Sample Termination Letter

Sample Termination Letter-Employment

Continuing to Violate Company Policy

Too many times in the work place we hold on to employees until we just can't take another minutes of them.

All of a sudden we jump from doing nothing to wanting to terminate them immediately.

When we are asked why we drag up the past like an old good habit!

Before we get into the sample termination letter let's talk a little about making sure we are doing the right thing so that we are not sued into bankruptcy!

Unless the violation is for something serious like stealing, fighting, etc., we need to start off with written warnings so that we can show that we have given this employee an opportunity to improve their behavior!

In most cases two opportunities are enough to show we are being fair. That means we have to treat everyone the same.

Anyway, I know that this sample letter will give you a good idea of how to write one on your own!

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Sample Termination Letter-Employment

For Continuing to Violate Company Policy


(Dear Mr/Ms Name)

After a careful review of your situation, we have decided to terminate your employment with (Name of Company), effective (Effective Date).

In the past (Number of Months) you have received two written warnings on (List Dates of Written Warnings). In addition, you recently violated our company policy for a third time on (List Date of Violation).

Specifically, you were tardy from work on (List the Date(s) of the Most Recent Tardy that has resulted in the Third Violation) by (List How Many Minutes They were Tardy). You acknowledged by your signature that you were aware of (Name of Company) company policy on Tardiness on (List Date the Employee Signed for Their Employee Manual or Handbook).

This most recent violation along with the previous two, have had a negative impact on our operation and feel you will be better suited for different employment outside of our organization.

We do however wish you much success in the future.

Joseph P. Delgoto

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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