Sample Termination Letter for Harassment

Sexual Harassment

Sample Termination Letter for Harassment

Any type of harassment is often misunderstood and most often will get businesses in a lot of trouble if they don't completely understand it.

First before we make the leap to immediately terminate someone for harassment let's talk about what it is.

In most cases we think of sexual harassment! Seems pretty clear but is it really. I talk about the definition of sexual harassment on this website and I would recommend you visit that page.

The below letter deals with sexual harassment specifically. But remember sexual harassment can easily be a hostile work place as well depending on what the circumstances are.

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Sample Termination Letter for Harassment

The other part of the equation is whether the actions were welcomed or not. If there was no clear understanding that the action was not welcomed it may not be sexual harassment. As an example if someone asked another employee out twice and the first time the employee never made it clear that they were not interested it doesn't turn immediately into sexual harassment. In a case like this a simple written counseling may be the right approach.

On the other hand I have dealt with a supervisor being accused of rape and after sorting everything out it was welcomed, but I still terminated both parties for various reasons. 

Sample Termination Letter for Sexual Harassment


(Dear Mr./Ms. Name)

After a careful review of the facts surrounding the circumstances involving your violation of (Name of Company) company policy on Sexual Harassment we have made a decision to terminate your employment, effective immediately.

Specifically on (Date of Incident) you admitted that you had sexual relations with a subordinate employee that reports to you directly. You acknowledged by your signature that you had read and understood (Name of Company) company policy on Sexual Harassment on (Date the employee signed for their Employee Manual or Handbook).

You may contact (Name of Personnel Officer) at (Telephone Number) for information on any benefits that you may be eligible for, such as COBRA.


Too many times supervisors will wait until they just can't take another minute with an employee that continues to sexually harass other employees. At first they think that the behavior will change but over my forty plus years of management I know that this is built into the employee and it will only get worse if you don't act immediately to correct the behavior when it first arises. 

The important thing to remember is that sexual harassment just can't be tolerated though and in most cases, especially with new employees, they should be cut loose if they are conducting themselves with that type of behavior.

Thank you and May God Bless You!  

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