Understanding Schizophrenia Disorder From A Fathers Personal Perspective

Schizophrenia disorder: It can tear your home up if you let it! Here is my personal story on how it effected our home.

The day we brought our three month old son home we had no idea that he would someday end up with schizophrenia disorder!

We did know that he had just spent the very first three months of his little innocent life withdrawing from his cocaine addiction! This was thanks to his biological mother who continued to take cocaine, meth, and drink alcohol heavily during her entire pregnancy. Our son was taken immediately from her at the moment of birth!


How can anyone say that drugs only hurt those who take them! That drugs should be a personal choice! That the government should stay out of our lives when it comes to our rights to ingest any substance we desire!

Those that do say this need to spend a day in the life of those innocent victims that were born to those that have taken those drugs! If it doesn’t change their minds then they should not be a part of our human race!

Understanding that this site is a resource for refining your good leadership skills you will not be disappointed that through my personal account of our son’s affliction with schizophrenia disorder you will learn! You may learn what not to do, or I hope what you can do in life to grow!

As I had mentioned immediately after birth he was treated and placed in a temporary foster home trained to work with infants that were withdrawing from drugs that their biological mothers had victimized them with.

My wife and I were in a program in California called adoption with risk twenty four years ago. This simply meant that we took in children that may or may not become available for adoption. If they did become available we would have an opportunity to make them a part of our family. When we heard the story of our son told to us by his social worker we immediately wanted him in our home.  This is exactly why we became foster parents!

The day he arrived he was full of energy and was constantly in motion! I know as a male figure remembering things like what outfit he had on may sound a little feminine but I remember it like it was yesterday. He was wearing little yellow pajamas. You know the kind with the feet that covered them from neck to toe. He was a little small for a three month old but we certainly didn’t care one bit! We were excited to be a part of his little life. I wouldn’t have changed a thing even knowing that he now has schizophrenia disorder! I love him with my whole heart no matter what!

I guess that is one lesson I would like to take some time out to stress. Good leadership skills require making a decision and committing yourself to that decision. Yes we can learn from bad experiences but we should press forward once the decision is made. Good leaders must be committed to a cause or no one will follow them! It’s called stepping out in faith!

Almost immediately we recognized that he had more energy than the average baby! Because of his continual desire to move he began crawling very quickly after he arrived. This was not the case of our other adopted son who upon arriving in your home at seven months old barely moved at all.
Unfortunately this was a result of him being severely abused by his parents and removed from his home.

Our son who would latter develop schizophrenia disorder was already walking by nine months old. He has never looked back since.

Please continue to follow this story about our son and his struggles with schizophrenia, as well as, picking up some good leadership skills along the way.

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Schizophrenia Disorder
Why doesn’t it seem to be working?

I am in one of those moods where I feel like my son is the victim. Why can't they come up with a medication that is effective for his schizophrenia disorder?

Over and over again I read where people with schizophrenia disorder can manage their disease with medication. It is only when they don't take their medication that things get out of control.

For my son it is a lot better on medication but he is never in a mental state that would allow him to be considered normal. It is very frustrating and sometimes like today it makes me angry. When I see him come up into the living room bright and early it is great, but like this morning he was motioning with his hands like you would be when carrying on a conversation. At the same time he is totally zoned out on anything else going on around him. It takes you several times asking how is night went before he shakes his head a little and says something like, "Oh, good!"

We keep hoping that the medication for the schizophrenia disorder will work better, but our hopes are always dashed. We are at a point now that we just don't believe he will ever be able to live on his own, But as parents we just can't give up!

It isn't about us, it is about him. It is about him not having a life that he can experience normal things.

As an example, he wants to have a relationship with a female but there are no females that will show him any interest, or at least the type of interest he needs, I am not talking about merely the intimate type of relationship where sex is always thought to be the final result. I am talking about the type of relationship where they can both share their hopes and dreams and feel as though there is no one else in the whole world but them sometimes.

The kind of relationship that only married couples can relate to. Where you almost know what the other is thinking. When you look at each other you can read each other's mind. The kind of relationship, where it doesn't matter if you are talking or quietly sitting, you just feel comfortable that they are in the room. That kind of relationship!

Don't get me wrong we have been blessed in so many ways but I am feeling a little down in the dumps today about nothing working. The dreaded disease schizophrenia disorder is downright horrible.

Schizophrenia disorder is like having a precious gift (our son) and knowing what is inside is amazing (he is a loving and caring person) but the key (medication) is not able to get the lock (his mind) open. We keep trying to find the right key (different medication) but so far have not been successful.

The battle/search is exhausting but we can't give up. We just continue looking for his sake! He is worth it!

Just when I feel we can't go another step we find the energy to do it. Thank God!

Schizophrenia Disorder
Depression is just one of the symptoms!

Just one of the symptoms of schizophrenia disorder is depression!

Depression shows itself in many different ways, such as long periods of sleeping or lack of motivation!

In Ricky's case it has become a way of life for him. He sleeps more often and longer than anyone I have ever known. Even my teenage daughter doesn't sleep this much and she is really good at it especially on the weekends.

In the last two days he slept all through the night and woke up around 9:30 am. He then went back to sleep around 4:30 pm and slept again all through the night.

He woke up this morning around 5:30 am when I was getting ready for work.

Besides the fact that he sleeps so much, it begins to affect his eating habits.

The whole process becomes a downward spiral. Schizophrenia disorder is such a crippling disease in so many ways.

So he sleeps because he isn't motivated. He isn't motivated because he has nothing to do. He doesn't want to do anything because he isn't motivated. He doesn't eat well because he is sleeping so much! Because he doesn't eat well he doesn't have the normal amount of energy!

You can see where this all leads.

It's kind of like telling someone not to think about elephants I Guess what, you just thought about elephants and this post has nothing to do with elephants at all. Now stop thinking about elephants.

Depression is a lot like that. I'm depressed because I haven't got a purpose at least in their opinion. I'm not motivated because I haven't got a purpose. I don't want a purpose because I'm depressed and not motivated.

Schizophrenia disorder is so unfair!

I recently looked again at a list of the normal symptoms that someone with schizophrenia disorder would display. There wasn't one symptom on that list that Ricky doesn't have. On top of that if you read the list you can quickly figure out that Ricky is· one of the more severe cases of schizophrenia disorder than most.

That just sucks!

Schizophrenia Disorder
He Took A Swing At Me!

We knew our Son had mental health issues but had no idea that it was schizophrenia disorder!

We knew our Son had mental health issues but had no idea that it was schizophrenia disorder!

As I was speaking with the 911 operator and screaming at my son to put the car keys back, he took a swing at me!

Unfortunately, my wife was trying to stand in between us and she was struck in the face by his fist!

Our younger son who was only twelve at the time came running out of his bedroom and leaped onto his brothers back as he was headed for me! What a brave act to try and protect us!

Unfortunately, he was thrown off his brothers back into a chair and his brother began to swing violently at his face and body.

After he was able to get in two or three hits, I grabbed my son from behind and threw him to the floor!

Somewhere in all this the telephone was dropped onto the floor!

As I held my son on the floor which took every bit of the energy I had, I screamed for someone to get the police here now! I also told my wife, my younger son and daughter to get out of the house.

No one can understand how difficult it is unless you have experienced it to hold someone down on the ground that wants to hurt you but you love them and do not want to hurt them!

Picture a nineteen-year-old, lying face down on the floor with a fifty-year-old doing everything in his power to keep him there without hurting him. I had my right arm under his throat and holding his left forearm. I had my left arm around his waist while I placed my chest across his back.

He was trying to get away with every bit of strength he had.

At one point he began biting my arm. Although I wanted to let go, I knew someone would get hurt if I did! I allowed him to bite but it hurt like you just don't know!

I held him there for about twenty minutes before the police finally showed up!

The policeman came in armed with a stun gun!

As I released my son he started to scramble around as if he was going to challenge the policeman!

The policeman looked as though he was going to shoot my son with the stun gun so I intervened and held my son back. Again, a very chaotic situation!

Fortunately, the policeman didn't shoot him or me by mistake!

As they handcuffed him and took him to the police car my wife and I begged them to take him to the West Wing which is a local mental health facility. What we didn't want was for him to be charged with a crime! We knew he needed help badly!

It only took one conversation with my son for the police officer to agree with us! We still had no idea that our son suffered with schizophrenia disorder.

Thank you and May God Bess you!