Setting Performance Goal Examples

Setting Performance Goal

Example of Setting Performance Goal – Sales

Beginning immediately I will make a minimum of twenty-five cold telephone calls daily to introduce myself and the types of insurance policies our Company offers and I will invite them to receive a free cost comparison. I will keep an accurate log of the telephone calls made on an excel spreadsheet. Included on the spreadsheet will be the person’s name, address, and telephone number.

I will also attempt to get the number and types of automobiles, qualified drivers (ages and sex if possible) in the home, and distance from home to work.

Finally on the spreadsheet will be a rating of interest and comments section to determine type of follow up required.

I will know that I have been successful when I have achieved at least an average of a 2% success rate from my daily cold calls.

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Example of Setting Performance Goal – Administrative Assistant

I will research and schedule myself for a Microsoft Office Course that will focus specifically on Power Point, Excel, and Outlook. I will enroll and begin this course within the next three months or sooner if possible.

Leading up to the class and during I will develop a meaningful project that will include using all three aspects of Microsoft Office in my position. I will report my progress to my supervisor on a weekly basis, as well as, requesting feedback from them.

I know that I have been successful when I can show that by using the knowledge learned in the training course I have become more productive and accurate in my position.

Example of Setting Performance Goal – Executive Chef

I will reduce food costs by 10% or more so that the total food costs of the operation do not exceed 33%.

In an effort to accomplish this I will begin daily training sessions with the kitchen staff on the following topics;

1)  Selection, inspection, and preparing of fresh vegetables

2)  Re-purposing of already prepared foods

3)  Proper cooking techniques of fresh meats; rare, medium rare, medium, etc.

4)  Making and preparing fresh pastas

5)  Proper storage of fresh foods in coolers

I will know that I have been successful when I have begun to see a drop in food costs each week, and finally when the food cost is at or below 33% within the next two month. I will continue training thereafter so we maintain a well trained staff and enjoy lower food costs.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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