Sample Termination Letters

Sample Termination Letters

I have provided a number of sample termination letters of which this is only one - and should only be used as a guide. Every situation can be different along with state laws - so always refer your specific situation to your legal representative.

After you have completed your investigation and you have decided that terminating an employee is the appropriate course of action - it is time to issue the letter of termination to the employee.

In these sample termination letters - keep in mind you can change the wording to fit your needs. One important you should always include is the specific termination clause from your employee handbook.

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These Sample Termination Letters are Being Issued for Drinking at Work

June 24, 2007

Dear Paul Gonzalez:

Your employment with Tucker Towing Company is being terminated immediately for violating our drug and alcohol policy.

Specifically on June 22, 2007, at approximately 10:00 pm, you were observed by a management official consuming an alcoholic beverage in the employee locker room. In accordance with our company policy and our employee handbook consuming alcoholic beverages while on duty is prohibited and punishable up to and including immediate termination. You acknowledged by your signature that you read, understood, and received a copy of the policy and the employee handbook. Further your statement during our finding of fact as witnessed by a management official was that you did consume an alcoholic beverage, specifically xyz brand beer.

I would include any information about how to receive pay, benefits, that the employee is entitled to in this section.

Signed by a Company Official

When scheduling the delivery of the letter of termination make sure it is in private - this means that it should be behind closed doors. If it is possible - this should be in an office - but not secluded - away from the majority of other employees. Point is that we do not want to embarrass the employee or violate their confidentiality. You will also want to make sure that you set the meeting space up in a way that allows you to be safe at all times - an example would be in a conference room where you have immediate access to the door and have the table between you and them.

Sample Termination Letters - The Meeting Should Be As Quick As Possible...

Schedule plenty of time to handle the issue properly. Keep in mind this meeting should be as quick as possible.

Make sure you have all the evidence available that you feel may be needed to show your employee - however - use caution on witness statements. So if it is for drinking at work - have the employee handbook - the document that they signed acknowledging receipt of the policy and/or handbook - a copy of the work schedule - copy of their time card showing that they were there at that time - etc.

Clear your desk off - only have the required documents.

You may or may not want to invite a witness - you will have to know your employee - and whether they are capable of violence. Most unions require you offer them the opportunity to bring a union representative.

Once in the meeting - make the employee feel comfortable - but - state the purpose of the meeting as quickly as possible. Such as - Thank you for meeting with me today. Please have a seat. The reason I asked you to meet is to issue you a letter of termination for..

As soon as I begin that sentence - I have always handed a copy of the letter of termination to the employee.

Make sure they do not have any questions.

Once you finish - ask them to sign and date - again if they refuse to sign - have a witness sign and date - and you should state on the form that the employee declined signing the termination notice. Some businesses or companies may not require a signature by the terminated employee at all. Check with your legal representative.

Sample Termination Letters - Get any keys and Uniforms

Ask for any company keys, uniforms, or any other property they may have in their possession.

Give them a copy of the letter of termination. If you have a security officer - I would encourage you to have them escort the terminated employee off your property - this is to eliminate them having a reportable accident as they leave - or worse yet interact with other employees - or become violent in some way by destroying property or hurting other employees.

Make sure you place a copy of the letter of termination in their personnel file. Also keep a copy of all the evidence in a separate file.

It is as simple as that. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of the meeting - you may want to role play with someone first.

Good luck and check out my information and process on terminating an employee.

Thank you for reading my article on Sample Termination Letters.

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