A Sample Employee Performance Review

I provided a sample employee performance review to help you understand how easy it can be to write. Understand that offering feedback to your staff is truly one of the most important aspects of possessing good leadership skills.

For the purposes of the below samples I will use the name Dawn and Dawn will be a Accountant.

Over the past year Dawn continues to meet all the goals that were set for her at the beginning of the performance period. As an example she submitted all monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports on time and in the correct format. During the performance year Dawn restructured the daily cashier audits which established more accountability by all those handling cash. Because of this change the variances on the daily audits dropped from plus or minus 5% to less than 1%.

Dawn continues to be a team player for our department. She always assists less experienced accountants and acts as a trainer for all new staff members within our department. She can be counted on to respond quickly and correctly to questions from outside our department and customers.

Dawn has been a very reliable and dependable employee. During this past year when a fellow employee needed time off for a family emergency Dawn was the very first one to step forward and volunteer to cover the employee’s duties. Although this required overtime she handled the duties in a professional and proficient way.

Dawn is an excellent employee and a valuable member of our team.

Second sample employee performance review.

This past performance year Dawn continues to struggle in meeting the daily requirements of the accounting position. As an example of this she continues to fall short of submitting financial reports by the established deadlines. Throughout the year Dawn has received additional training and mentoring to bring her performance up to the minimum required for the position.

Although Dawn is always courteous to other staff members she rarely volunteers to help out when called upon. An example of this is when another staff member is out she rarely if ever will step in to answer telephone calls for the absent employee.

Dawn must improve her performance going into the new performance period. A meeting to establish specific performance standards will be set in the very near future to outline what is expected of Dawn going forward.

Thank you and May GOD Bless You!

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