Understanding Schizophrenia Disorder From A Fathers Personal Perspective

The day we brought our three month old son home we had no idea that he would someday end up with schizophrenia disorder!

We did know that he had just spent the very first three months of his little innocent life withdrawing from his cocaine addiction! This was thanks to his biological mother who continued to take cocaine, meth, and drink alcohol heavily during her entire pregnancy. Our son was taken immediately from her at the moment of birth!

How can anyone say that drugs only hurt those who take them! That drugs should be a personal choice! That the government should stay out of our lives when it comes to our rights to ingest any substance we desire!

Those that do say this need to spend a day in the life of those innocent victims that were born to those that have taken those drugs! If it doesn’t change their minds then they should not be a part of our human race!

Understanding that this site is a resource for refining your good leadership skills you will not be disappointed that through my personal account of our son’s affliction with schizophrenia disorder you will learn! You may learn what not to do, or I hope what you can do in life to grow!

As I had mentioned immediately after birth he was treated and placed in a temporary foster home trained to work with infants that were withdrawing from drugs that their biological mothers had victimized them with.

My wife and I were in a program in California called adoption with risk twenty four years ago. This simply meant that we took in children that may or may not become available for adoption. If they did become available we would have an opportunity to make them a part of our family. When we heard the story of our son told to us by his social worker we immediately wanted him in our home.  This is exactly why we became foster parents!

The day he arrived he was full of energy and was constantly in motion! I know as a male figure remembering things like what outfit he had on may sound a little feminine but I remember it like it was yesterday. He was wearing little yellow pajamas. You know the kind with the feet that covered them from neck to toe. He was a little small for a three month old but we certainly didn’t care one bit! We were excited to be a part of his little life. I wouldn’t have changed a thing even knowing that he now has schizophrenia disorder! I love him with my whole heart no matter what!

I guess that is one lesson I would like to take some time out to stress. Good leadership skills require making a decision and committing yourself to that decision. Yes we can learn from bad experiences but we should press forward once the decision is made. Good leaders must be committed to a cause or no one will follow them! It’s called stepping out in faith!

Almost immediately we recognized that he had more energy than the average baby! Because of his continual desire to move he began crawling very quickly after he arrived. This was not the case of our other adopted son who upon arriving in your home at seven months old barely moved at all.
Unfortunately this was a result of him being severely abused by his parents and removed from his home.

Our son who would latter develop schizophrenia disorder was already walking by nine months old. He has never looked back since.

Please continue to follow this story about our son and his struggles with schizophrenia, as well as, picking up some good leadership skills along the way.

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