Sample Termination Letter for a Rental Agreement

Sample Termination Letter of Rental Agreement for Cause

August 1, 2010

Ms. Alice Cooper
Dingo Apartments, Inc.
1775 Independence Drive
MyHomeTown, NE 23456

Dear Ms. Cooper:

This correspondence is to provide my formal thirty day (30) notice to you that I will be leaving my apartment at 324 Cooper Stree, Unit 267, MyHomeTown, NE 23456, by the first day of September, 2010.

The reason for this letter is that you have been unable to provide a working stove to my unit since March 5, 2011.

I will vacate the apartment in great condition and with the rent paid through August 30, 2010. I will also have my utilities transferred out of my name and back into Dingo Apartments, Inc., effective September 1, 2010.

Please forward my deposit of $995.00 to my new address; 1019 Elm Street, Unit 22, MyHomeTown, NE 23456. My new telephone number beginning in September will be 252-569-5874.


John D. Doe

Sample Termination Letter of Rental Agreement

Dear …

This will act as my official thirty day notice that I will be vacating apartment 308 located at 29101 West Wisconsin Avenue on June 30, 2010, as our rental agreement states.

I would also like to schedule our final walk through sometime on the June 30th. Please contact me at 398-8967 for a time that is convenient for you.

I will leave my apartment cleaned and ready for another tenant and thus you may forward my deposit of $775.00 to 6756 Alabama Road, Apartment 498, Deadwood, AK 89012.


Glen S. Tuckerson

Sample Termination Letter of Rental Agreement

Dear …

We are giving notice to vacate your home located at 9741 Oklahoma Drive, Rapid Creek, Texas no later than September 30, 2009, because you have not fulfilled your promise to make the agreed upon repairs.

Specially, our rental agreement states that the home has central air conditioning; however, this has not operated since we have moved in. In addition, we notified you that the stove is not operating properly on March 4th and you have still not responded to this.

Finally, you may forward our deposit to us at 2908 Howard Place, Rapid Creek, Texas. We will make sure that the place is cleaned and ready for someone else to occupy it.


Glen S. Tuckerson

Sample Rental Termination Letter

June 21, 2008


I am giving my thirty days' notice that I will be moving from my apartment at 22345 Peachtree Drive before August 1, 2008.

I will leave the unit in excellent condition and with the rent paid through July 31st.

Please mail my deposit to my new address: (Give mailing address). If you need to reach me after I move, my new phone number will be 606-444-6678.


Peter G. Logan

Good Luck and May God Bless You!