Although these experiences were not directly sexual in nature they were degrading to men. As an example she would make statements like all men are alike and are only good for one thing and one thing only.

When the supervisor would have female clients into her office, she would often make comments like it sure is nice to have a man fetching things for me.

He finally filed a complaint, but the conduct continued. He requested a transfer.

Make sure you cover sexual harassment in your employee handbook.

Thank you for reviewing this article on sexual harassment case studies and May God Bless You!!

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