Setting Expectations - Don’t leave question marks…

Setting Expectations

Setting expectations can save you a lot of time and here is just one example...

I was a Marine stationed on the East Coast - and I had an experience that would make the average person - just scream!

While I was there - I was assigned a Lance Corporal that I learned very quickly - needed special attention. When I use the term special attention - it is not meant as a compliment.

In the Marine Corps - there was not a lot of choice in who was assigned to you - they just showed up - and reported in to you.

So I was his supervisor - and he was my Marine.

Setting Expectations - Don’t take things for granted…

One day I needed 25 copies a document that consisted on 5 pages.

I didn’t give it a second thought and I asked my newly reported Marine to take on this monumental challenge - well maybe not monumental - well you be the judge.

I thought I was very clear on the assignment - I told him to take the document to the copy room and make 25 copies of it - staple it - and bring it back to me. Sounded simple when I said it.

Setting Expectations - It May Sound Simple But...

After about a half hour - I began to wonder what happened to him - so I went down to the copy room.

When I opened the door - what I found was mind boggling…

There were piles of documents everywhere in the room - maybe forty piles - if not more. They were on top of the filing cabinets - bookcases - tables - and he was frantically moving around the room messing with the documents.

So I had to ask - what are you doing - as I looked around the room - trying to take in the numerous piles of paper!

He said I lost the originals - I can’t find them anywhere!

Setting Expectations - Don't Lose Your Temper...

Well I lost it - I had a little more liberty to do that as a Marine - so I took a piece of paper - looked him square in the eye and said - how can you loose the original - you take the paper - you lift up the lid - you set the paper down on the glass - you close the lid - you push the amount of copies - and press start.

How simple does it get - and you lost the originals!

I would advise that you do not loose your temper - maybe a better plan would have been for me to ask if he had ever used the copier first!

Well I learned my lesson - and I am sure he still remembers the experience also!

Thank you and may God Bless you!